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  1. How about Full Circle or Full Circle Caching?? Interesting design that's for sure.
  2. Just want to say that my coins arrived today in the mail and they look great, worth waiting on for sure. I only wish my budget would have allowed me to buy more of them.
  3. Thanks for the update on the coins, I was getting worried that they might have gotten lost in the mail.
  4. I activate mine because I enjoyed seeing the icons and having them show up on my geocaching account, but I only activate the ones I intend to keep. I also enjoy going to events now and again to show them off and let people discover them, but I just have not been able to get to very many of those since I started collecting goecoins.
  5. Great looking coins, wish I could be at GCF to see these in person, and of course buy a few for my collection as well.
  6. Congrats to everyone who has got one of these, it is a sharp looking coin, really nice. I was at GWS 7 and seen a lot of nice stuff but I missed seeing this coin..... Oh well, maybe one day,
  7. For me it was when I thought about making a list and counting up just how much money I had invested in them and then I got a nervous knot in my stomach and realized that maybe I just didn't want to know exactly how much I had spent. Anyway, still buying coins, just fewer and maybe one day soon I will write that list, we'll see. Did I say invested??
  8. I woke up early this evening (work 3rd shift) and decided to check the mail and to my surprise I spot a black bubble mailer, and as I am examining the package, I keep thinking "Is this what I think it is?" Sure enough, it was a Geo_Bandit Geocoin! Thank You Geo_Bandit!!! I have been roped in and this coin goes into a special place in my collection, the coin number is 021. As my birthday was last week, this is a most excellent B Day present, Thanks Again Geo_Bandit!!!
  9. I would also like to say Congrats to all who have received the Dutch Lion Mystery Coin, it does me good to read all of the good news, I hope the Dutch Lion will visit my area of the world one day.
  10. The coins look great, I will be watching for these.
  11. Looks interesting, I will be watching to see how this develops, if money allows I might get one or two.
  12. I really like the coin, wish I could visit Scotland I think I would enjoy it, but that doesn't look like it will happen for me anytime soon. I did enjoy the photos that were posted of the coin and congrats to all who are lucky enough to get one of these!!
  13. I would like to Thank everyone for all their hard work. However the problem I am having is the extra information I have added to my profile page (such as FTF caches) looks great when I click the the preview changes link but, when I look at the page in my browser (Firefox - not sure which version) the whole list is bunched together. It looks awful and since I know very little HTML code, I have no ideal how I could correct this. If I missed the answer on this one from an earlier post, sorry about that but I don't keep my computer signed into the forums all the time, I actually turn it off sometimes, GASP!! Also the last time I looked at the choose a gps function (a day or so ago) I did not see my gps listed (a Garmin Geko 101) yep it seems I am behind the times a bit but I still find caches! Thanks for listening. Edited for spelling.
  14. The way I do it is to activate all of the coins I keep in my collection, and when I can afford it (which isn't often) I buy an extra coin or two for trade later on down the line, I do not however activate my trade coins. As for trades I have done a couple but its been a while since the last one, and in this economy I really haven't had the cash lately for extra coins, wish I made more money, but then again don't we all. Welcome to the obsession which is Geocoin Collectiing.
  15. I thought i had mailed out invites to everyone who mailed me? If I missed you, remail me, please. And no, you don't need gmail to use it Email Resent, Thanks In Advance.
  16. You know you're a Geocoin addict when you go out to eat, have a great time, and when you get the check you automatically calculate how many geocoins you could have bought with the money, both with and without shipping charges. Not that I've ever done that....maybe just once or so....
  17. Email sent and it seems I found the right list, awaiting reply.
  18. Ok you ask for it so here goes: The Lighting Rod Geocoin comes in three versions - one for the house, one for the car, and one for the ammo can geocache, can also be fitted with a optional magnetic mount, sold separately. Could be shocking in the right circumstances
  19. I use a HP M305 which I got used from Ebay for all of 25 bucks! I get pretty decent pictures in most situations, so far no problems with it.
  20. Also I would like to see virtuals brought back, at least for places that don’t allow actual caches.
  21. Banish the Microhaters and get rid of the forums.
  22. I used to keep a list in a small notebook but I got lazy and stopped doing it. However considering it’s now winter I might be up for a do over of the list. I have decided to give myself a second personal TB that I will use as a list of my favorite caches and anything else that I run across that catches my interest. So quite likely I will end up with notes and photos of things that may not be completely geocaching related, for instance in a nearby town there is a lamp post that is painted UT orange. Also there is a huge Cross on a small hilltop next to a water tower that I would like to get a picture of and the coordinates to and put a note about it on the TB’s page. Just for the record, I haven’t started placing notes and pictures on the TB page just yet, I’ve had too much stuff to do lately but I hope to get started soon. spelling edit
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