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  1. Fun, Fun, Fun!! Thanks for your hard work on this!! Sent my info to Laval K-9: 11/23/2018 Name received from Laval K-9: 11/27/2018 Sent my gift: 12/18/2018 (Drat - so late, I don't think it will be there before Christmas. ) My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: Received 12/10/18; finally a bit of time to play today. Thank you, Team Bear-Cat! I love any coin with Signal! So many great things in your little package! And those Candy Cane Glasses - what fun!!
  2. Fun, Fun, Fun!! Thanks for your hard work on this!! Sent my info to Laval K-9: 11/23/2018 Name received from Laval K-9: 11/27/2018 Sent my gift: 12/18/2018 (Drat - so late, I don't think it will be there before Christmas. ) My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  3. As usual, I'm behind, but this adorable little package arrived from Amsterdam. I especially love the li'l wooden shoes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Sent my info to Laval K-9: 11/25/2017 Name received from Laval K-9: 11/27/2017 Sent my gift: 12/15/2017 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: 12/15/2017
  4. It's been quite a while since I participated in a geocoin mission, but I'm in . . . thank you for putting in the time and effort to organize the fun! Sent my info to Laval K-9: 11/25/2017 Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  5. One of my favorite things - origami cranes. Would it be possible for you to share a photo?
  6. Interesting coin. I tried to find the answers to the following, but couldn't find them easily: 1. What size are these coins - diameter, thickness, weight, etc. 2. What are the minting numbers for each of these coins? 3. I may be incorrect, but I got the impression that the REs have a common back, and the LEs have a different common back. (From your website: "Each of the Regular Editions have a common back." & "Each of the Limited Editions have a common back.") I have not been able to find photos of them. Please post photos of the back(s). Thank you.
  7. Impressive patience! I don't have that, so I regularly scan new logs on my trackables and delete those that are bogus. Many of my activated, non-traveling coins sit in a never-published, archived cache (GeoCoin Home for the Wayward or Destitute). At last check, there were nearly 360 in there! Any discovered logs on those coins are immediately deleted as they aren't traveling, or even going to events right now.
  8. I'd be interested in trading my newer personal (http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3826/9587408726_f934551369_z.jpg) for a purple Irish Dancing Dress coin. I saw that posting too late.
  9. It might help to post a picture or two of what you have in mind. Pathtags certainly have limitations, primarily related to size.
  10. It would be my guess that it isn't a muggle stealing just bugs.
  11. I finally got tired of waiting for the 650t so, after re-evaluating my needs and available free maps, used an REI dividend to grab the 600. So far, so good, although I haven't had time to really put it through its paces. I did want to mention that it does fit in my earlier Oregon's RAM mount darn near perfectly but, as was discussed earlier, the mount does not touch the glass of the GPS. I really played with it and tried to make it touch (especially the roller at the top), but there was never any contact, and I would expect there shouldn't be with normal use. Also, thanks to jagmagana for those templates. I was just getting ready to attack some spare screen protectors with the scissors and a rough pattern I had yet to make.
  12. It's fascinating reading all about this. I'll be (hopefully) getting a 650t for my birthday . . . which was a month and a half ago. When might these be arriving and be available for purchase. It looks like some are shipping . . . but it's not clear to me. Any ideas here?
  13. Nice start. I'll be interested to see how this progresses. Although I was only in there for a few minutes, (unless I missed it) how about adding other materials that geocoins are sometimes made of . . . solid silver, glass, coal, pottery, slate . . . I'm sure there are others. I hesitate to mention wood (I might have one real geocoin of wood, but I'm not sure) because that opens the door a bit where wooden nickels are concerned.
  14. I think Droo's hit the nail on the head . . . design is the number one thing I look at, all other things being equal. Some people also consider whether or not a coin is trackable with a unique icon. If you think you might trade, size may also come into play. Another consideration might be whether or not the buyer has cached there. Just some thoughts . . .
  15. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe they can be transferred or adopted to a new owner. From 3.3. Adopting or Transferring a Cache: "Grandfathered cache types cannot be transferred to a new owner. Neither the adoption tool on the website nor Groundspeak will be able to make the transfer for Virtual, Webcam or Locationless caches."
  16. Cute! . . . but that poor snowman!
  17. I want in, please! Thanks for the fun!!
  18. Pretty much what's already been said is right on. I will stress that most of the geocoins that you might find in caches are travelers and not meant to be kept, although many of them will help build your online icon collection. There is always a chance that you could find an unactivated geocoin in a cache. It has been my experience that most of those are available as keepers for the finders, often in an FTF situation. Once in a rare while there are coins that are dropped already activated but could be kept if so desired. Only two cachers who have done this come to mind and, of those two, I believe only one of them (a well known western US cacher) is still sometimes dropping coins. In those cases, it's always safest to check with the owner. As for collecting coins, collect those which interest you, and don't be looking to recoup what you spent - many don't resell for what you paid. (I'm talking about the e-place here.) As with many, I have slowed down quite a bit, but do still take in coins, usually at least four a month, often more. Some geocoins that tend to interest me include: Personal geocoins, especially traded for Attended event geocoins Location geocoins for places I've cached -- i.e., states I've cached in Gorgeous geocoins (Remember, gorgeous is in the mind of the beholder!) Handmade geocoins Unusual geocoins - shape or material (pottery, glass, coal, lead, pure silver, etc) Purple geocoins Others collect by designer, thru the geocoins clubs, via the e-place, Groundspeak related coins, challenge cache coins if available like DeLorme cache challenges or Fizzy challenges. Also, keep your eyes open at events. Sometimes attendees will bring a box of coins to sell, usually at a good price, and allow you to paw through it looking for treasures. You never know what you'll find in them. Hope that helps.
  19. Logbear says, "Good call!" We were just talking about this today. Some thoughts: Up the Mountain Loop Highway, the gate is closed just past Deer Creek, but parking tends to be plentiful there, and there is room to turn around at the gate. It's about 2.25 miles from the gate to the picnic area at the Big 4 Ice Caves parking, with maybe 200' of elevation gain. From there, there are plenty of possibilities, including the boardwalk loop, further up the road towards Barlow Pass, and/or ??? Oh, and there are some caches if they aren't frozen. I even know where some of them are. We could meet at the Granite Falls Red Apple grocery store at whatever time, and pool up from there. Anyway, we're a bit more comfortable with this idea, given the current and predicted conditions.
  20. Logbear and I are in for this, once again. I'll make sure those two caches are findable, no matter what. Also, I've got a personal score to settle. Besides, why would I want to miss fireworks? I'll bring a plastic bag for an ice pack.
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