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  1. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Take care and get better soon.
  2. Awesome design Filter X and what a nice tribute to your "special" day. Will be looking for our trade in the mail and would like to buy another.
  3. We would gladly donate one for a charitable donation(Lunenburg County Cachers), just let us know where to send it. The rest of what we ordered are for trade/swag. Can't wait to see them in real life. Awesome job!
  4. We would be interested in one of each metal.
  5. Add us to the list please.
  6. YIPPEEE!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! It is always great fun to watch all the wonderful places that these generous folks have visited but never in our wildest dreams did we ever expect to see a coin in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Well early this a.m. the Easter Bunny breezed through the area and dropped a coin at a local cache. Now there was a flurry of activity to race off in the right direction in just a faint hope that the cherished egg would still be in its' hiding place. As the container was opened this beautiful pink egg appeared. Thank you so much for keeping the "spirit" alive.
  7. NICE coins! Beautiful Cape Breton, home of the Cabot Trail and soooo much more. Order placed for 2 of each. I think one shall start in Sydney, Australia with its' mission to return to Sydney. Nova Scotia.
  8. Awesome looking coin folks. Can't wait to order a few.
  9. We would be interested in some of these "neat" coins since we live along the coast of Nova Scotia they would fit in perfectly.
  10. We would be interested in 1 possibly 2. Nice design and a great charity.
  11. We are available to release coins/TB's from the beautiful East Coast of Canada, Nova Scotia. We released a coin last year from the UK and had wished that we knew of this list as we would have sent out more local coins to different locations. Thanks for the great service that you are all providing. Just another fine example of geo-generosity.
  12. Color us in. FYI- Prussian blue and midnight are not the same color as prussian is a true pigment color.
  13. Is that our 3 coins that I see on the top??? They look awesome. 'Can't wait for them to get posted. Thanks for the great idea.
  14. The United TB's have been trickling into the Maritimes the last few days. Geo-froggie received hers today but we are still waiting. Perhaps we mistyped or something on the original form. We will just have to grab some in local caches to play along. It is truly a great cause with a high incidence of diabetes in these parts of the Maritimes. Thanks to Groundspeak for allowing cachers to participate.
  15. Some cachers locally are also attaching a laminated tag with the mission of the TB and also attaching it to the chain.
  16. Order placed yesterday. Would like to go caching there someday. Nice coin!!
  17. We have been attaching all the appropriate forms on our packages for awhile now thanks to our local Canada Post bureau. The funny thing is that we buy their mailer envelopes as they are abit smaller and by the time they attach all their forms you can't barely see the envelope. We have discovered it is best to allow them to affix them appropriately or they get rejected. It is very important to list contents as game tokens or something similar to avoid custom charges. Maybe the dogsled delivery was a better deal here north of the border.
  18. Still patiently waiting here north of the border.. Suspense is killing us.
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