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Who Introduced Who?

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I was introduced by Team Tate, with a bit of help from Paul Blitz.


I've introduced Paws for Thought, G7PPG (who I don't think have cached for a while), and a caching team so new they haven't got a name yet!


PfT have introduced a couple of people but I can't remember their name - so I'm a grand-dad too!

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We were introduced by the Yorkshire Yompers - their youngest son is best friends with our oldest. They also introduced The McKnifficent 6, who we also know well.


Chris Packam of Inside Out.


A tangent, but is that the same Chris Packam who used to present The Really Wild Show??? I used to have a tremendous crush on him when I was a teenager :anitongue: - I had no idea he was still around, (if it's the same one)

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My introduction was also the Inside Out programme.


A google search came up with the following that i have taken from Team Tates website (slightly edited) -


'' 'Team Tate' have been featured on broadbasts:


BBC 1 South


The television show was BBC's 'Inside Out', which was recorded on a cold Saturday morning during the middle of December 2002. Along with the camera and sound men, we were accompanied by Chris Packam (the show's presenter), Helen Kent (the Producer of the feature), Tim and June (who were featured along with their teddy bears later in the show) and Kouros (who kicked the whole thing off in the first place).


The cache was placed specifically placed for us to find within the grounds of the Queen Victoria Country Park in Netley. We spent the best part of three hours filming and it was great fun with the exception of the bitter cold (Beckie suddenly appears wearing a pair of yellow gloves loaned to her by June). The best bit of the feature, however, was O'Mally - a dog that had been loaned to us my one of Sarah's friends specifically for the feature. O'Mallly was on her best behaivour and took everything in her stride, despite hurting her foot getting in and out of Sarah's car four times (a shot that was never featured in the final broadcast).


The feature ran for the best part of 15 minutes, and included other cachers: Richard and Beth, Dan and Pid, Tim and June, and Gulliver Bear (one of T&J's first cache hitch-hikers). The show was broadcast in the BBC South region on 13th January 2003, ''


so it looks like i have a few cachers to blame!!


I have introduced Perth Pathfinders and Itinerant Meggie

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Mr Tumnus is responsible for a lot of grief: he signed up me ( kewfriend ), Mums Turn, Few Kinder, KewFinder and was responsible for badgering ValAndJames as well. I know others are about to fall under his spell.


I've done some splendid caches with him and he ALWAYS solves puzzle caches.


If Mr Tumnus has a fault, it is that he NEVER USES THE CLUE - so even easy caches can be a p**n *n de ***e when we cache together. His claims to fame include leaving his GPS in a cache!

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The Guardian


That was our intro too - though it was the Easter supplement 2006. We've since introduced 3 new cachers, one of whom we know has a user name, the other two we're not sure about.


Oh, and we've finally bought a GPS.......... :huh:


Oooooh! Hooray! We're no longer classed as 'Tadpoles'.................... ;) ;) :)

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