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  1. The popcorn will definitely be coming with me
  2. This has probably been asked before. I know that our account names cannot be changed because of the new software update last year. Could I create a new account in my proposed new name then relog all my finds? Also how would I transfer the coins and TBs I own into my proposed new name?
  3. Now that could go very wrong ewwwww HeHe, that put you off your popcorn really?
  4. As edgemaster said, been quite a while now.
  5. Both have RoHS equivalents, the only difference the H has a high sensitivity receiver and exactly the same rrp.
  6. I was walking along the street when I BUMPED into this thread
  7. Congratulations Hazel, now go and treat yourself to a bacon butty
  8. Congratulations, so when does she get her own GPS unit?
  9. Surely it was'nt that far down Must've been the wind blew it down there Come on now, you can't blame Sue for that I've been blamed for doing things despite being miles away
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