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  1. Thank you, that's helpful. We might get a JT sim for our visit and I will check out the Facebook page.
  2. Thanks, Martybartfast, really useful information. I will certainly do a PQ before we go.
  3. Can you provide an up-date on this after you get back? Have a good trip!
  4. Thanks - I'm sure we will. I'll look at your logs tomorrow. Perhaps someone from Jersey will reply...
  5. As you say Charges. Does your provider class it as UK. And, there may be a possibility your phone might pick up on the French network... As you are a Premium Member, you could make and run a PQ to cover the area... Download before you leave, or use wifi once there to download. Thanks for your reply - I will run a PQ and download it to our GPSr before we go. I do like the view on the GC Live on my smartphone, and that I can look at the phone for caches if I have gone out not fully prepared for caching. That is a good point about picking up the French network - this happened to me on a previous visit when I had a simple phone. I am almost certain Jersey is not regarded as UK by O2 (I think I used Jersey Telecom for calls when I was there before). I will also find out from O2 what they suggest - I won't need to be contactable at all times when away but would like to use my phone for caching while there (and don't want to find I get random calls when I have the phone on only because I am caching). It would be useful to hear from someone who has tried caching in Jersey with the GC Live app, and hear how it worked for them.
  6. First, please forgive me if the answer to this question is blindingly obvious. I am reatively new to smartphones, and have never been caching in Jersey (although have visited the island many times). I have a Windows phone with the Geocaching Live app and Mr BK has an iphone with the Geocaching Live app. Whilst these both work admirably well in our home area (suburban London), we have had limited success using them in more remote areas (eg North Yorkshire and Cornwall countryside). We will be holidaying in Jersey later in the summer and wonder whether GC Live on these phones will work there. Other potentially stupid questions are: Will this depend on our networks? (I am on O2, Mr BK on Vodafone) If so, if we buy Jersey SIM cards when we arrive, will GC Live still work? Any other tips for caching in Jersey would be most welcome. Many thanks Jenny BikerKats
  7. I'm sure it's all been said before, but here's my two-penn'orth: I've just logged on to GC to renew our membership and was shocked to see that US$29.99 "becomes" £24.99 in the UK. Last year our GC membership (paid by credit card) cost £19.35. No bank charges, no commission, no extra charges. GC send us weekly emails about new caches, events near us, maintaining our caches etc, but as far as I can see, no mention has been made of the price increase. This is such a simple way to communicate with a huge loyal customer base. How hard can it be to announce a price increase in an email which goes out weekly?
  8. Thanks for that, Deci. I don't use Firefox, I have Internet Explorer, but it seems to work in the same way. I have disabled the Skype Add-in and it seems to have cured the problem. And yes, one day I might have a use for it (but not on caching pages).
  9. Looking at some cache pages this morning, I noticed that some of the British Grid references are displayed as Skype telephone numbers. Further investigation reveals that all our own caches have the British Grid reference displayed in this way. They all start with 07 or 08. Is there anything we (either I, myself, or British cachers) can do to get them displayed correctly again? I don't know how new this feature is as I haven't looked at caches local to me for a month or so.
  10. Try this: From the GC.com homepage go to "Trackable items" (left hand side of page) Scroll down the page and in the box "Search for a Trackable Item by Name" enter name of Geocoin, eg "Garmin", "Big Ben", "Angel of the North" and press "search" button This shows you all coins with that as part of their name. You can then look through the pages and find those closest to your home. There may be a quicker, more accurate way, but this works for me.
  11. Well, we were very grateful to the Spokes who rescued one of our TBs from a TB Hotel where it had apparently been for 11 months. Someone had logged it as having picked it up from said hotel and had not responded to an e-mail we sent, politely asking if he still had it and could he move it on. We were on the point of logging this TB ino a TB graveyard when three cachers discovered or grabbed it in a two-day period. The Spokes were kind enough to move it on to an appropriate cache in line with its mission.
  12. Just got back from Harrow where both Blacks and Millets have them. The stores are only a few doors apart so you can visit both shops in one trip They are lovely (The coins, not the shops)
  13. Ours also came from Rubberstampz, and is the same as our avatar.
  14. We still have calling cards but since we obtained our own rubber stamp don't often leave them - it seems like overkill. I do like ClareLouise's "Fingerbobs" (?)!
  15. Yes to all, and When you have made your new cache "members only", do you check every 2 minutes to see who has looked at the listing? When you get that elusive "FTF", do you check every 2 minutes to see whom you beat to the cache?
  16. "Comedy Classics" by Currykev - of which we have done #3 - The Good Life
  17. Don't think BikerKats link is a very good, or right one come to that.......Bookmark deletion?. Oops - will sort this out later, sorry. Edited to say: now corrected, see above.
  18. How about BikerKats' Tour of Ickenham which is a circular walk taking in 9 caches around the London suburb of Ickenham? There are three tube stations and one mainline station on or close to the route and three bus routes (only two on Sundays). It combines four small or regular-sized caches and five sneaky micros. We did a circular route yesterday starting at Pimlico in Hertfordshire, looking for Bones1 caches. We've also done sections of the Grand Union Canal series on bikes and on foot. A bookmark list of circular walks is a good idea as this is the sort of caching we like to do. Edited to correct Bookmark Link
  19. They don't seem to have logged the one in Turville, either.GCECD5
  20. Thanks everyone. Unless we can think of making it a stage of a multi in the next week or so, we'll archive it. Thread can be closed.
  21. I know that new virtual caches are not allowed, but is it possible to change a twice-muggled regular cache into a virtual? Our Swakeleys Cache was a regular cache hidden in a nice location from which there is an impressive view of Swakeleys House, a privately-owned Jacobean house, mentioned in Pepys' diary, which is open to the public three times a year. The original cache stayed in place for 10 months until it disappeared; we replaced it but the replacement cache disappeared very quickly after being placed. We are reluctant to replace it again and have had another regular cache muggled from the park nearby. We think this is a nice location and the house itself is worth a visit, so it would be a shame IMO if we archived it. Is there any way of retaining the location without placing a physical cache? Jenny
  22. Happy New Year everyone and lots of satisfying and successful caching in 2008
  23. No, it was sent this morning. Glad we're not the only ones!
  24. You could always allow MrBK to ride his bike and you could drive the camping gear and kids Yeah, then we could bring the pedal bikes as well!
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