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  1. Well.. it's been a while... Tried to get a PQ today and it seems Groundspeak haven't bothered to renew last year :-( Coughed up my £25 just now - Paypal account is now lighter but still no premium membership - I'm going on holiday (that's 'vacation' to you) tomorrow - could use this sorting please. Thanks, Ian
  2. Along with the "new" theme, the pinned topics are (IMHO) getting out of hand. The first pinned topic is over halfway down the screen of my laptop, I have to scroll to get the first potentially interesting topic. Are two "boot sales" needed? Surely some could be combined?
  3. Huh, then this should likely never have been published. The 2 mile rule only applies to Puzzle/Mystery/unknown types. Multis are not included "rule"??? Guideline, surely???
  4. Well I hope this the beginning to end for one of the daftest rules that our esteemed reviewers are asked to apply. I feel sorry for those who are prepared to put the time and effort into organizing events only to have restrictions imposed.
  5. Problem at Bing's end see: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/fi-FI/vemapcontroldev/thread/8c9f7506-bfaa-4b98-8e98-eee9f7064db0
  6. Hmmm... whereas I agree it's not a great idea, I do think that calling it: "Ammonium Sulfide glass ampoule" is overhyping what I would call a "stink bomb"
  7. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/igeoknife/id463856852?mt=8
  8. Helen: Yes, but don't tell her Mum! Dave: Yep! They get to meet her tonight
  9. I'm pleased to say that I'm the proud father of a little baby girl, Ella Mae. She was born late last night and Mummy and Ella are both doing well
  10. Nice one :-) I hope you and Peter are keeping well.
  11. You're not a reviewer getting a lot of new caches coming through with bad coordinates that have to be changed later. This problem can be laid squarely at the door of the smart phone! People just don't know how to use the phone correctly to get accurate coordinates. Put the box under a hedge, run the app, read off the coordinates as soon as they appear........ Chris, What I don't understand is why they are published then?
  12. Look for the topic "Android help required" earlier this week
  13. Had a look at this one and it seems quite good except that I can't seem to find a way to input a 'Next Stage' for multis. Maybe it is just me. The amount of apps I have now, I think it is time to write a report on each one. Double tap on the map.
  14. Yes, it should be $30 for whatever proportion of the year Groundspeak can keep their servers running. About 80% of the times I've tried of late :$
  15. I'm finding NeonGeo to be very impressive. http://www.neongeo.com/
  16. Mistress of Misery, Helen in Mustardland has expressed an interest providing dates work out. She also suggested a crossing to coincide with the annual wake and I quote "if you walk[then], you get loads of pints bought you!". Sounds like a good enough reason to me ;-) For the avoidance of doubt the "New" club website is here: http://www.lykewake.org Here's the tracklog and some pics from GC1FA91: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=72031. It was "quite moist"!
  17. I could be persuaded... Same time as this? http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=151299194952449
  18. I'm not a public transport user often but it took mere seconds to find: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/gos/localarea.html
  19. Some trackables for auction on ebay.co.uk, all 99p start, no reserve: SUMER IS ICUMEN IN Geocoin-Trackab​le-Unactivated Trackabulldog Geocoin-Trackab​le-Unactivated Hamstercaching Travel Tag-Trackable-U​nactivated Travelling Cacher Colour Geopatch - Geocoin-Unactiv​ated Happy Bidding :-)
  20. It was an over reaction by the authorities. I wasn't sure until I spoke to a close associate who was a security professional for HMG until recently.
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