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  1. A date for your diary's, Sunday 12th May 2013 11:00am until 3:00pm. Bring a picnic Picnic Link
  2. Thanks for that Chris. I went to your pages first to find the link and followed most of the instructions but it was still difficult to tell what was what until MartyBartFast suggested I switch off the OS button. It's all much clearer now. And thanks for replying too Deceangi
  3. Thanks for that. It makes it much clearer to see now, what is what.
  4. I'm having trouble deciding on Magic MapIt what permissions would be needed for a certain area. Could anyone have a look at this link and tell me anything about the area where my arrow is pointing to. http://benchmarks.org.uk/magicmapit.php?c=51.731602+%2C++-2.652714 To me it looks too dark to be an SSSI and too light to be a Local Nature reserve. I do know for a fact it is common land where I could gather wood and keep pigs (if I had some)and who owns it.
  5. I've now checked Teracaching and it's not on there either. It didn't have a stamp in it so it's not a letterbox and it looked like it was newly placed so I guess I'll just have to wait until who ever put it there decides to submit it. They'll have a shock when they do as three caching teams were all flying their model planes on Garway Hill today so it's had 3 finds already . LOL
  6. Haven't tried Terracaching yet. Will do so now. Thanks
  7. Thanks for looking Chris. He's only just rung me to tell me about it so I'll get him to take a photo.
  8. Alastair has just by chance found a cache at the trig point on Garway Common in Herefordshire at N51 55.284 W002 49.233. We have four caches near there ourselves and were unaware of this one. He says the log book was blank so he's FTF but I can't find it listed on GC.com or OpenCaching. Does anyone have any ideas about it?
  9. Our other main passion is Ballroom and tap dancing and recently I have become an Eddie Stobart spotter
  10. Our objective is to go for a good long walk with plenty of caches on route.
  11. Our objective is to go for a good long walk with plenty of caches on route.
  12. I have always used GSAK to load caches onto my 300 and have never had any problems.
  13. Sorry we've got prior dancing commitments this Sunday.
  14. Our favourites whilst actually caching vary. At the moment I'm into pickled beetroot sandwiches but next week it might be peanut butter and jam, then the week after that possibly cheese and chutney. Tea in a flask always. After a hard day's caching our favourite food is a chinese takeaway picked up on the way home so I don't have to cook and can get straight on with logging.
  15. Taken today 20th June on my walk to GC28MPX "Slade without Noddy"
  16. We're next door in Gloucestershire and some of are caches are placed in Herefordshire
  17. This was taken on a walk between GC1YNK3 and GC24T6W
  18. We were out last night and missed this episode, will have to catch it on Iplayer later
  19. I had exactly this problem but when I lost the extension at work it was still installed at home. You need Firefoxview I hope that helps. Trevor Thank you, Thank you, Thank you T.R.a.M.P. That was exactly the thing I was looking for and couldn't find. Works a treat now
  20. Same here, Firefox is the default browser, so GSAK automatically opens in Firefox. I wish mine would do that too. Firefox is also my default browser
  21. I used to have an add on that put a "right click" link option to "open link in Firefox" which used to be so useful as GSAK uses Internet Explorer as its default browser. I recently wiped back my computer and have lost this link and can't find out how to get it back. I've already tried posting on the GSAK forum but without any luck. Can anyone here help?
  22. Our favourite Event wasn't really an "Event" but a big gang got together to find "Flotsam & Jetsom Extreme" and it was the best fun day caching we have ever had. Wading around in thick gloopy mud for miles looking for some tupperware was just the greatest.
  23. Perhaps multiple consequtive (3?) DNF's should send an e-mail to the CO/Reviewer that something is not quite right with the cache. Just my 2p worth. This cache "Wye Rapids" is notoriously difficult to find and often has a run of more than 3 DNF's so for this particular cache that would be unfair.
  24. We know exactly how you feel Wendy, we lost our own dog, Booboo, last Easter and I felt quite choked at reading about your loss.
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