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  1. Worked out quite simple, when I got a new notification, made a new list and tapped, all 500 caches downloaded. Now ifvthere is a notification I simply tap the list and it uploads any changes. Simples!
  2. I get regular new cache notifications on my IPhone, but am unable to add them into the new app for some reason. My choice seems to be into the app IGeoknife or just view them, how can I get them to add if just one or two or unzip if weekly update into the new app. Thank you in anticipation.
  3. I really like IGeoKnife, solves all my problems as does of course saving the caches that I wish to do to Offline on the Geocaching App. I sometimes use the 'Hotspot', but rarely need to.
  4. Has anyone an idea where I may obtain a map of Cyprus to place on a Garmin 60csx and an Oregon 300. Having a Spring break and want to find a few caches. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. I am looking for an app for my IPhone of a map which allows one to place a pin where they wish to go after solving a multi cache, or simply where they wish to go to ...... IN WGS84 format with Satelite option. Any recommendations?
  6. Thanks very much for that Darklight, it worked perfectly. Much appreciated. :rolleyes:
  7. I used to receive an e-mail notification of a new cache on my IPad and then be given the option of opening it in Geocaching or in the Geocaching Apple App. Since updating my IPad I seem to have lost this option and cannot open it directly into the app to save. I am therefore having to take the GC number and then manually add it into the app on advance search. Has anyone any idea how I can get my simple option menu back??? :blink:
  8. 11,001 ! Now. Thanks a million though as I had tried most things, but to no avail. Cheers!
  9. I have the Geocaching App on my IPhone, but cannot see how one can put in new co-ordinates after one has solved a multi-cache equation. Am I missing something obvious? :rolleyes:
  10. That is the series that we completed, it was others like that we were looking for. :unsure:
  11. A few years ago we did the Drive Bys from Channel to Channel and really quite enjoyed it as it was something different. Is there a 'Bookmark' or list of published Drive Bys anywhere that one may look at?
  12. Solved by Big Wolf, the problem was that the caches that I was trying to place on my Tom, Tom were some 25 miles from my current location, so Tom Tom would not play as too far a distance. Tried a PQ of my local area which had some 300 caches and all loaded no problem at all with Macro. So now know the reason. Thanks for all the advice, appreciated. :rolleyes:
  13. It seems to be that the Macro by Big Wolf just transfers some 4 micros, 3 traditional and 3 multi caches from a PQ of around 420! So baffled. I have literally just loaded 100 caches by hand adding a POI. Will just have to sort it out somehow. I have a XXL TT. Have updated that as well. Still convinced its something trivial, but what?
  14. Done exactly as you have said on your four page instructions and it only loads some ten caches? Stumped ..... Tried to go back to factory settings on Tom Tom, but even that still leaves Traditional, Micro and Multi cache categories on the list. So not really getting anywhere fast. Your instructions are straight forward enough.
  15. Almost there, do not get the Export Dialogue Box, but after running the Macro and disconnecting Tom Tom from PC it seems to have only transferred ten caches from a list of 607 on GSAK. Have found that 16 I manually added one at a time ! have all loaded? Something needs tweaking, but not sure what. Any suggestions, apart from manually loading 607 caches :ph34r:
  16. Certainly liked your logs and photos. Cleaning it took awhile then, and that new word Portage! You must have had time to ask about Abanazers Puzzle whilst you were adrift as well no doubt! Sounds like it was great fun.
  17. Installed Macro, plugged in Tom Tom , it said 6 files and that was that. Went to Tom Tom unconnected from PC asked for POI - Church Micro 1234 and it said No POI Found, so obviously doing something wrong still??
  18. I have just obtained a Tom Tom XXL and would very much like to load onto it as POI my caches that I have on GSAK from a Geocaching PQ. I would therefore ask two things: 1. In lay mans language how do I transfer the caches to Tom Tom as POI, plus enabling me to receive an alert signal when I am within the vicinity of a cache whilst driving around. 2. The latest Macro for transferring caches from GSAK to a Tom Tom Any assistance or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  19. People are talking and the forum is being used, great stuff. Used to be a brilliant forum for opinions, thoughts, tips an ideas, but seems to have waned slightly due to Regional forums. Oh well, Esther Rantzen ! That's Life. An orgaised trip down the River Avon sounds a good jolly, will have to wait and see if anything like that is suggested during the Summer. I do know that it is a lovely part of the river. Starts very close to the royal household of Camilla at Reybridge with its Chocolate Box Cottages and goes past the abbey at Lacock. The GC number of the first of a series of 12 is GC542BG Cache by Kayak #01. Inflatable Pathfinder the way ahead perhaps, who knows!
  20. Of course I agree that "Everyone has their limitations" and would simply not expect every cache placed out to be obtainable to all who Geocache, also agree that Variety is the Spice of Life. If its tree climbing you look up and decide should I, should I not, one has a choice, but Kayak !! Perhaps one could skinny dip at all the relevant locations
  21. And watch the ripples! This is purely a throw away comment to see where it leads. " Twelve new caches are published, great one says, then realise they are called Kayak 1 to 12". Is this just a way to by pass cows in fields or is Geocaching getting a bit to diverse. If you do not have a Kayak, waterproof GPS/Smart phone, canoeing skills its sort of a no go series really. I know that nobody has a gun to your head to do all these caches, but give the elderly landlubber a chance of some smileys on his map!
  22. Downloading as I reply and thank you for that information. Cheers.
  23. Never tried this so I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for advice, appreciated!
  24. Can anybody assist with informing me where I may get some basic mapping for WA to put on a Garmin 62. Also Singapore as travelling out for Christmas! Yipee. But require to do some caches whilst in these two places. Thankyou in anticipation.
  25. My opinion is that if it is a traditional then it should be placed quite close by, after all I feel the whole idea is to visit the church and its surroundings. Even multi church caches I feel should still should be placed within close proximity once the relevant clues within or outside the church have been located and worked out. After all by Definition it is a 'Church Micro'. Granted that they are not all micro's though. The furthest that we have ever had to go from a multi church micro was several miles and so we had to drive! Church Micro 3210 (GC434WG). It made a lot of sense though bearing in mind opportunity and of course that old chestnut Health & Safety. It is a lovely cache, certainly recommended and well worth a visit when its open to the Public. Where a 'Favourite Point' means something!
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