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  1. How about this one Terry? https://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/cacherrankings.aspx?sort=15&cacheType=allcaches&numCacheCutoff=nolimit (Although it only looks at the cachers that have uploaded their finds to My Geocaching Profile)
  2. Here is a link to several of the regional and Facebook groups: https://www.gagb.org.uk/regional-links.php
  3. A few years, The Wombles set up a Geocaching Land Agreement with Bristol Council for some areas (Blaise Castle and Kingsweston Estates). If you have a look at the Geocaching Land Agreement Database (GLAD) on the GAGB website, there is a name & contact details. Even if these aren't the areas you want, it will be a good starting place - and you can refer to this existing agreement. Also, if you get permission for a new location, then please let the GAGB know and they will add a new agreement to the database. https://www.gagb.org.uk/agreement_view.php?id=60
  4. Jim I'm sure I have seen some advertised/mentioned before, but had a quick look through a few of the UK shops and can't see any. Here is a link to most of the geocaching supply shops in the UK, so have a look through or contact them http://gagb.org.uk/useful-links.php#Supplies_Discounts
  5. VK - I keep a bookmark up to date of the caches along the Strawberry Line (Yatton to Cheddar, Somerset) https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=2cbc4cbf-0552-43f7-8fcb-c01ededc6cf6
  6. Have a look at the GAGB website - there is a whole page of regional groups (forums and facebook) http://gagb.org.uk/regional-links.php
  7. There is a list of several of the regional groups on the GAGB website (link to the page)
  8. Just looking through my list of favourites North Scotland (on A99 to Wick) Whaligoe Steps http://coord.info/GC143F7 Southern Scotland (On A708 between Moffat & Selkirk). Kirk of the Lowes http://coord.info/GC13E0R (fantastic views on a clear day) Co. Sligo, Ireland I enjoyed the walk/views 'Under Bare Benbulben's Head'. http://coord.info/GC2E183 (Photos of the area in issue 10 of GAGB Seeker magazine) (Isle of Skye is also mentioned/photos in the same issue of Seeker.) Northern Ireland (Giant's Causeway area). We parked at the park & ride at Bushmills (April 2012 - this was before they built the new centre, so not sure if they still offer this) and took a one way bus to the causeway. Then walked/cached our way back along the coast to the car. Nice walk with great views. Enjoy your trip
  9. The orginal log book was returned to the cache during the 'UK Mega Lunch on Scotland's First' event on 30th July 2014 and several people mention in their logs on GCF0 that they signed the original book that had just arrived. - but I am not sure which cacher took it back up.
  10. Not sure how I missed the Geolympix FB group when constructing the list - I will get it updated on the GAGB page.
  11. This is link their profile page, but I have sent also sent Lolly (one half of the team) a private message telling her about this post.
  12. Yes, I was disappointed to read that they had gone - but glad to see they will consider reinstating them. So, a Yes please from me.
  13. Are you interested in caches near Toll houses? 002 UK Toll House 003 UK Toll House 004 UK Toll House I'll add a post (& link to this post) in the GAGB Facebook group to see if there are others near milestones.
  14. There are some along the A36 near Salisbury by 'Westswozere' Salisbury 11 Salisbury 15 Salisbury 17 Salisbury 19 Madyokel has a puzzle cache called The Milepost
  15. More information on the GAGB website/blog (link to page)
  16. Definitely be interested ..... but I only finished colouring in my Welsh map last summer so means I will have to go around them all again If anyone is going to do a Scotland one, please can then do it soon. I'm going to Shetland in the summer .... to get that bit of my Scottish map coloured in so would be good to tick off a LQ at the same time
  17. I've searched, but can't find your group. However, I see that you have found the Somerset & Bristol group that MrsB linked to (although we aren't as active as many of the other facebook groups). There is also a GAGB - UK & Ireland caching news which has a files tab with details of various other facebook groups.
  18. Thanks for mentioning the GAGB. The GAGB is certainly not a governing body, but is there as a local contact and resource site for people in the UK and Ireland - whether that be geocachers, landowners, media, organisations etc. The association was established in 2003 to provide a voice for its members in the United Kingdom with the aim of establishing good Geocaching practices, providing a focal point for public liaison and supporting the growth and enjoyment of Geocaching within the UK. It will be the associations 10 year anniversary this year and we are hoping to reach out to more cachers in the UK and Ireland and provide more resources and benefits for the members. We do have a good relationship with Groundspeak (headquarters and our local reviewers) - especially when it comes to landowner agreements. Jen Maple Leaf GAGB Chairman 2012/2013
  19. Well, you wanted a photo of Haggis Hunter, Brave Defender & Marmal with their shorts on. (Big Wolf didn't wait for us and was up front somewhere). (Chapel Island Picnic)
  20. The results of the GAGB committee elections are in - full details in the GAGB forums. Congratulations to the 8 that made it onto the team and commiserations to the others - I'm sure there will be plenty of things that you can help the team with. The GAGB committee team for the next year is: *geocass* The Wombles (Dave) Mollyjak (Lilian) northking (Jeff) Countrymatters Bobo Frett (Steve) sandvika Walker Clan (Andy) ... along with myself (Maple Leaf) as Chair.
  21. Sorry, I missed this forum thread. I did email Craghoppers early on Monday morning (didn't want to get it lost in all the others on Sunday evening!) and got a very nice reply from the Managing Director (Jim McNamara) later that day. ....... Thank you for your email this morning regarding our promotional video featuring geocaching. You are correct in your assumption that we have had plenty of emails and comments over the last 24 hours , what a passionate bunch of people ! The video was indeed models and was set up to promote our clothing range and the many activities it can be used for ! I sincerely apologise for any upset that this incorrect representation of geocaching has brought, the video has now been removed from U tube and will not be used again. As a company we are very passionate about the environment and in future we will endeavour to make sure that all parties involved in our brand, do the necessary research before we publish anything. Once again thank you for your informative email and i hope that you will accept this apology in good faith. .... Kate from Craghoppers has joined the GAGB Facebook group and has been interacting with the cachers. The video has been re-edited and she added a link to the group so it could be previewed/commented on before it went public. So in the end a good outcome ...... and hopefully the start of a relationship between geocacaching/GAGB and Craghoppers
  22. Your last chance to vote in the GAGB committee elections. All eligible members, who have not voted yet, should have received a reminder email overnight from Ladybug Kids. Closes at midnight (GMT) tonight - Thurs 29th Novmember.
  23. I wasn't that far from you on CM day (but only had time for one) ... but looking at your logs, how many did you find! Maybe there needs to be another category for the person that found the most CMs on 'Find a CM day'.
  24. There is also an article about Church Micros written by sadexploration in the current issue of the GAGB Seeker magazine (issue 11). It is currently only available to GAGB members in the members forum (but free to join if you are not already a member) ........ but will appear on the GAGB website newsletter section sometime next week.
  25. If you like puzzles, then I would recommend GC2GJN for the hide and nice views near the final coords.
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