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  1. try posting on http://www.nwcaching.co.uk/forum/
  2. as you say the larger one is Dorothea and I just checked UKDivers and they are still saying diving is officially banned at this quarry UKDiveguide say this quarry is closed to diving also As a fully qualified diver I would resist the temptation of using this site
  3. I managed to find one of these in my local shop and its very good, I can 'see' what all the fuss is about now
  4. AFAIK the TPS only covers UK based organisations, which is why we still get a small number of calls about stuff (favorite at the moment is solar panals)
  5. under normal circumstances I'd say it was a memorable weekend, however, due to the grog there are a few hours that are missing
  6. Tis always a delight, each year it gets bigger and better and its all down to you THANK YOU!
  7. Woot! I can't wait, got two piratey outfits, a shaven head, a beard but will only loose my legs after the Grog Aarrgghhhh!!
  8. I think this is what some people have been waiting for NW meet
  9. visit http://www.nwcaching.co.uk/forum/ we don't bite and the NW extends to Macc easily, I'm in Congleton but work in Macc
  10. Try the Dane Valley way series by DillontheDog
  11. I think that you will find that The Cache Hoppers were referring to SE & NW forums in the UK
  12. you should have used the search feature because I'm sure it's been asked/discussed before
  13. tis for reasons like this that I don't often post here...our regional forums are much better
  14. I always read the hint....sometimes I can even remember it by the time I get to the cache
  15. Get the Pirate and Cache Hoppers to order more of that nice Derbyshire weather from last weekend
  16. I'm so glad we did not miss this event, most fun we have had in ages with the most friendly people you could want to meet. yo ho yo ho reds the colour for me if you see a colour blue throw him into the sea!
  17. WOW. Congrats to you both and thanks for the occasional hints in the photos
  18. Hi I'm fairly new to this and live in Congleton, lots of help on the forum at http://nwcaching.co.uk/ also
  19. I leave a small car with my name on the side
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