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  1. A neater way of doing it is: add a value to your function and use that as your object - function test(val) return val.Name end your lua user expression then should be - test (self) That way you do not need to name the object, and the code is then reusable across all objects. This is K1CKAHA posting on my old family account
  2. When using a command on an item, how do I get a reference to the item in Lua User Code. I want to write a script that can be added to multiple items that then modify the item, but I need to know what item called it. Thanks in advance for any help. Never mind, I found it by trial and (mainly) error, it is “self” for those who are curious.
  3. A quote from the constitution: Now I have no love of some of these type of caches, but how can you fully represent UK cachers when part of your stated aims is to discourage legitimate caches? Seems like you only wish to represent UK cachers that agree with you...
  4. The only thing I would add is that you should copy the original log in your email to them, so they can edit it and resubmit. Saves them having to write a new log.
  5. YOU WILL STOP BEING A NEWBIE TOMORROW. Come back and read that every day and you wont go far wrong.
  6. I thought the main problem was that the cache could be still listed on another site, so you shouldnt remove it without the owners permission.
  7. No worries, I am not the clearest of writers. If you wanted to list the caching part as an event to attract more help I am sure Deci could give you guidance on how to meet the criteria. Hope it all comes together for you.
  8. Why can they not be caches set up specifically for the event? If I was doing this I would do a workshop at a country park where I had set up 10 - 12 caches trying to cover all the types (micros, offsets, puzzles etc), and print off the details in the Groundspeak format without listing the caches. You can then run the workshop and let people loose to find the caches. After the workshop you can then collect the caches and there is then no danger of listed caches being muggled. Of course you could then ask the country park for permission to hide some REAL caches for your troubles. Perhaps a reviewer could pass an opinion as to wether the workshop could be listed as an event, so that you would have some geocachers on hand to help you run the workshop. Good luck with this, whatever form it takes.
  9. In that case: 1. Signing The Cache: Good way to promote awareness 2. Techie's Paradise: All cachers are techies really 3. Bikers Only: not a biker so this comes last for me
  10. The better idea here is YOU list them in 1, 2, 3 order of ones you would like to do and you have your priority list sorted.
  11. Also depending on how vertically challenged you are
  12. Droive outa Brizzle an turn left, innit. Thats Swindon ? Naah - turn right for Swindon..... Yet you still manage to find caches
  13. The leveller will - and often does - decimate the area looking for the cache The migrator Refuses to replace the cache in the place it was found
  14. So, a quick recap - 1. You read the cache page and know you will not enjoy the cache. 2. You do the cache anyway. 3. You then moan about it. Personally I skip steps 2 and 3
  15. Indeed, some cachers may have to make multiple visits to find all three little beggars! If 25 Hamstercachers all visited a different stage at a pre-defined time so as to get all three of the furry ones, could we all log it as found ? EDIT just realised that the little blighters could be "between stages" at that time - back to the drawing board
  16. Humor and irony are lost on the Brits. We do however appreciate humour - unless you were being ironic, then... err..... move along, I see nothing here
  17. I'm sorry... what??? I believe that might refer to mtn-man's sock puppet puppy account! Why does his post say ringbone Milkbone!
  18. Would an argument in this thread turn into a flamenco war ? /me shuffles off to get my coat.
  19. Mypoint was, how could anyone object to that being locked ? Do you dip them in your eggs
  20. Maybe you should take a look at the closed thread.
  21. I do not think the ability of the OP to terminate the thread was removed to stop threads being closed, just to stop them being reopened (the functions are linked in the forum software). Being able to reopen a thread caused problems when a mod closed a thread for guideline breaches and the OP reopened it. The suggestion that you can open a new thread to carry on a topic makes things difficult as you no longer have all the debate/discussion/bickering/arguement * in one place. I think requesting a thread be locked just because the original question was answered is a British thing, you rarely see a locked thread on the general fora. *delete as appropriate
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