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  1. Interesting thread this! Without opening a whole virtuals - good thing/bad thing debate, I used to like them, and had never thought of logging old ones. What are the general opinions on this, providing that all the stated logging requirements have been met (and e-mail the owner in advance?) Not sure if I will or not, but I might at least look at a few! Dave
  2. MrPP checking in here - MrsPP doesn't do forums! We always cache together - only ever done about 20 caches separately. I do the forward planning, mainly cos I do all the GSAK stuff - so loading the GPS, plotting on Memory map, blah blah. MrsPP has been known to load the GPS - but straight from GC.com rather than GSAK. Out and about, MrsPP carries the GPS, and usually MrPP retrieves the cache. This allows MrPP to sign the log (Unless I'm having a ciggie) and MrsPP logs the find on the GPS. We have a slick system! If the cache requires a search, then its probably about 50/50 for who actually finds it! MrPP then uploads the field notes, and we try and write logs together, although sometimes we get behind, so MrPP ends up catching up when he should be working (like now!) MrsPP solves most of the puzzles, mainly cos I can't be bothered! Cheers Dave
  3. Give him another chance; he's grown into quite a likeable presenter and DJ since he's come down from his own ar$e. OK... but if he's still up there I'll be upset... a pint at an event should fix me though Well I can't promise you'll like him now, but I'll buy you a pint anyway Best be having 2 then... I hate being in debt Hopefully not as annoying as he was... and my housemates down south loved TFI... not good! I suspect we'll be watching - especially as we know the cacher who is featuring!
  4. Having met our local reviewer many times, my opinion (based on the evideence of last weekend's camping event) is that they generally can't stand up without assistance, can't see large traffic cones or guy ropes, and spend their time in denial about being drunk... No names though, Andy...!
  5. I believe all the phone apps have the facility to upload field notes rather than logs. We do this if we ever log on the iphone (which is rare!) Unfortunately, the default action of the iphone app (I don't know about the others) is to upload a 'proper' online log, and you have to change the settings to use field notes. To my mind, this is (ahem) bottom about face, as it just encourages the poor logging. Personally, I'd rather the option to send online logs was completely taken out of the Apps, and the only option was field notes (at least people might sit and write longer logs back home on the PC). Failing that, make the default behaviour a field note... I wonder if this has been suggested on the main forums? Can't be bothered to look at the moment, I'm supposed to be working! Dave
  6. Well that's alright then I've seen a few challenge caches that specifically exclude events and wondered why, now I know one reason ... we're well stocked on 5/5 caches, but need a 4.5 / 5, however I wouldn't feel happy using this cache for it... Lost, if you need a 5/5, then I'm sure someone in the area would be prepared to act as 'guide'!
  7. all gone quiet here! has all been revealed elsewhere, or shall i have a guess?!
  8. Oh if only! We did that lot in one day last year, and the only concession to speed was pre-prepared stickers with our name and date on. Every cache was opened and stickered though! Taking it a step further, we have a cache which is easy to find, and open, and the log book can be 'held', however signing the physical log book is much harder. Would a photo of this suffice? I think not! If I knew about it, I'd also delete logs, but I don't actually go and check them! Dave
  9. Are you using GCTidy? It has not yet been updated for the GC updates and this behavior is one of the problems that popped up with it. If you gave GCTidy, disbale it until they get it fixed and you should be OK. good call! I only installed GCTidy at the same time, as I was hoping some of the new page structure would be 'tweaked', so I hadn't even thought of that. Will confirm when I get home. Cheers Dave
  10. I'm noticing some very strange behaviour in Chrome - namely trying to log a cache through the 'Log Your Visit' link on the cache page. It doesn't display any of the logging fields, and just has an advert in the middle of the screen instead... I can try and post a screen shot if it helps... anyone else seeing this?
  11. An interesting discussion, and I sort of understand where you're coming from Andy - although you won't get me to change! I'll try and explain a bit further why one db would not be easy to work with... I have my main db which is regularly updated with the same set of PQs, which allows me to filter for archived (ie, not updated) caches. I do this every day, and simply filter based on last GPX update, and any that haven't been updated are instantly moved into the archived db, out of the way. This may include my placed caches, and/or found caches. I don't want to keep archived caches in the default db! As I say, the default db is updated regularly from a fefined set of PQs, so I can't keep overseas caches in there either. Therefore, I can either move my overseas finds and archived finds INTO this database when I run stats,and then move them back again when I'm finished, or maintain all my finds in a second db, which only requires one copy process. For the same reasons, I do the same with Placed caches. Make sense?! Dave
  12. Maybe I'm being thick, but I can't see the advantage of keeping separate databases. You can keep everything in one database and simply select the bits you are interested in, such as archived caches, or owned caches, or found caches, just by selecting the filter. You don't duplicate data that fits more than one criterion and you get much more flexibility in querying the data. But I'm a computer programmer, and some of my work is database programming. It's completely alien to me to artificially and unnecessarily split the data up - you do the selection when you query the data, not when you store it. The disadvantages of keeping it all in one database? I can't think of any. I can see it is useful as a transfer mechanism, i.e. to allow people to send subsets of the data to other people. And it might be necessary to separate data that cannot be identified by a combination of data columns, but that's not a common situation and even then a better route might be to ask Clyde to add an appropriate column. But several people seem to use multiple databases. This is a genuine question, in case I'm missing something - what are the advantages in maintaining multiple databases? Rgds, Andy Not thick Andy, but as someone else said, the power of GSAK is its flexibility! I have about the same as Pharisee - UK Unfound, All found, All placed, Archived, Not UK, temp holiday db, and numerous other temporary ones. I see a number of advantages with no real disadvantages! In particular, because of how I run my PQs, my default database is updated regularly, and any cache that isn't updated is deemed to be archived and moved. I can't do that if I have overseas caches, my own archived caches, or archived caches I've found, populating the same db (without lots more filtering). I also purge my logs regularly. However, I need to keep my own, and all logs on my caches, so another reason for keeping them separate. Most importantly for me though - various stats macros work MUCH MUCH faster if they only interrogate a db with 3100 caches (my founds) rather than a db of 71000 caches (the UK). I'm sure there are other reasons - but generally separate dbs seems the preferred option! however, if one db works for you... Dave
  13. i suppose thats true, in as much as a car without them often won't perform at all! Our all wheel drive scoobie was a godsend, and because it looks like a normal car, someone followed us onto a 18 inches of virgin snow in a car park last week, clearly thinking "If they can do it, so can I!" My how we laughed!
  14. Well if MrsPP had cleared the car completely of snow last Tuesday, she wouldn't have been able to carry out a taste test to see if wing mirror snow is any different to bonnet snow, or build a snowman on the bonnet! Not moving for nearly 4 hours left her with a lot of free (and boring) time!
  15. A Herculaen Challenge http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f9-ca3dde65765e Last found July 2007 This is a multi in the middle of a park in Reigate, Surrey. All parts still in place so cannot see what the trouble is ? pah!
  16. As others have said, don't even think about using climbing gear unless you have plenty of proper training, OR are accompanied by someone who knows what they are doing! It is equally as dangerous to not use the gear properly as it is to not use it at all! (for example, if you rig up an abseil device incorrectly, you'll find yourself descending rather rapidly with no way of stopping! Personally, we've done almost all of Cache U Nutters extreme climbing caches, and I've had no formal training. However, we always go with the Merstham Mafia, and Mark has climbed before. I've now done enough that we could do these without the MMs - although years in the cubs and scouts means I know how to tie knots! You can practice this at home... Finally, if you search for caches by Cache U Nutter, you'll find lots in the North Surrey area that are extremes, and us and the Merstham Mafia are always happy to provide equipment and guidance. Feel free to contact us!
  17. obviously the pineapples remain injury free but pineapple caches are dangerous things! Glad to hear you didn't need the air ambulance last time..!
  18. both pineapples currently remain injury free, although MrPP had a near miss last summer while abseiling on Box Hill Quarrys (yes, looking for a cache). very chalky cliff face, and one piece, about the size of a beach ball, dislodged near the top, plummetted straight down on to my head. If I hadn't been wearing a climbing helmet then I doubt very much I would have survived! Considering the extreme caches we do, you'd think there's lot of potential for outrageous injuries, but fortunately the (often) 1 hour preparation time is time well spent! Dave
  19. Sorry, misread your post, thought you were talking about logging in the field. On the iPhone at least, there are two options for logging in the field. You can either upload the log directly to GC, as a find, and then (maybe!) edit that log later, OR you can upload as a field note, and then access your field notes in GC.com to create the proper online log. This is what we do, as it allows us to record the find in the field (and therefore not miss one out) but we don't have to write a full log in the field - I can do that from the comfort of my sofa! I think a lot of people send a proper found log from the field, maybe without any comment, because this is the default behaviour for the iphone - we had to go throuh the settings and tell it to only upload field notes. Maybe if the app was adjusted so that the default was field notes not online logs, it might go a long way to helping! dave
  20. got a more precise location? We're in Kingswood (J8 M25) and although we haven't been out caching much recently (lounge redecorating) we're always happy to help! Oh, and in just over a week, there is a Surrey monthly meet - this one is in Earlswood, reigate (I think!) Drop me an e-mail through profile for any help!
  21. for us, we had stickers prepared, but we opened the container and unrolled them to put them in the right place! And our own PB (230) was set in the UK, by UK cachers (obviously!) We ate in the car, but did have time to stop for a fag break every now and then! (Oh, and we also slept in the car, but thats another story..!)
  22. I finally did over 100 in a day with Simply Paul a few days ago! You could probably put me down for the quickest 0-6000, 7000. .... 16000, first UK cacher to reach several 000s. Our own personal best is 224 in a day, back in May when we did Skeg to Ness. Started at 5 am, finished at 9pm, bl**dy knackered but a great day all the same! Would we do it again? Not a chance..!
  23. wot he said! Just like to point out though, this isn't a new phenomenomenom.... Pitch Ampora, a multi down in Surrey, is probably about 6 or 7 years old, easily predates internet savvy smart phones, and I believe requires either encyclopedic knowledge or internet access to complete the multi!
  24. National Poisons Information Service used to advise that they are essentially completely non-toxic and if swallowed, can be simply be left to make their way out in the normal fashion... They were the number 1 reason for phone calls to NPIS! cheers! Dave (Forensic Toxicologist)
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