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  1. I am afraid the Tyne and Wear cache is not active. I was hoping to get a temporary one out but did just not have time. This lack of time is exactly why I am asking for someone else to take on the cache. I have identified a good place along the Tyne, but even if I get it set I am going to find it hard to maintain so am still looking for someone to take over.
  2. I will see what I can do then. I have had my eye on a place for years by the Tyne so perhaps I can use that place. When visiting you may be interested in http://www.newcastlesciencefest.co.uk/ .
  3. When are you planning on a trip? I guess I can get something up and running in T&W, even if it is just for a few months.
  4. If you can find a decent place for a full size cache and maintain it I don't see a problem with Wearside. There have been several caches down there in the past thinking about it.
  5. No response so far. Perhaps I need to start contacting local cachers who are not using the forums to see if they are interested,
  6. The Tyne and Wear Little Quest cache has been muggled a second time so I have decided to archive it. It really needs replacing somewhere in Tyne and Wear quickly and to be honest I don't have any inspiration at the moment. Does anyone want to take on the cache? More of the Little Quest series is on http://www.nwcaching.co.uk/quest.php .
  7. I have just noticed this mad mad mad three peaks nonsense. Naturally I want to come. There are a lot of things to figure out, not least transport, but pencil me and a friend in as a possible for all three big hills at the moment.
  8. I wondered if it was something like that. It must have happened between me downloading the waypoint and looking for the cache. I must confess I have been staying away from the forums so did not know. Thanks for the link.
  9. A slightly odd problem. I looked for GC1NN1F on the 2nd and DNFed it. Since then it has been changed to a members only cache and I can not even access the page to contact the owner. Can someone who has access please log a not for me. Cheers.
  10. I have just been caching around Shenley and Radlet, and 4 of the 6 finds were not hidden properly. It looks to me like a new cacher (who is not logging online) is finding the caches, and not hiding them again properly. Two did not even have the lid closed properly. If you have a cache around here it might be worth a maintenance just to be on the safe side. With hind site I should have checked the paper logs so we could try and find out who it is and help them out. Bother.
  11. Sorry for my delay in replying to the offers for help. I have been a little under the weather. I will get back to people in the next week or so. Please to here it.
  12. Sadly the cache was muggled recently. I have replaced it for now but feel it needs a new location. Unfortunately I do not have transport at the moment to locate a really good location and little spare time to maintain a cache away from my home location. If you can find somewhere really good that really represents Tyne and Wear well, and maintin the cache then please let me know. Make if good though, and it can not be a micro. Alistair
  13. Why don't we contact the BBC and let them know. I think the new number is 03700 100222. All the responses will be passed to the producer of the programme. Hopefully they will at least mention that there was an error.
  14. I don't tend to partake in these congratulation threads as, well, there are just so many. This must be an exception. In two months you found more than I have in five years. If I had a hat I would raise it to you.
  15. Good to know. If you can keep us informed then that would be great. I did presume that you did not answer because you could not and did not wan to hi light the fact publicly. I will contact you directly in the future. ...and for the record if this is because work is being done to work around the problem and you do not want people sticking there ore in then I can respect that. If it is because you are just bowing down because someone sent a letter and want the problem to just go away then that is a different matter. I am now worried I am now turning in to a one man human rights pressure group.
  16. Alastair, it's a while since you asked this direct question of Michael, and I can't see a reply from him in this thread. I'm just wondering if he's replied to you directly, and if you have anything from him that you can share here? No reply I am afraid, but Michael does not know me and would have no reason to trust me more than anyone else I guess. As many will know this is the kind of this that really annoys me and I will be following it up to find out what has happened. That being said I doubt it will get the caches relisted.
  17. Michael, can I ask if the "reputable source" is MoJ, Home Office of Police?
  18. For what it is worth, I think collecting the coin is bad. If I gave someone a coin to put in circulation for whatever reason that I would consider it as good as theft. Granted it feels slightly different with a company doing it for commercial gain, but I still think it is not really on.
  19. I am being a little show here. Are these like TB dog tags, but can be stitched on to the traveler, or am I missing something (again)?
  20. Sorry to take the conversation backwards, but have we any more clues on which coin will be released when. I am debating if i should get this coin on circulation another than wait and swap it for a more "Local" one.
  21. I have never been turned away, but one tried to charge us, and one could not guarantee anything because they were going to renovated but did not know when. Thinking about it there was one that did turn me down, but they had just had a fire so I will forgive them. I would use them now apart from the fact they have started charging for parking. You can get the money back if you spend so much, but it is just so inconvenient.
  22. Ooooo, that is good, why did I not come across that. Shame it is not updating.
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