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  1. thanks, I see a lot are owned by Signal Frog. I have a second unactivated one.
  2. It was Pay back Time Folks London meet October 2007
  3. I was given one by Jeremy at a London meet in 2007. That’s why I wondered how many there are. It’s registered to me which I don’t think later years can be ?
  4. Does anyone know how many of these were produced?
  5. I’ve just discovered two of these in a box. Numbered 37 and 84
  6. ah got it thanks seems to work in forum but not on gc.com
  7. thanks its still not happening for me would it be because I'm on firefox?
  8. years ago this was done by hovering over ones caching name but this doesn't seem to work now...thanks
  9. Actually without being pedantic its a magpie!! Glad you enjoyed the fun!
  10. The BBC are tracking its own shipping container with one BBc box page BBC box Started off in Portsmouth I believe now on its way to China with whisky! They also use on a series World on the Move to track migrating birds etc. world on the move
  11. Its the csv files thats the glitch for me!
  12. I have finally got maps working on my RX5720.Managed to get the cache details from gsak onto pda. Now i'm stuck how to get the caches overlaid onto the maps. Any help greatly received. I had some help setting it up but they are now on holiday!!
  13. Everyones tents managed to remain in situ apart from a non cacher whose tent appeared to have got turned around which confused him no end when he came back in the dark on Sunday evening. Had the nerve to accuse the six remaining cachers too! Would that be the owner of the red pop up tent? Last i saw he had only pegged the guide ropes and not pegged the tent to terra firma at all!! As now a dab hand at folding these pop ups i would've loved to see him packing it away!!
  14. Excellant hope it won't clash with the 2nd Wye valley event!! Over to you Sidandbob/Flying boots!! Prefer the Saturday. I don't think the balloon event would affect the local campsites as most visitors are locals.
  15. Has anyone heard from Caroline Wilks since this topic was first posted? I know she was on holiday.
  16. Great idea! The Wey is on my doorstep,and to coincide with some recently hidden caches of mine i was hoping to add some along my nearest stretch of the Wey to form a circular walk. As far as linear walks are concerned what i usually do is do every other one on the way up and remainder on the way back,plus any failed finds! I would also reiterate that the Wey is great for cycling along and is mostly in the countryside. I'm sure that the boat house at Byfleet would be interested in helping. You can hire rowing boats very reasonably. Good luck and I'd be more than happy to attend a meeting specifically arranged to discus cache placement so we don't place any too close etc. I'm unable to attend the Send meet where I'm sure this will be topic of the night!
  17. Bit like a flash mob event but on Radio 2!! Synchronize your watches!
  18. I'll be bringing my 3 second pop up if you want to see how easy etc. I do recommend a few practice fold up attempts at home though away from an audience! There is a knack to it!
  19. Roadworks on the A417 at the causeway on the A40. Maybe these are the roadworks 2 miles from Sians house?
  20. So is that a maybe,yes or no!! Just been given a weekend pass by my son who is doing other things so if there is room for a little one can i be added? Just Saturday night.
  21. You need one of my 3 second tents Laughalot!! Just 30secs to take down!! I may still get to the event! Working on it,or is it full up now?
  22. just downloaded opera and its heaps better than before! thanks for tip.
  23. the packaging looks identical to "After-Bite" which also contains ammonia
  24. oh dear looks like i'll be the first to walk the gang plank!
  25. Heard this programme on radio today, may be of interest to visitors to this event looking for things to do apart from caching!! open country programme click on listen latest edition
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