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  1. When I try and view one of our caches that is archived, the cache page shows briefly before it redirects to a page saying: "Cache is Unpublished"
  2. I totally agree with this and would really like an option to remove the pointless and simplistic Like option that is now forced on my cache pages. The cache page, the logs and the location on the map are a much better way of deciding if a cache is for you than a silly Like button that is only used by the proportion of cachers who have a Facebook account.
  3. That's a good point as we tend to use TomTom when driving and have the Oregon down by the side of me. I've not looked at it much as we are going along so cannot really comment much but it seems ok on the few occasions when I've been stopped at traffic lights and taken a quick look to see where we are (and if there are any caches close by ). I'll see if I can keep more of an eye on it the next time I'm out with it driving.
  4. Hmm. We've got the US version of the 550t but am not convinced that makes any difference as surely the hardware is the same - it's just the pre-loaded topo maps that are different. I've not noticed the problem with our (US version) 400t either but we've not used that for a couple of weeks as Isaac has been at home revising and not out caching with me.
  5. Are you sure it's not just your unit as I've been using the version prior to this one and it's been absolutely spot on with my 550t and UK North and Midlands Discoverer maps?
  6. We were caching all day yesterday with both our 550t and 400t on the latest firmware and they behaved themselves really well. The 550t crashed once when I was in the camera app and just about to take a photo. It just suddenly powered off. I switched it on again and all was ok. It froze once later on but a quick yank of the batteries soon sorted that out. The 400t froze once but a quick yank of the batteries soon sorted that out. The Discoverer maps behaved themselves well with the firmware and we saw no map problems at all.
  7. I've got the same batteries in my 550t and it is lasting well over 10 hours and is pretty much on-par with our 400t. I did notice if I turn the brightness up too much it eats the batteries (it would wouldn't it) but with the brightness down at a lowish, but readable, level it's working absolutely perfectly .
  8. Mt new UK North and Midlands SD card has just arrived and it looks really nice in my Oregon 400T. Typical that we are caching down South (at the Mega event) this weekend so will not get to use it!
  9. The Oregon 400T will be just fine with the Discoverer maps. That's the Oregon we have .
  10. Garmin still have not sorted out the download so I've accepted their kind offer of transferring the order from download to a mini SD card and express delivering it to me. I'm hoping it might arrive tomorrow.
  11. I'm still not able to download the map I paid for nearly a week ago. Garmin UK support have raised it with whoever looks after the downloads in the USA but have got no response so far. They don't seem to want to chase it with their US colleagues for some reason. I can't say as I'm very impressed with their customer service over this as something that is available for sale on their website for immediate download really should be available for immediate download. To still be waiting for it nearly a week later is inexcusable.
  12. Yep - that's what the support guy said on the phone. Not a great issue for us as I also plan to get it on SD card for our other main GPSr. It does seem a bit draconian though as I asked what happens if we stop using the unit and he said, unless the unit was returned and Garmin provide a replacement, there is no route to activating the software you have paid for on a new unit.
  13. An update to my problem above: I've just spoken to Garmin Support and apparently it's a corrupt download file on the Garmin servers that is causing the issue. I guess I must be the first person to try and download the North and Midlands map . I've emailed in the details they requested and they are going to get whoever looks after that area of the server in the USA to upload a correct download file. I should be able to get my map within 2 days apparently.
  14. I've just bought the Discoverer Midlands and North 1:50,000 maps in download format which look really good. The only problem is, try as I might, I cannot get it to download... I go to the download page for them in the My Garmin website and they show up fine. I click the link to install them to my Oregon 400T (which has a 2Gb blank microSD card in, so should be enough space for the maps). It gets to the Downloading... stage and the green bar at the bottom saying "Estimating time remaining: calculating" displays. The only problem is it just sits there and gets no further. I've tried it on my Mac running Safari / Firefox and the latest Communicator plugin. I've tried it on a Windows Netbook running IE8 Firefox and the latest Communicator plugin and they both do the same thing. I've let it sit there for a couple of hours to see if it's just being slow calculating the download time, but not a thing more happens. I've even tried turning off all Windows anti-virus, firewall etc etc and it's still the same. The My Dashboard option on the site works perfectly with the Oregon and gets all the details of the unit. The only odd thing in the whole process is when it detects the unit as it for some reason cannot get the free space on the unit and just says "undefinedMB available". The My Dashboard option correctly gets the free space though. Garmin UK support are not now open until Monday morning, but I'd really like to get it working over the weekend. Has anyone any ideas what I can try / already managed to get the download working? Many thanks.
  15. We were in NYC last week and had fun trying to get a signal when we first arrived. The Oregon managed it after quite a bit longer than normal (would have had the UK almanac so that is understandable). The Colorado took a *lot* longer and most of the time could not re-acquire it the next time it was switched on. More open areas like Central Park were ok but caching in the urban canyons was more like letterboxing than geocaching as the signal bounce was really bad and even if we had a good signal, it also depends on the cache owner having a good signal to take the co-ords (we suspected quite a few were set with reference to Google Maps). Luckily most of the caches had really good hints which narrowed down the search a lot. All good fun though and we did some really nice caches .
  16. We've done OR to CO many times. No problems at all, so I would expect CO to OR to also work .
  17. Many thanks for all the kind thoughts . We're having a great time with our caching as usual and cannot get enough of it (well, we can really as work and life gets in the way of more caching ). I'm especially proud of Isaac as he's probably done about 90% or so of the total finds, which he's very happy with. Most boys his age would have got bored long ago and gone back to other things but he's stuck with it and really enjoys his caching. He's got a great appreciation for the outdoors which I'd love to see him carry on into his adult life . p.s. some *very* scary photos in the second post above, which all of us had fun looking through. It's always tricky trying to take a photo of yourself but did not realise I look so serious on some. I could at least try and smile a bit as I'm enjoying myself at the time out caching .
  18. Not at all. Some of the friendliest and most welcoming cachers we have ever met. We absolutely loved the two events we went to there . Thanks for the great suggestions so far. Now the children are in bed I can have a good look through them and also join the local forums and post there.
  19. We were at both the GeocoinFest and Mega events last February in Temecula .
  20. We'll be vacationing in California next month and are currently trying to finalise our plans. We've already got the first week booked just north of LA and there are tons of caching opportunities there. We then have a remaining 7 days before we fly back to the UK from SFO and are looking for caching suggestions. We'll be wanting to do the usual touristy things in San Francisco at the end of the vacation. I imagine we would do some downtown caches while being tourists. It's the bit in between leaving LA and being the last few day or two in downtown San Francisco we are interested in. We're looking for suggestions on the best places to go with the aim of maximising numbers (it is all about the numbers sometimes ). We're not too worried where we go as long as it's not a bad neighborhood and does not have to be limited to the downtown San Francisco area. We're not too bothered about caches that are must do's (although it would be nice to work some into the schedule) - more the nice easy ones that rack up as many numbers as we can. For background, we are a family of 4 from the UK - children are 9 and 8 and well used to caching. We're more than happy to stay out caching all day if needs be. We do love scenic and harder caches too but our aim while caching on vacation is number runs. I'm not sure if there is a local forum for the area I can post my request to as well? Any advice would be really appreciated .
  21. Thanks for fixing the pins in Google Earth - it now looks how it should and is useful. I notice Wherigo caches are not showing for some reason. I've tried several locations I know there is a Wherigo cache (including one of our own) and no trace of them is shown in Google Earth - not even a yellow push pin.
  22. Fantastic achievement Des and Bren. Well done on finding 3000 caches .
  23. Well done Michelle, Phil and Jake. A great milestone to celebrate .
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