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  1. Blackberry 8520 curve on T Mobile £129.99 pay as you go £20 top up gives you 6 months unlimited web and email usage.There are a few apps that work well with this one and the screen is not too small. I got this one from Currys/Pc World but I'm not sure how long the offer is on for.
  2. There is a useful free application called "Geoshrine" for java based mobile phones.You can then load a pocket query on your phone and view the cache page on the move. This gives you the cache page but won't help with the maps.Brilliant application though and easy to use.
  3. Just had a look at this software.It is great and just the kind of app the ipod touch could do with.Thanks for the link I'm sure this deserves a wider audience.
  4. I have GSAK working on this machine with linpus lite.You need to run it using WINE a windows emulator.It does crash every now and again but on the whole it works great.I had no prior experience with Linux and it didn't take long to set up.
  5. Congratulations on another milestone.Hope you celebrated in style.
  6. Nice to have met you at picnic in the park and a big congratulations.
  7. a bigger pic cause Mr G said the other was to small clearly size does matter to Mr G
  8. Surely these people must have an account with geocaching or they wouldn't be able to see the coordinates?
  9. A big well done from all of us.You'll be up to 1000 in no time at this rate.
  10. GSAK should create 2 files one is a .bmp the other is an .ov2 file.You need to copy these to the folder Great-Britain-Map on your Tom Tom SD card.This is how I do it on a Pocket Pc and I would assume its the same on a Tom Tom One.Feel free to correct me if I am wrong folks.Hope this helps.
  11. Well done Stuey have you been bitten by the bug again?
  12. Well done Natalie,Kevin and the girls.There can't be many South West cachers that haven't found one of them.Now that is a lot of till rolls Kevin.
  13. Congratulations Natalie,the girls and Kevin on reaching 300 caches.It won't be long before you've hidden that many.
  14. Well done Team SP.I suspect the jeeps engine was still warm when it was grabbed.
  15. I was going to offer myself for this one but give it to Freddy on the grounds that it was his first cache,and you never forget those.
  16. Stonefisk has a bookmark list for greenlane caches.I hope that helps.
  17. Indeed Gowenhouse is to blame for many things including our introduction to caching.
  18. We wish you all the best and hope you have a good break and more to the point at the end of it feel like coming back.
  19. The reviewers have our full support and we admire the time and effort you must put in.Keep it up and don't let the few stand in the way of the majority.Let us not forget that many UK cachers don't read the forums and would be unaware of the politics of caching.
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