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Backbrakebilly Geocoin Ordering Info.


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Ok folks...........Here are the details of my coin again.........


1.5" Diameter Geocoin

Polished Nickle finish

3-D design

Hard Enamel color

Trackable on GC.com


As far as the cost, they will run $8.05 + shipping a piece mostly due to the 3-D die set up fee which is almost double the 2-D fee but this coin needs to be 3-D to get the effect that we wanted.


The coins should be ready in 3 to 4 weeks so lets say around Christmas? or so.


If you want a coin(s) you will need to email me at ......




to place your order.

Please have the subject of the email as..... BackBrakeBilly Geocoin.

Send me your name, shipping address, Email address and your geocaching nickname along with how many coins.

I will send you an invoice from Paypal beginning Monday Nov. 28th.

You will need a receipt of payment to be assured that you actually are on the list to get one.

As of now from the GC.com forums and a couple of other places there are requests for over 200 coins and that is the amount being ordered to sell plus a few more for trades so be sure to get your email to me ASAP so you won't get left out that is if you want one. I have a list of names from folks requesting trades but if you want to send me another email for a trade offer please feel free to zip it to me but please include that it is an offer for a trade so I can keep the trades separate.

Remember, first come first served.


Here is the final version of the Die Art again for folks to see............


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