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  1. What a gorgeous photo (all of them are).....I'm so sorry to read of your loss. Ali We have Mattwaggie to thank for this pic. He did a superb job! Thanks Matt.
  2. It is with great sadness that Lynn and I pass on the unfortunate news that our dear beloved Maddie passed away this afternoon. A few weeks ago she was diagnosed with Canine Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia. Since then she has been battling the illness with medications etc. This weekend she took a severe turn for the worse and was obviously suffering greatly. We therefore had to make the decision to put her to sleep. Maddie as a pup in the Scottish snow where she came from Maddie on our very first caching trip. Maddie at the 2005 Shrops camping event. RIP dear friend, we'll miss you
  3. Tim that was a great challenge And we did hate losing for 2007 butmade up for it since then, The Challenge was won by Nova Scotia for winter 2008 and we are well ahead of New Brunswick in the total caches.. Feb 1 2007 caches NB 2801 NS 2412 NL 859 PE 223 April 2007 caches NsB 3142 N 2885 NL 864 PE 262 Feb 1 2008 caches NS 3735 NB 3441 NL 1215 PE 452 April 1 2008 caches NS 4210 NB 3636 NL 1236 PE 469 May 1 2008 caches NS 4339 NB 3681 NL 1262 PE 490 that's 9972 caches in such a small region!!!! Currently in NS we have 4460 cahces placed We are happy to say that the Atlantic Provinces have a great selection of cahces to find And Most are in the most excellent spots with scenic and historic quality ME I base my caching on Cape Breton Island which says "Ciad Mille Failte" A 1000 Welcomes!! I say Ciad Mille Failte to 1000 Caches. If you visit the atlantic provinces you will have a great time,, Right! Lynn is originally from Nova Scotia and was living in New Brunswick until she moved to the UK to live with me in the rain. So, on our next trip to visit the kids in Fredricton and St. Stephen we may take advantage of the 'most excellent spots with scenic and historic quality' to do a little caching. Martin & Lynn PS. Having been raised in Scotland, I respectfully point out that 'Ciad Mille Failte' is 'one hundred thousand welcomes' ... An even bigger challenge I suspect
  4. My wife and I just returned to the UK after visiting family in Petawawa. While driving back from Petawawa to Toronto we came across this little place... I take it from the previous posts, that this honor moves around a wee bit... Martin & Lynn
  5. Hi Lianne, I'll talk to Lynn about this although she's still not getting about too well.
  6. Thanks for that and for the other replies as well. I've imported my pocket querie and it matches my own placemarks !! result... Cheers, Martin
  7. Hi Folks, Not sure if anyone has posted concerning this before, but has anyone noticed that caches do indeed move about when using the Google Earth overlay thingy? It really is quite frustrating. Lynn and I are about to embark on a wee holiday to Malta. Unfortunately, memory map doesn't stretch that far so I have been printing out a few aerials from Google. But everytime I go back, the caches have moved. I resorted to putting my own place marks on there with the Lat/Long from the cache page. These seem to stay put. Any comments anyone? Cheers, Martin & Lynn
  8. I would think that the Banks arms is a good place for a do. There are several caches close by (yours I believe RI and the beer garden is huge with nice views of the bay etc. As for the planned mega event, we had a campsite in mind which is also not far from Studland and Corfe Castle. Unfortunately Lynn's health is somewhat 'sub-optimal' and to organise such a large do at this great a distance would be prohibitive. We are both dissapointed about this but Lynn doesn't want to kick something off and then not be able to follow through. It would be a good spot for a camping event though. As to the rumour etc. We had heard that The Great Raymondo was thinking of organising a large event and had talked with someone about approaching him and possibly joining forces. However, with Lynn's problems etc. the whole exercise got relegated to a back burner and TGR was never approached. Looks like I'll be working back down there in early April, possibly for a couple of months on and off so I'll be definitely watching for any events cropping up. I stay in Swanage when I'm there so I'm up for a beer anytime Cheers, Martin
  9. Hi Everyone, Lynn and I are sorry but we have been very inactive on the Geocaching front; pretty much since last years Shrops event. It was only the weekend following this that Lynn came down with a serious chest infection which still plagues her along with her other ongoing medical problems. We have discussed the issue of this years Shrops event at some length. Last years event was advertised as hopefully being somewhat of a transition with the event starting to move around the country. We had ear-marked a campsite in Dorset (not known for it's strong winds) for this years event and Lynn had started to make moves toward it's organisation even before last years event took place. She had approached a few people about helping to organise this with positive results. (Thanks:) However, the issues with Lynn's health pushed it all onto a back-burner. It's really nice to hear folks talking so encouragingly about Shrops even after last years event nearly got blown all the way to Scandinavia! But, frustrating for Lynn as it is, she feels that to take on another event of this magnitude would probably be too much for her in her present condition. Hopefully, by the summer she will be much better and capable but there are no guarantees so to plan on this basis would be folly. We are aware, as Mark says, of another event being organised in this part of the world by another Geocacher but I believe that this will be held more towards the middle of summer and we know little more about this at the moment. Lynn and I would love to see someone else take the reigns for this years event and would offer as much support and help as we could. Lynn is more than happy to take a back-seat role and share with the new organisers, the lessons learned from previous events and the plans and ideas that she had. The intended title was to be 'Shrops - The Quest Continues'. Basically the same theme as last years but, as always, striving to reach the elusive 'Mega Event' status. So, if someone wishes to step up to the plate please do and please accept our willingness to assist as much as we can. Best Regards, Martin & Lynn
  10. I seem to recall that there were some complaints at Shrops about my snoring. Perhaps we should not allow folks with sleep apnia at events either. Seriously, Lynn and I have attended several camping events and have not been exposed to/been aware of anything that I would consider to be inappropriate. Are we suggesting that a couple cannot 'enjoy' themselves at one of these events? Ok, obviously, folks should try not to disturb their fellow campers but, I think, this goes without saying. At Shrops we initially did our best to arrange the campsite such that the singles were all together and the family folks were in a different area to allow for disturbances etc. Weather conditions, flying tents etc. conspired against us however. But having said that, once again, Lynn and I were not aware of any 'bumps in the night'. When we were looking for a campsite for the afore-mentioned event, we came across many that only allowed families. No singles were permitted. This obvously wouldn't work for many of our fellow geocachers. Finally, I suspect most children should/would be well asleep by the time any adult activity gets underway. Martin
  11. I love the Black nickel one...and although I do not have a personal coin, I am sure we can work out a trade on something. Gotta have it! L
  12. We would definitely attend if Martins work schedule would permit it, else I would probably come alone. Lynn
  13. I most certainly will do next time I'm up there. Thanks for that ghiribizzo. Regards, Martin
  14. Haven't got a clue how many grand prix's he won but when I was 14 I was introduced to him at Inglestone and shook hands with the man, A very sad loss. He was a treu sportsman
  15. The answer I had was one pint, but having researched it, it seems that 1-3 pints is average so I have to give it to you. Ding Over to you again
  16. I'm a bit concerned that these are "liquid" measurements ...but what do I know? I never do it. MrsB Good point Mrs Blorenge. Actuall they are fluid measurements at NPT which, I believe means normal pressure and temperature. i believe they're are measurements of volume, and gas has a volume. gas is also a fluid
  17. I'm a bit concerned that these are "liquid" measurements ...but what do I know? I never do it. MrsB Good point Mrs Blorenge. Actuall they are fluid measurements at NPT which, I believe means normal pressure and temperature. But surely this is at neither normal pressure or temperature Once released it is regarded as normal. Prior to that it's painfully not so
  18. I'm a bit concerned that these are "liquid" measurements ...but what do I know? I never do it. MrsB Good point Mrs Blorenge. Actuall they are fluid measurements at NPT which, I believe means normal pressure and temperature.
  19. I have two teenagers - shouldn't that be measured in tankers? ROFLMAO ... The thing with teenagers is it's all noise and drama and no real quality
  20. I've always thought that was neat as well. Programmers do have a sense of humour Ok... Approximately what quantity of gas is expelled each day from the average human through flatulence? a. 1 pint b. 2 pints c. 1 gallon
  21. Hmmmm.... don't think I'd like my tackle all wrapped up in duct tape Does this ere Duck Tape cover up all the quacks?
  22. Yep teamvenall, Ding! You get the coconut!!! (and a special mention to Mrs Blorenge who pointed out that Joseph is also, apparently, the patron saint of tin miners. One which had escaped my checking) Over to you for the next question
  23. Phew!!!! That was a good 'en Bongtwashers Well... a new one... hmmmm... Right... Of which profession is 'Joseph of Aramathea' the patron saint?
  24. B ... darn it !!!! I can't believe I got that wrong I was so excited that I'd solved it, I managed to screw up the answer. Martin
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