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  1. 3 if you have any left, Thanks.
  2. I'd like 3 if they aren't all spoken for , Thanks.
  3. There are coins still available if you want some. First come basis. Send your wants to Okgeocoins@cox.net not to me personally.We needed to sit back and see how many we lost in the mail before posting that we had some left. thanks.
  4. Thanks for the positive responses. This operation has become alot more time consuming than we planned. We have learned alot about doing a coin, shipping etc. So far everythings worked out. If you haven't recieved an activation code re email us. I deleted a message I recieved friday, i looked up the codes but don't know who needs it. And unlike what is posted om ebay the coin is not sold out yet.
  5. We have had some problems with the postal service and ripped envelopes. We are trying to find out if the post office has some of the coins. If not we have their numbers and will deactivate them. if you got a coin with no activation numbers contact us and we will send them to you.We will make it right with those who didn't recieve their coins. We will be out of town until Sunday and will be getting back with everybody soon, thanks.
  6. many of you should be recieving your coins this week. I believe we have sent almost all the invoices out this weekend.If you had paid before saturday, we sent yours out this weekend.As you pay we will be shipping out your order.The overseas orders will also be going out this week.Thanks
  7. We have alot of emails to go through and we work day jobs. That being said everyone sofar who has sent an email will get their coins, it may take up to a week to get all the invoices sent, so hang on. We are taking the zip code to figure the mailing cost so this takes awhile. Individuals who sent their emails to my address and not the posted address......okgeocoins@cox.net.....have made alittle more work for us as have those who did not send the complete information requested. But we have plenty still and you will recieve an email. we already have started sending out to some of those who have paid. Thanks to all and there is still plenty to go around if you haven't ordered yet.
  8. As of 5;15 CST we still have plenty left. So if you still want some send an email to: okgeocoins@cox.net and we will get back with you.It may be a few days before we contact you with your paypal invoice but as soon as its paid we will send it. thanks for your support.
  9. The icon is still up in the air but we are planning for one, there are about 800 for sale here.They are already made and we have sold some to instate cachers only already this weekend.A cold beer works great for chigger bites.When these are gone they won't be available except for the stash we have kept for putting out and maybe trading.
  10. There it is. sorry about you bumping you nose.
  11. Trying to figure out how to get coins picture posted.
  12. Now available the first Oklahoma based geocions with OK tracking numbers. The front is the state seal and the back features the logo of TAG, Tulsa area Geocachers and the Geocaching.com tracking number.They are epoxy coated for wear in case they ever make into a cache. The price is $8.50 plus shipping and handlling, limit 5 per order. Send your: Geocaching name Name Address Email address Number of coins wanted. We will send you a paypal invoice. These are on a first come basis. send your orders to: okgeocoins@cox.net Thanks Jeeper Rick These must be paid with Paypal, if you do not have an account or cannot use paypal then sorry thats how we will accept payment. See picture of coin about five posts down.
  13. Thanks for straightening me out! I see now than my point of view was entirely wrong and you guys are right about everything. I will quit posting my opinion and just read the forums and shake my head.
  14. Not to offend my fellows cachers on the reviewers expertise but I have over a thousand finds and I have still found caches that are different and have not been seen around my area. I feel as the game progresses we will all see new and innovative cache puzzles, containers etc. But just because you have the "numbers" does not mean you have seen it all and that you are an expert.
  15. I think with the current situation of letting a local reviewer have complete say on what gets approved or not should be the question. Approve a cache give it a probation period, if cachers log its too dangerous then remove it but don't do a wholesale ban on any kind of cache. The trouble with a reviewer is they interpet the guidelines to their view and many of them haven't done alot of caches to know what your talking about. I know of one that was being attempted to be approved here in Oklahoma and they said it was againist guidelines while at the same time period one was approved in another state and there were others just like it in more than a few states. Geocaching.com should have an appeal process independent of the local reviewer and the local cacher and interpet the guidlines across the country uniformly. Electrical box caches, that I have seen, have all been so obvious once you notice them that its really a no brainer. As long as you don't put them amongest a bunch of "live" stuff there shouldn't be a problem.
  16. Just bought four, at this price I can actually afford to put a couple in a cache for others.Thanks
  17. Put me down for 3 if possible. At least put me on your waiting list. .Jeeper Rick
  18. If people don't care for virtual caches....don't go to them. To suggest making a virtual a traditional or micro sometimes is not practical. If you see something you feel that would make a good cache but you live fifty miles away and there have been no caches located within twenty miles of this cache, you can't maintain it properly and there is nobody in the area who would make it a cache. Most metropolitan areas have plenty of caches and geocachers but get off the beaten path and in some states there is notta. Virtuals are good for this. Even in medium size towns such as Amarillo Texas there are only about five caches in town. And the thing about virtuals is almost all geocachers log them and accept them as a "find", even those who profess a dislike for them.
  19. quote:Originally posted by GeoGryffindor:Well, Mtn-Man is kind enough to still be considering my cache. We have emailed each other back and he has gave me further suggestions, basically like BSM-MSN and Paul have done. I have explained that the .6 miles is as the crow flies because it actually is about 4 miles from my other cache due to the way the streets are laid out and there being bluffs and a very large creek that does not dry up and a park that does not allow geocaching (what a shame huh?). So, thank you Mtn-Man. Also, it is great that some people are able to take their infants out into the woods while geocaching. I can guarantee you that you would not be doing that here in Oklahoma. There is extreme poison ivy and ticks in our woods. Ask anyone that has cached in Oklahoma woods and they will say the same. I can also guarantee you that you would not be able to push a stroller through our woods. You should come visit Oklahoma during this time of year and the months to come. We would be more than willing to show you what Oklahoma is all about. Just make sure that you have something to put on your poison ivy and that you have tweezers for the ticks that you will get on you even though you use 100% Deet. Also, I wish we could get off this waypoint.org thing. Geocaching.com offers virtuals. As I have said before, if you don't like virtuals or are not interested in virtuals, don't do them. But, let the rest of us who do enjoy them have them. And Mopar, if you complained about the virtual back then, why not go ahead and archive it. Seems like you offer one opinion and then eat your words. And in closing, just because we have posted our opinions in the forum doesn't mean we are whining. We are giving our opinion, which is what is recommended. Boy, there wouldn't be many posts in the forums if we couldn't post our opinions, would there! "Nice find! I must go tell Harry, Ron and Hermione."
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