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  1. Since a few months I sell my coins activated and some do not. The prices are between 7,50 euro and 20,00 All prices are ex. shipping. The coins have been found Here Are there any questions mail us. sapphire
  2. I like it very Nice i whant one for my collection. :-)
  3. Great looking coin i like to adding this one to my collection. When and where can i order
  4. Verry nice coin if posible i like to order 3 of them. Saffier
  5. Great coin count me in Saffier
  6. A price of about 19 dollars (14 euros), 8 or 9 euro's is more of a price.
  7. I like this very great looking coin.
  8. Saffier

    Coin icons

    hi, you must paste the hekstvakje the following: the site of 2852.gif should then come right number of the chip. This is available on: http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoinslistall.aspx By the properties of the icon to watc Saffier
  9. Great looking . I hope i can buy a set two or more. Saffier.
  10. Nice coin can i already order 2 sets off them.
  11. Witch Black Widow coin i have one thats activation code i foud HERE
  12. nice coin when can i order
  13. I received my purple nerd Thanks Valerie
  14. GREAT coin i Can't wait to buy theme
  15. If i'm on time please sent one to The Netherlands. Email Sent Gr. Saffier
  16. Great coin count me in for 2 zilver and 2 gold coins
  17. And this one Gr. Saffier NL
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