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  1. Went last year and all I can say is that it is a great event.
  2. Went last year and all I can say is that it is a great event.
  3. I will be in Roanoke the week of Oct 15th. I have a bowling ball size travel bug that would like to travel the eastern side of the country for awhile. Anyone willing to meet up with me to make the exchange. I will be in training until about 5:30 everyday and would be willing to do a little bit of driving to make the exchange. I will be staying at the hotel Roanoke.
  4. Moonburgers are the best. This ought to be a really cool day with two events and lots of caches.
  5. Add me to the register. I live in Robinson, Illinois, USA.
  6. The more details that come out the worse I feel. I am going to Max B on the rivers house Saturday. I wish I could get to Indy but am working 10 hour days and there is about no way to pull this off. Arrrg!
  7. I am going up to NE Indiana this weekend, but I live in Robinson Ill and will be passing no where near Indy at this time. If you could get it to Terre Haute, I could possibly be able to grab it.
  8. 5¢ Luckbear and 05¢ will be camping at site #58
  9. We have a group in Crawford County (Robinson area) that a few folks from the Lawrencevill area participate. We don't have an official website but we do have a forum. Here is a link to the forum. http://crawfordcountygeocachers.phpbbnow.c...d2d6d456b1077b2
  10. 5¢

    Oldest TB

    I think this might actually be the oldest still active bug.............. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=4
  11. 5¢

    Robinson Illinois

    Better than Ringbone I reckon
  12. 5¢

    Robinson Illinois

    Sure ignore the noob.
  13. Good luck. I live in Crawford County Illinois and we have ours on Monday nights once a month or so. When I first saw your post I thought you had moved here and was hosting an event.
  14. 5¢

    Stats page

    I looked at another cachers stat page and his first cache type was event caches. I swear it didn't used to be like that but that is how the stat pages are rendering now. Am I losing it or has the page changed?
  15. And now you know the rest of the story.
  16. BlueDeuce you mean you can't do that? Boy do I know of some coins that are like that. People log them from multiple states the same day. I better just stop there.
  17. Just buy them online and have them shipped. Click here for a list of stores that can help you out.
  18. Thanks Kris! I see you and Luckybear have plans for the 21st. We'll possibly be having another one soon too. BJS Her cousin was getting married next month, to make a long story short, the bride is pregnant and won't fit into her dress next month so it is now on Wednesday. I would much rather be in the Haute then in a church basement all dressed up.
  19. Way to go Dan! I think I now have a new person to motivate me..................yeah you.
  20. Bret, don't you know you shouldn't be getting that old man out in weather like this. They won't let you take him out of the home anymore if they find out. Good job Dan, now they will be pretending they are from the A-Team and start calling themselves "Face" and "Murdock"
  21. If I wouldn't have to keep these kids at home alone I'd be out in a heartbeat! And you know it! I hear you have blizzard conditions up there. Probably better that you have the kids there.
  22. I figured you wouldn't cache on the coldest day of the year.
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