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  1. Last weekend we had our great Mega-Event in Germany. Once again: Thank you for your donations. I will send all donators the special LE Gun event coin (54 times produced) best regrads Marc (aka Susanne&Marc) PS: We had more than 800 attendees!
  2. Informed ebay security about this coin. regards Marc PS: Ths coin is only for trade not for selling! See text from moun10bike!
  3. Hello, I´m a member of the organisation team GeoLogistics Ruhr. This is a group of three families. We will organize the mega event MegaPott GeOlympics 2007 in Germany. We are searching for coin-donations for our raffle in the evening of this event. So, If you would like to sponsor us, with one or hopefully some of your coins, we would be very happy. As a thank-you (an appreciation), we will raffle 3 LE Event-Coins (trackable, own Icon) to all coin-donators. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks. PS: If you would like to sponsor us, send me an eMail, then I send you my post address. Best regards Marc mail: suma@onlinehome.de Eventcoin LE (Gun):
  4. I´m waiting for my order here in Germany. When do you ship them? regards Marc
  5. You can buy this coins at www.cachezone.de too. regards Marc
  6. Very nice coin. I would like to order 2 of each. best regrads Marc
  7. Hello, very nice coin! I would like to have 2 of each. best regards Marc
  8. Nice coin; orderd 2 of each. best regards marc
  9. I miss this nice coin! I have a compass rose 2006 Gold for trade. Is there somebody interested? best regards Marc
  10. I´m interested in 2 sets of each. best regards Marc
  11. Interesting is, that I ask the seller, if the coin is activated. He wrote me it is NOT activated. I think we speek from the same Lackey coin. Another important thing in this auction was, that the seller has no feedback! regards Marc
  12. The prices would be higher, if they would ship to Europe too. But I fell ignored like others from Europe by some auctions, like the Lackey coin. This coins were only given to US coin collectors! That is not so fine. I wrote a massege to some of them, but they do not ship outside US. best regards Marc
  13. Very nice coin. I would like to order 2. regards Marc
  14. I got my July Coin last week in Germany. best regards Marc
  15. Hello, you need adobe acrobat 7.0 to use this submit function. With acrobat 6.0 it does not work. regards Marc
  16. Order is now possible! regards Marc
  17. This is crazy again! They reconfigured their system and now it crashed. That is not so fine! I had one times the order button, but.... regards Marc
  18. I´m interested in 2. regards marc
  19. Nice coin, I would like to order some. best regards Marc
  20. If there are still 2, I would like to buy them. shipping to Germany best regards Marc
  21. I would like to have 2, shipping to Germany. Thanks and best regards Marc
  22. I sent via your GC aqccount the mail, because I did not find your email address too. best regards Marc
  23. See my note at: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...1entry2317641 Same here! regards Marc
  24. I must say, this order was not so funny! At first the timewindow was wrong. I never got an email from coinsandpins for the DD und 2golfer coin for the ordering process, but I added me to the mailing list! Then I watched from 00:00 until 02:00 in the night, your EST 06:00 pm to 08:00pm on the store and nothing happens. That was the last time I tried to order this way. In the morning I ordered with the links. Thanks for this. By the way, I´m still waiting for 12 coins ordered by coinsandpins on 8th Juni. I hope this will work better in the future. best regards Marc
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