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  1. Congrats to Tombmaker! on reaching 10,000 finds!! Perfect that he was able to grab it while out with the family. We had a great time on our epic annual Guys Roadtrip getting him to the brink of this milestone. WTG my Brother!! -paul HiDude_98
  2. quote from USA Geosoins thread This may have already been answered, but I couldn't find it. What is the activation code for the Lost & Found Celebration HQ Flip tokens, or what are they called on coincodes.com? I've tried the obvious "Lost and Found Coins & Tags" and "Lilypad Cache" on a whim, but neither work. Thanks for the help, -paul HiDude_89
  3. Tombmaker! just logged his 7000th find. WooHoo! WTG!! Awesome to be out there on the trail with you when you crossed this milestone. Let's cross the next one this summer! -paul HiDude_98
  4. WooHoo! I received a Geocoin Angel in the mail too. It is #40 and it arrived on my 40th birthday. I have no idea how the Geocaching Angel could have known, but wow what an awesome gift to have been sent. I am looking forward to showing it off soon. How Awesome! Thank you! -paul HiDude_98
  5. Tombmaker! hits 5000!! WooHoo! WTG!! Congrats Bro on reaching this awesome milestone. I look forward to adding another K to that with you soon. God Bless!! -paul HiDude_98
  6. I will also add one of my party poker coin and a personal geocoin and some random ones that are for sale any more to help out. Contact me again with the shipping information and I will get them sent out as soon as possible. Heal fast! Our prayers are on their way and will continue. -paul HiDude_98
  7. Congrats to Tombmaker on his 4000th find. I was the lucky one that got to take his picture on that earth cache. What an awesome week of caching it was. It is going to take a very long time to log all those caches we found. I just got done logging the 153 caches we found the first day. Have barely made a dent into the 149 we got the second day. We slowed a bit after that WTG Brother!! -paul HiDude_98
  8. email sent to TMOCM for trade.
  9. 172 and 176 Very late into the guessing game, but hopefully you have three days that beat your personal bests
  10. Just because this is my favorite number.
  11. Wow, this thread grew quickly. Congrats on #500 and your sig coin looks very cool.
  12. HiDude_98

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    Congrats. Very impressive indeed.
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