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  1. COINS I WANT: Ammo Can (cc) Old Man Winter (cc) Colombia NWPA – keystone (non-trackable) NWPA – Ship Ground Hog’s Day Lighthouse Series Connecticut Moun10bike Kitsap County Yosemite Oklahoma Coins I have for trading: Michigan New Jersey Christmas (Holiday series) New York (nygo) Iowa Pennsylvania (trackable) Georgia Stone Mountain Wisconsin San Francisco New Mexico South Africa Mt McKinley CA (Eureka) Email me any offers.
  2. nice, I'd like to purchase a few of these.
  3. Cool, I'd like to purchase a fwe of those~!~
  4. I've got some of those 40 dupes as well..
  5. On the other hand, I cna't believe I made the list.. I forgot to write ".com" for the email address and had it bounced back and then retyped it all by hand (as opposed to C&P). I must be a faster typer than I thought!
  6. COINS FOR TRADING Michigan 3 New Jersey Christmas (Holiday series) New York (nygo) 3 Iowa Pennsylvania (trackable) Georgia Peach Georgia Stone Mountain Wisconsin 2 NEFGA San Francisco New Mexico Big Bear Katrina South Africa Mt McKinley 2 CA (Eureka) COINS I WANT Ammo Can (cc) Old Man Winter (cc) UK coin Red Handed Coin Alabama Colombia NWPA – keystone (non-trackable) NWPA – Ship Ground Hog’s Day Lighthouse Series Connecticut Moun10bike Kitsap County Caching Through the Snow World of Geocaching Yosemite Oklahoma Email me any offers... It might take me a few days to reply becuase of the impending holiday.
  7. OurWoods

    Dnf Geocoin

    not sure if this a pre-order thread or not, but put me down for 1. Thanks.
  8. I would like to buy or trade for one as well.
  9. easier to remember which coins you have ordered.
  10. I would like 2 please. Thanks. I met you at GeoWoodstock and like coins of people I have met.
  11. Holy SMOKES M10B - the new dubloon is purely WONDROUS! What photo is that (clearly not the Turnagain tidal bore )? And what's the inscription - some quote by... Einstein??? "Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein
  12. I found a cache in a mason jar once. I dropped it by accident when I was putting it back, and since it was hidden by a rock edge it shattered in a billion pieces. Oops. I picked up the pieces and put them in a pile as best I could, but I had nothing to trash out the mess. So I just left it. I did offer to pay the owner to replace the cache, but she said not to worry about it. Personally I would never hide a cache in glass for the that reason. I like lock&lock or ammo cans.
  13. i'll take one silver (or waitlist) and 4 regulars... i think those are hilarious
  14. Got my coins today, they look great! Thanks!
  15. I like the front, but not the globe in the background, I thought it was clouds. For the back I like the "small wonder" and "delaWhere?" but the rest of the text would make a really good 2006 USA geocoin. For the back maybe a collage of somethings the state is known for.. Or just the flag but bigger... Or the hollytree/peach blossom/lady bug. You already have the hen on the front, don't really need it twice.
  16. No, just myself. Maybe Junglehair, too. I don't know if she should be considered a hater, though.
  17. I think the obvious thing to do is not to buy coins you don't like or want. Unless you are very wealthy there is no way to get every coin that will ever be made. I enjoy collecting the various state and country geocoins, and even the holiday ones I like. I think those will be nice to give out as little presents to my family who geocache and friends as well. They will also be nice for events. Personal coins are another story for me... I like the idea of collecting the personal coins of people who I have met. Or what I consider "famous" geocachers (yes I know that is extremely corny) I would like to have a moun10bike coin or a CCCooper coin (if there was one.) I think that is neat. I don't need a coin from a total stranger unless I think it is REALLY cool. As far as Mass produced coins, which already exsist, if that is your cup of tea, go for it. I don't think we need to be hurling insults around at each other over coins. If you want them, buy them, if you don't... Then find something else to worry about. I just know that I don't NEED to buy every coin out there. Just the ones I like. :-)
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