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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Actually yesterday but I didn't post:

GBA coins (Geocachers of the Bay Area)


Very cool looking coin. We will distribute next week so they will show up in the trading list soon. Sold only to local members but we bought a total of 1,250 so there will plenty to trade for.


You will like this coin. I will post a pic in the next day or so.

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1 - 1markymark1 Shiny Gold

1 - 2Dolphins

1 - Buffalo Wings Gold

1 - CacheDragons

1 - California

2 - Columbia

1 - Dallas/Fort Worth Gold

1 - DLiming Bronze

1 - DLiming Gold

1 - DLiming Silver

1 - Emerald Valley Cachers Copper

2 - GCC - Old Man Winter

1 - GOWT Gold

2 - JoelMart (non-trackable)

1 - Kitsap County

1 - Portland, City of Roses

1 - Québec BeerCoin LE Gold

1 - Québec BeerCoin Silver

1 - Rupert2

1 - SeabreckTribe

1 - Serial Finder Bronze

1 - Team Sand Dollar Gold

1 - TravelingViking

1 - Two Happy Hikers


Ok, so I didn't get them all today, but I've been on vacation for a week and just opened the packages today. How's that for a nice Christmas present a couple of days early? ;)


Of course, now I've got to get busy and mail off 7 coins (my side of some of the trades above).

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