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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!

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2006 Johnnie Lacy Silver #7 :(

What the....?

It wasn't in my mail persay... I got this one at our informal Wanna Go Group Winter Solstice Caching Brunch/Cache Run this morning.

I was just looking at airfare from PDX to ATL. It's less than the price of the auctioned JL coin.... hmmm. I have the week after Christmas off.....






My wife would insist I save a few bucks and just buy a one-way ticket :P

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Up here in Canada I recieved:


NYG Coins -- the package was ripped open at one end! It looks as if it may have been water-damaged, which weakend the paper and allowed it to rip! All 4 coins were accounted for however.


I also recieved 2 San Diego Coins


Yesterday was:


Dances with Moose

UK Lemon Fresh Dog Coins (10)

Blind Avocado (I really like that thing! -- makes me laugh everytime)

Screw Geocoins -- I understand there are different ones - mine are very shiney silver -- so I think they are silver :lol:


There is still another mail drop off in about 1 hour -- so maybe I'll get some more! (although I think I pretty much have everything I have ordered/traded)

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This is an important day!! We just got our FIRST EVER geocoins in the mail!! :lol::rolleyes::lol::lol:


2006 Georgia Stone Mountain

2005 California Eureka


And 2 special presents from the senders Toojin & Bart:


A MiGo coin and

GBOTS wooden nickel!


Thank you so much guys, we love our coins!!


Now I can not wait to get more, moRE, MORE.......


oh no what have we started..... :D:lol:

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Today was very cool!



and FOUR of the cool geoTiki's -- one Yawp! and three Lord Pomsby


How cool are the geoTiki's? They are WAY cool! I absolutely think they are a unique, fun, and personal geo-item that I will have for a long, long time.


One of the Lord Pomsby's will be join in my Learn to Log a Geocoin Travel Bug though.

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