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  1. When I print out the cache page everything is there except the coordinates. I log in then I bring up the cache page I want and click on "no logs". The page comes up to be printed and everything including the coordinates are on the page. I click on print and a preview comes up and the coordinates are missing. Click on print and you get everything except the coordinates. [] I have never had this problem before. This only happend when you were not logged in.
  2. FANTASTIC!!! KEEP ON CACHING!! We can rember a time a long time ago where we actually had more caches than you. Now you have more than doubled our finds. Keep it up and best of all, enjoy!
  3. I am changing my mind about releasing coins into the wild. I have released 44 so far. One was confirmed lost and 31 have just dissappeared from a cache or were grabbed and never released again even after multiple emails to the cacher who grabbed them. Thats a 70% theft rate. Now when buy coins I buy two of each and I keep one unactivated and save another unactivated for a FTF prize. It's really sad to see that many outright stolen. I really enjoyed watching them travel and placing them out there to be found. I know I always enjoyed finding a new geocoin in a cache. It really brightened my caching day.
  4. Excellent! Cache On!! How far do you have to travel to tne nearest cache now?
  5. Congrats on your milestone! You're the Energizer cacher. You keep going and going and going.....
  6. Fantastic!! Excellent!! What else can we say? Keep on Caching!!
  7. Congrats on your milestone! Keep On Caching!!
  8. Excellent! Keep on Caching!!
  9. Added 6 South Jersey counties to our finds this weekend. Atlantic – GCT6GB Mr. Bluebird’s on my Shoulder 5/5/07 Bergen - GCWVVD Find Brian Snat's Ammo Can #3 12/10/06 Burlington - Camden – GCNMBR Grenloch Express 5/5/07 Cape May – GC1910 Lenape Chief Surprise 5/6/07 Cumberland – GCKKR6 Dead End? 5/5/07 Essex - GC103FZ Real Heroes 1/27/07 Gloucester – GCTYP9 Take A Walk On The Wild Side 5/5/07 Hudson - Hunterdon - GCX5PW Pathfinder (Night Cache) 9/13/06 Mercer - GCXDMP A+Zs Adventure 9/4/06 Middlesex - GCP9EH Key Rings + Things #2 9/8/06 Monmouth - GCTQDF Creek's Bend 9/9/06 Morris - GCW9HT Triple Tree t 9/4/06 Ocean - Passaic - Salem – GCNMEC The Evil Chicken’s Second Landing 5/5/07 Somerset - GCXW7W Minnie's Historical Log Home 9/5/06 Sussex - Union - GCWKAA Scouting Rocks 1/27/07 Warren - GCM8GE Limestone Ridge #1 (Harder) 11/27/06
  10. Excellent!! Keep on Caching Laura!
  11. Sounds Great!! We would love to attend. We have two canoes and a fold boat.
  12. Is this coin idea dead? We recieved preorder information on 1/29 requesting our mailing address and recieved confirmation and thanks on 1/30 from the GoTo Girls. Nothing since then.
  13. Cache On!! Sorry we were not able to be there tonight to join in the celebration. We were traveling and caching our way back from Indiana. You will soon be passing us by. Keep on caching. Hope to see you on the cache trail again soon.
  14. We would like to place an order for one copper LE. Thanks! These coins are great and for a good cause!
  15. Coin looks great! Paid for 5. Thanks! There is already interest in this coin in my chapter, Central New Jersey. You probably could have made twice as many and they would have sold.
  16. Just wondering? If your coin is picked up by a cacher and they hold on to it for a month, can you claim a feat for not moving in a month?
  17. We did find winter weather on our A.T. hike. We woke up Sat morning to 12 degree temps. Had some flurries on Saturday and a stiff breeze from the NW. Glad we stayed on the east side of the ridge Saturday night. Mostly the same Sunday morning but very little wind. Great section to hike in PA.
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