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  1. I still have 1 Geocat-coin LE gold for trade! See my trading list for what I'm looking for. Thanks Ben
  2. Team BO


    If there is any cacher from Luxembourg reading this post then please contact me for LE reservation... Also falls en Lëtzebuergeschen Geocacher dëst liest, dann mellt ärch w.e.g. bei mär fier d'Reservatiounen vun der LE! Ben
  3. Yes! Thank you again Parents of Sam! Let the trading begin... Ben
  4. Will it work now??? YYYEEESSS... finally Thank you all! Ben
  5. For me it doesn't work too... HELP...!!! Ben
  6. Really looking forward to those... Did they ship??? Ben
  7. Team BO


    I think those will be really great... Ben TEAM BO
  8. I think gc.com-trackables are much cooler to release into the wild...
  9. I know this has alredy been mentioned several times, but I can't find any of those threads... so here is my problem: How do you insert a link in the forum signature? For example: Here is the link to my trading list: http://www.thecachingplace.com/Cachunuts/C...wner=134&type=2
  10. Are the trackingnumbers really handminted?
  11. Are the trackingnumbers really handminted?
  12. If ou want them to be released in the heart of europe, then mail them to me, I'll will drop them in some caches in the area (France Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg) Ben
  13. Already an idea how the icon is gonna look? Ben
  14. Genau! Really cool coin! Have to get some of these... Ben
  15. Yes! The canadian post offices seem to be much faster then the ones from US since... for there way to Luxembourg it took 1 week from Canada and 5 weeks from the US! Ben
  16. Team BO

    Cito Coin ?

    I would also be in for a couple! Cool design! Ben
  17. Of course there is no need, but I try to look for coins numbered 26 or 026 or 260... Why???...not that easy to figure out... but... BF are my initials... Ben
  18. Really looking forward to Anthus work... Thank you...and we would like to have a copy Ben
  19. GOWT 2006 pewter Caching around the world
  20. Where do I get the Activation codes for the GOWT coins??? Thanks Ben
  21. But I don't think taht this is going to bring more Geocoins into the wild since most collectors are going to buy at least 1 for their collection which has to stay un-devided...
  22. That's what I thought too, but since the US type of dogtags is already used for TB, so now they have to take the German type...
  23. Cool idea... ...but wouldn't it be easier to sell 2 similar coins with the same trackingnumber??? Just like for the TB's??? Ben
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