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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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:D:D:D Seeing that the mailman had come I expectanly ran to the mailbox only to find...bills. No geocoins. Just bills. So with my bottom lip puffed up I sadly walked to computer to write this. I am supposed to get a bunch of stuff too...... :D:D:D:D


I'm right there with you Team Macha... a voter info confirmation and a Singles Tennis brochure for hubby :D and none of the good stuff for me. WAAAAA :D

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Yesterday I got :Sydney Australia set- super design, gotta love the koala bear and a

Groundspeak Volunteer Coin


Today's mail: Anthus Secret Agent set plus a few extras- code word is ...cool! and a

USA 2006 version- kinda plain I think it is time they updated their design

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2 Central Ontario coins (one available for trade). The envelope was ripped but thankfully the coins were still inside.


Maybe a Canuck can email me about how to seach for caches in Canada by postal code? Darned if I can figure out how to get it to work. :laughing:

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This was a great day at the mailbox!!


2 of the 4 trades I have made for my two Secret Cupid missions. For that reason I can't name them but I hope the recipients will in a week or so


Camp Explorer personal coin--unexpected Thanks!!!

Geosway pin club coins

Geopelli and cool sig item!! Thanks 57 chevy!!!!

Scott-N8ZUS personal

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Been a great few coin days thank to all for the wonderful coins purchased as well as the wonderful trades :laughing:


Tram Sand Dollar 2006 Gold 2.0 #334 Thanks TSD !


NERO 2005 Bronze to complete my set THX Chris !


Anthus Decoder 1.5

Anthus Decoder 1.5 Silver LE (Nice surprise) :)


Secret Agent Silver

Secret Agent LE Gold & pins, for sets :)

Secret Agent XLE Black Coat Agent WOW the coolest coins !! B) Thanks Stacy !


Dorkfish 2007 (BN)

Dorkfish 2007 (LE) Nickel It Glows ! (another nice surprise) :)

Dorkfish 2007 (AS) Thanks Karma !


All outstandingly and wonderfully done coins . :)

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Oh the joy! After waiting impatiently for a long weekend to hurry up and finish so I could again wait for the postman, I received 3 packages containing nine coins!


Orange Geocoin

Saving Shilo

2 Gingerbread Men

Red Beijing Observatory

2 Hawaii Volcanoes (Silver and Gold)

Kiwi Geocoin



Last week I received 3 Red Scout Knives (Gold, Silver and Copper)


Can life get any better? ;):D

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