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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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My secret cupid arrived today and sent me:


Suncatcher - Pink and Purple

Magic Geocoin - Blue

Canada Micro - Christmas Edition

Golden State - Antique Copper


All are awesome coins!


I also received some pin trades today:

Police Squad

Ammo Box



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Great coin day :laughing:


2006 Kache Kids-gonna leave them dusty bones...


Bad Mojo- silver- I think if I keep this with me I'm protected


Extravaganza of the Totaly Insane- cool coin and the stats to prove insanity


Wales /St David's Day set -gold and silver - didn't know I had a saint day


Fryslan ChunkyNL-silver... I call this one funky cow


Fire Elemental- bronze just a totaly cool coin


South Pointing Chariot set-gold and silver- great color and a spinner that is a spinner

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Joe 6-pack gold and silver.

(Can't wait for Volume two.)

<off topic> As soon as I sell 40 more coins, I'll get going on Volume Two.<on topic>


Yesterday I got:

2 Pugs, I don't have any pets, these will do.

2 sets of the Nurses Have Heart, Ms. PennyPacker, being an RN, is gonna love these.

AtlantaGal 2007, thanks for the trade.

Texas Bluebonnet, ditto.

Baby Loggerhead, ditto.

Get Out Of Travelbug Jail Free, should've gotten more.

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:o;):D WOOOHOOO :P;):P


I got 10 Bikedog smashed pennies, and 2 Bikedog memorial geocoins---all courtesy of fellow cachers, who donated them for my BIKEDOG LIVES memorial cache-------It is now complete--------In spring a few sets of Bikedog memorial geocards will be hand delivered to the cache :huh::P:bad:

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Monday I got:


fluttershy teal

fluttershy pink

team sand dollar v2.5 black

team sand dollar v2.5 silver

team sand dollar v2.5 gold

team sand dollar v2 shiney gold (Thanks for the trade!!)

and a package from Oakcoins containing

a swag of 2007 generic geocoins

and evil micro pins


Then yesterday I got a Cropcircle (as an advance on a future trade)...


Then today I received two Never STOP Geocaching 2006 XLE's (Thanks for the trade!!)



WOW - it was Xmas all over again!

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