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  1. Taking pictures of the cache site is a great idea and I think it just may win the approval, there are other cache locations nearby, but as far as safe parking and an ideal hidey spot this is it.
  2. I recently placed a cache that was admittedly very near a small municipal airport. Believe it or not I didn't even realize how close it was because it couldn't be seen at the placement point which was a "L" turn on an access road to a nearby mall. Between the cache and the airport was also another drive with private homes. It wasn't until I got home and GoogleEarthed it, did I see the airport. I know it was close but because of thick tree overgrowth and other obstacles it is very well isolated from the airport. The reviewer archived it before I had an opportunity to make changes to get it approved. I haven't had a response yet as to the distance they would prefer. So is this just a case by case basis, reviewer discretion or what do I need to go by? Here is the original placement if anyone wants to take a look: N 37° 39.421 W 092° 39.139
  3. Here are some: DNF = Fie, fie, fie! I foundeth not this cache. SL = I enscribed myne appelation upon thyne parchment scroll. TNLN = Nay, nary a jot or tittle, didst I take or leave. TFTC = I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.
  4. Topo maps which you can find linked from the cache page are a bit more helpful, I did my first 25 finds using them and a technique called "handrailing."
  5. Took - a right hand turn Left - car just in the nick of time Thanks for the crash! Yeah, his first clue should have been that he bought the Snydely Whiplash Model 100.
  6. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/01/03/gps.train...h.ap/index.html
  7. Warned once when I came to the defense of the above forum participant, consider it kind of a badge of honor. I don't think you are really trying until you get warned.
  8. I am from St. Joe as well, say hello to BJAB, OneTrapper and Charlene0729 on the cahing trail up there for me.
  9. If it was the clear wish and desire of the individual who passed I don't see anything wrong with it, but somehow it seems to strange to claim a find on a something like this.
  10. Hello from the cachers at the Lake of the Ozarks.
  11. Don't know if it has been posted as yet here, but this is a bookmark of OYR and Barrelin' caches. I do own a Barrelin' cache which just happens to not be a micro: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...8e-077e64cfed78
  12. Looks like this is a fine opportunity for you Waymarkers to get busy and Waymark all the lakes you can swim in.
  13. OK, I really don't care for MySpace, too much spam, ads and other static but.... http://www.myspace.com/lakeguy929 Would be cool to have our own dedicated network... something like "GeoSpace".
  14. If I understand you question correctly, all you have to do is contact the the owner of the cache the TB's are showing up in ask them to move them to "missing". That option is also availablt to you as a cache owner on the individual TB page.
  15. I agree with the above, 86 the coffee cans and go with an ammo can or Lock n Lock. I have even had good success with a $1 cannister found at the Dollar Tree store. Not a big fan of using food containers which are just not durable enough for the stresses of the enviroment.
  16. For some time my eTrex legend was doing a 35' bounce under canopy near GZ at caches. I found out that my WAAS had been inadvertently switched off. Turned it back on and didn't seem to have the problem again.
  17. Whoa, so many issues here I don't really know where to begin. As far as caches not being replaced properly I don't think you can single out group cachers or "numbers" cachers, although it sounds like you are basing this on a bad experience you may have had. People who "walk of with TB's" are a whole separate issue. Most are new folks that for whatever reason lost interest and dropped out of caching before they could place travel bugs they took back into a cache, although I imagine that they may have never educated themselves about TB's anyway and may have thought they were just another trinket (especially coins).
  18. If you can get me within 20-25 feet of an ammo can hide I am happy.
  19. hmmmm, or possibly one these to recover those caches in potentially life threatening situations, at least I could say I took most reasonable precautions should I be injured and tempted to litigate:
  20. It will only show up on your Travel Bugs moved/discovered list because you don't own the Jeep TB. :::::: hmmmmm, is that the distinct sound of a moderator merging this thread? ::::::
  21. I have to disagree. As a big Johnny Cash fan, this doesn't come close to "his style.' No offense intended, the song was a bit cheasy. The voice is off, but the chorus invokes both "One Piece at a Time" and "I've Been Everywhere". I guess that's what I was referring to. I grant I'm only a fan as far as his greatest hits; I haven't dug deeply into his catalogue. This just proves anything can be made into a point of contention here. By the way this song is nothing at all close to the Man in Black in style, form or content
  22. From the Geocaching Placement Guidelines: "It may be difficult to fulfill your maintenance obligations if you place a cache while traveling on vacation or otherwise outside of your normal caching area. These caches may not be published unless you are able to demonstrate an acceptable maintenance plan. It is not uncommon for caches to go missing, areas to be cleared, trails to be blocked or closed, objects used for multi-cache or puzzles to be moved or removed, etc. Your maintenance plan must allow for a quick response to reported problems. " So unless you can specifically rely on someone else to take care of it, this cache would probably be a no go. As far as air travel I have never taken on ammo can on board so I can't speak to that but a Lock & Lock etc. should be fine.
  23. Yes, I am fortunate enough to live at a lake resort so they are quite common here. The one on the left I actually bought at a grocery store here yesterday for $2.00 USD.
  24. I am talking about the floating keychains pictured below, which are used by boaters. The caps do come off and they are really quite roomy inside. I am a little more confident in using the "soft" one as it seems a bit more watertight:
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