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  1. I got my XLE Gold and LE Silver set yesterday. They are very nice!
  2. Has the coin been listed on an auction site yet. I would assume you are selling it through ebay. I would like to possibly bid on it to help raise up the price a little.
  3. Hi I would to trade for a Geocoin Forums - What's in Your Mailbox Geocoin. I have my personal to offer and some other top 40's from other people. I have: Temecula Valley event coin moun10girl Seabecktribe 07 Sequoia round Feb 07 GCC SC micro Ant Copper 07 USN Geocoin Team Alamo Treasure Chest Geocoin Sydney Round Traveling Chief and Pokemon Nero V2 BN 2007 Generic in Nickel Anti Copper and Anti gold/bronze The top 40's include: Mine Rivercity Vegas Gamblers 4F's Go Jaybee Chancerider Parents of SAM 501 Gang If you are interested please email or pm me. Thanks! Edit to say I don't care which finish the coin is in. But I like nickel better than gold.
  4. I agree something doen't look right with the horse and man. Maybe instead of just an outline put some detail inside the horse and man. Or make the outline a little more simpler. It looks like the horse has 6 legs.
  5. Are you gonna open up the coins, that were originally only available to SC residents, to the public?
  6. are the king and ace not trackable because in the artwork pics the 10 jack and queen are trackable but the king and ace are not. Is this a mistake?
  7. Why can't they make up their mind on what they want postage to be. Geez I just bought two rolls of stamps and I will now have to go out and buy some 2 cent stamps. GAHHH
  8. I agree with most of the people. I am usually happy do things for people when they ask nicely but when they get mean and nasty and start the name calling stuff, I tend to not see the need to help them anymore. So I guess if I was you after recieving the second email I would tell to get a life. like hula bum said its just a coin/icon not the end of the world.
  9. Judging by the amount of responses, Anthus, it looks like you need to make at least 1000.
  10. impressive. one of my sons friends memorized the first 100 digits of pi just for fun. it is funny to hear him rattle them off at light speed. lol
  11. Yes when he was explaining it to me I was thinking "how did I ever survive high school". For those of you who didn't win I will hold another contest later on in march so be watching for it. It will probably be around the same time of day. and I promise I will make the question non-math and easier, one that everyone can participate not just mathmaticians. lol Thanks guys for playing. I hope you all have a fun time without me, for a few days.
  12. nope I just was learning from my son who is taking precalc and he just unlocked some things i had learned when I took it way back when. a long time ago in a land far far away. I thought one of his homework questions would go for a great contest.
  13. well you don't really need a calc if you leave it in terms of pi. just plugging in numbers. I guess the main thing was knowing the base equation of a sin 2pi/b to all of you, now that you know the answer does it make a little more sense? hopefully....maybe....
  14. you can write it as 125 sin (pi x)/5=y good job red otter! please pm/email me your mailing address and I will ship you one of my coins.
  15. how about y = 125 sin ((x * pi)/5) ding ding ding we havea winner!
  16. make sure you simplify and leave it in terms of pi, in other words don't give me it it deciaml form like 3.1415926 just say pi
  17. ahhhh no the 300 is wrong too forget the 300. use the model y= a sin 2pi/b and plug in numbers major hint: the 125 and 10 are very important.
  18. you guys are sooo close just leave off the end 125 and get your period correct.
  19. Very close except convert to sine instead of cosine. actually it is easier to write it in sine form than cosine form.
  20. I might give away another one when I get back from my trip and I'll try to make it a little less demanding on ones brain. I guess I have though of one now and could post it....
  21. pms sent to both of you! only 45 mins left! can it be done????? Yes I do know the answer. lol
  22. lol I knew this would happen. I almost put a disclaimer about this in my original post.
  23. I am not sure what you are saying here. It's closer to what the Collector is giving.
  24. this is the correct model equation but your graph was wrong. Your period is incorect.
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