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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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The Geocoinclub coin and pathtags.... kind of cool!


K-9R coin, a must have with all of our Shepherds!


The yellow Jeep geocoin!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! That one completed the set of five colors, white, red, green, blue and yellow! I did not think I would be able to get all five, but it was fun! I had two red ones, from two different cachers and sent one on. Thanks all involved for making this possible. Glen

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Today I got the caching pill set- The last one (I had to sweet talk her-not really-she responded to an old email) :laughing: I also got

1. Stop the Geocoin Theif set

2. world traveler nickel

3. July sock puppet

4. Aug Tools of the trade set

And a 10 pack of pins for swag


Are these too commercial?

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Two Kernow(Cornwall) Geocoins and:


From team GBOTS a California geocoin. A very nice and colorful coin. Can someone tell how this one is made? Its different from any other coin i have.


And also in the envelope as a bonus a Minnasota geocoin and a wooden nikkel from team GBOTS.


I was very surprised for this enormous generousity. Thank you team GBOTS!!



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Big suprise today!

I got a silver Nevada coin from Ou8alizard. I won it from a compitition on christmas, but had never seen pics of it or anything. Its AMAZING. I just lookd through the old threads and researched it, and this coin fits in the category of one of the most beurtiful coins i have ever seen. Also found it this is a very early coin. WOW, THanks for the competition!

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* Team Sand Dollar matte silver (now I have an extra for trading)

* Bamboozle - Veaux Carre (sp?) gold



It is spelled VIEUX CARRÉ, and Bamboozle's coin is very pretty, I received one myself a little while ago :)

I *knew* I was going to get corrected on that one! :lol: I should have went and found the coin so I could spell it correctly.

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It was Christmas in February:


AtlantaGal 2007 LE Satin Silver/Black Nickel

AtlantaGal 2007 LE Black Nickel/Silver

COG 2007 - Central Ontario Geocachers Sunset

COG 2007 - Central Ontario Geocachers Copper

Pirates of Harriman 3 Dead Man's Cache Antique Copper

Danoshimano XLE

Crowesfeat 3 Shiny Silver

Ham Radio

Mt Rushmoore Benchmark Silver and Bronze


And last but not lesat for those who are waiting for my personal coin. I just found out that the shippment has cleared customs in Anchorage. :(

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After what has been a bit of a drought of late, today I received...


my 2007 Dorkfish coins - very nice!!




my first lot of Secret Cupid coins:

1). 2007 South Carolina

2). Netherlandse Geocoin 2007

3). Jan & The Percey Boys - Puzzle Caching

PLUS... a set of 3 'Jan And The Percey Boys - Chester Cachers' coins!!!!


What a great day! Thanks you Karma and Thank you Bob... opps I mean Cupid!

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I got seven coins today :unsure: :


Geocoin Addicts-LE Gold- I tried the Bronze cure but the it didn't work ..so I thought I would try the Gold cure :blink:


Don't Tread On Me


Families Who Cache Together




York County Humane Society


2006 Midwest Geobash-Penguins


Grand High Pobah's Leaderboard

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