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  1. Hello, I haven't been here on the Geocoin forum for years. I am looking for "The Roth's 10 Year Anniversary Event" geocoin. I have many coins to trade for the above. I an also selling on ebay 30-40 coins per week lots of variety, most start at $5.99 My seller name is "dgs1999" you will get a chance at coins that are VHTF http:// my.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbayBeta&CurrentPage=MyeBayNextSelling&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK:MESEX
  2. Yes, and my thesis will be on "The Art of Procrastination"
  3. I did find a link to rules of " The First to Find" card game but it did not work, an archive copy was provided as follows: Set-up: Shuffle and deal each player 5 cards. The remaining cards are placed face down and used as a Draw pile. Players then pick a number between 2 and 6 to determine the difficulty of the cache. The number chosen will be how many points are needed in order to win the game. The higher the number that’s chosen, the more time is needed to play the game. You can play up to any number of points, 2-6 is a recommendation. Decide who will go first (flip a coin, roll a die, youngest player, etc.) Player 1 will draw the top card and place it next to the Draw pile (which becomes the Play pile) to determine the starting season. The actual card type itself (Movement, Gear, or Obstacle) has no bearing on game play, it simply selects a starting season. Game Play: Always start your turn by taking cards from the Draw pile to bring the number of cards in your hand to 6 (do this even if you are Player #1 and haven’t taken a turn yet). When you play a card, it must either match the season or be the next season as the card showing in the Play pile. Example; if a Summer card is face up on the Play pile, you must play a Summer or a Fall card. Once you have played a card(s), the turn passes to the player on the left. If you cannot play a card, discard one into a separate Discard pile as your turn. The Discard pile does not have bearing on the game play, so it can be any card. Reshuffle the Play and Discard piles to form a new Draw pile when you run out of cards. Card Rules: By playing a Movement card, you increase your score by 1 point. By playing an Obstacle card, the next player must try to overcome that obstacle on their turn. If you play a Movement or Obstacle card, your turn is over. You can overcome an Obstacle on your turn by playing a Gear card. If you can play a Gear card, you may then play another card to end your turn. This card can be any type (Movement, Obstacle, or Gear). This is the only time you can play two cards on one turn. If you cannot play a Gear card to overcome an Obstacle, you subtract 1 point from your score, discard a card, and your turn ends. The next player does not have to overcome that Obstacle on their turn, they can play any card they choose. When not being used to overcome Obstacles, Gear cards can also be used to change the season from the one showing on the Play pile into the next. You do not get to play a second card when doing this. Your turn is then over. Joker Gear cards can be played during any season and match the season as the one face up on the Play pile. Winning: Once a player has scored points equal to the originally selected number, they are “First to Find!” and have won the game. Sample Game Play: There are three players for this game, and they have chosen to play up to 4 points in order to win. Player 1 takes the entire deck of cards and deals 5 cards to each player, including themselves. They place the deck face down (Draw pile) and turns over the top card to reveal a Spring card (the actual type doesn’t matter). Player 1 then starts his turn by taking a card from the Draw pile. He should now have 6 cards in his hand. Since the top card in the Play pile is a Spring card, he must play either a Spring or Summer card. He plays a Spring Obstacle card (Rain) and his turn is over. Player 2 starts her turn by taking a card from the Draw pile to get 6 cards in her hand. She uses a Spring gear card (Map) to clear the Rain obstacle, and can now play a second card. She plays a Summer Movement card (Kayak) to score 1 point and her turn is now over. She must remember to draw 2 cards at the start of her next turn to bring her hand back up to 6 cards. Player 3 doesn’t have any Summer or Fall Movement or Obstacle cards, but he does have Fall Gear cards. So he plays a Fall Gear card (Socks) to move the game play into the Fall season. His turn is now over. Player 1 draws a card, then plays a Winter Obstacle card. Player 2 draws two cards (since she played 2 on her last turn), but does not have any Winter or Spring Gear cards. So she loses her 1 point, discards a card and her turn is over. Player 3 draws a card. He doesn’t have to overcome the Obstacle showing, but he does need to play a Winter or Spring card. He plays a Winter Movement card to score 1 point and that ends his turn. Game play continues
  4. The game and the graphics are cool but the rules are pathetic. The rules were written so as to not be understandable. how actual play proceeds is still confusing it doesn't answer questions of actual play; does only one gear card fix overcome a certain obstacle card ? do you collect cards in you hand ? do you keep a score sheet or just count cards laid down ? the rules included do not begin to explain the game correctly. More questions: . Card piles. How many card piles are there? There is the DRAW pile, the PLAY pile and the DISCARD pile? Specifically, is the DISCARD pile separate from the DRAW pile? Do discarded cards effect the game in any way? For example, when a card is discarded (in lieu of play) does the season change? 2. Jokers? The Rules do not reference the Joker. We played the joker was simply the highest GEAR card avaiable and could match any season. Is this correct? 3. When a player cannot overcome an obstacle and must discard, what is the game state for the next player? Free to play any card? Or must the next player deal with the obstacle? 4. Does a player get to play a second card ANYTIME he plays a GEAR card? A 2nd card may be played when a GEAR card is played to overcome an obstacle. If a GEAR card is played to change the season, may a 2nd card also be played? 5. A card played must ALWAYS match the current season or the subsequent season, correct? Ryan ( game designer ) replied with some answers ... But to answer your questions; 1. There are 3 card piles, Draw, Play, and Discard. Discard pile is totally separate and do not affect the game, so seasons do not change when discarding a card. 2. Jokers are wild in that they can be played during any season. 3. The next player is free to play any card if the previous player cannot overcome an obstacle. 4. A 2nd card may only be played after a Gear card when you overcome an obstacle. 5. Yes, you must ALWAYS match the current season or the subsequent season. Ryan Thiegs if you are out there do you have a link to a complete set of rules ? I am still confused by the scoring.
  5. Yes, I posted my thoughts on the feedback forum and it was imediately declined....so her I am ... and I am already feeling better about crappy micro finds... and doing so without insulting the cache hider.
  6. You are right it is not about the size of the cache. It is about the thought and creativity put into placing the cache. When you search for a cache on the first road in Minnesota ...where it crosses Nine Mile Creek (a historic point in itself) but the cache is just a nano on a guard rail named for no reason "Led Zeppelin" Well it is a waste of time and thought. If you haven't traded swag lately, than you haven't cached with kids or grand kids... If you haven't dropped any geocoins or travel bugs lately well you are missing out on half the fun. Yes , the topic stated was a overstatement...to make a point ... lots of micros suck. I debated should I message the cache hider, make a snide comment in the log... well I decided to throw it open to the forum.
  7. "Micro" .... the cache that killed geocaching I have had my fill of micro caches. I just got back from finding another micro.... a nano on a guardrail...so what. Would kids enjoy finding one ...no. Can you drop a geocoin ... no. Can you pick up a travel bug ... no. Can you trade any swag or sig. items ... no. Are they placed generally with regards to the what size of cache the area can sustain... no often there are micros in woods. What is the percentage of micros ? Has it done anything for the sale of travel bug tags or travel of geocoins. My proposition is to greatly limit the number of micros as it would be better for the sustainability of geocaching.
  8. I love these Norwegian Attractions coins. My Norkapp coins arrived today and are a great looking coins. I have had the GCWR1C Northernmost Cache on my watchlist for some time, I hope the cache keeps active. I started some of my coins for travel there. A second cache in the area is now Northernmost GC13V3F Nordkapp area also has one of the greatest webcams in the world http://www.nordkapp.tv/index.php?id=196096]Link[/url] I hope Norway Attractions continues, thanks for the great coins and they are priced at a real discount.
  9. My coins arrived so fast I think it was a record turn around. These are beautiful, great detailed coins. It is so cool that they have the waypoints on them for the two geocaches on the Isle Royale Island. Now, I guess I just have to return. Thanks Hitechman.
  10. Great looking coin. I have backpacked on Isle Royale once and loved it. We didn't see a moose or wolf just fox. Got my order in for two.
  11. A little bit of OZ reached my door # 74 ... I was really surprised. I don't know the history but just as when a travel bug or a traveling geocoin resurfaces and comes back to life it gives you some extra joy. Thanks Lauren and Team Red Devil I am glad you were able to complete the project. Cheers!
  12. I would like to see the number of cache finds I had when I found a paticular cache. Instead all previous finds get the update number. I understand why people put in their log : cache find #1042 as it is the only way to keep track of how many finds you had at that time. So my request ...disable the updating of find numbers with each cache log.
  13. Why do we need a big blinking light that informs everyone that the log has been edited. [/size][/color][This entry was edited by *********** on Friday, April 25, 2008 at 6:59:41 PM.] What does it matter to other viewers that the log was edited usually it is just a typo or spelling error. Why can't Groundspeak get rid of this total useless information...just edit the log and shut up about it.
  14. I have taken a little geocoin vacation this summer. I don't keep a too accurate record of my outstanding orders/trades but I ordered and paid for one of these coins and got to wondering....are they ever going to ship? If anything it needs repeated bumps.
  15. Add me on for 2- two-tone light green
  16. Nice job on your personal coin...the turtle is very cute. Send you an email for a couple.
  17. Sent a request order for 1 set or several singles...1-Ant.Brronze, 1-Two tone
  18. I like the design espically the front, I sent an email for a few. Are those guitars on the front? This dragon rocks
  19. Ordered a few, they were more than half gone.
  20. What great design work ..got my order in for two of each
  21. I to can't believe there could be a question of what these coins are ...they are a personalized geocoins done as part of a group project. You can collect and trade what you want and each trade I make, and all of us make is personal preference. When see someone write "glorified travel bug" I know it is nothing but rhetoric. Yeah.... all geocoins are glorified travel bugs so what, that doesn't further the discussion. Did you make one of these coins..if you don't want one don't trade for one. I think it has been established GeoTags have ...unique individualized design, GC.com tracking number, their own prefix, their own icon, larger than a micro coin, and even the name "GeoTag Geocoin" when listed in your trackables. What's not to like... But the argument of what a geocoin is and what would you trade for is pointless...all I know is it is not fair for this coin and other group coins...(take your pick)... to be treated as a stepchild. Each of us....for these group projects put time, thought, design and part of their geocaching personality into their coins...mine are available for possible trades...besides they are all LE's
  22. Arr! ...Blimey and....Shiver me timbers!.... this Pirates booty has everything except the Black Spot... I'll be lookin' for a chest of em
  23. Sure, sand...would be mudpie flavor... ...with a bit more texture.
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