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  1. As an active coin collector I made sure I was in on this sale...nice job....I suspect these won't last long
  2. Broke my power pin, and need to buy either parts, or an entire unit to salvage parts. Anyone know where to get these as well would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a busted power pin on my 76CSX and found someone to fix it if I can get/buy an old non working GPS'r to salvage parts from. Let me know.
  4. Sadly I may have, No I mean I have missed out on this nice coin. Anyone have an extra and wanting to trade for a Norman coin let me know...I'd be very interested.
  5. Somehow I completely missed this and I can see with all the collaberation with so many fine artists Deafhunts idea came to bear fruit. I am a parent of a disabled child, and through the efforts of people like DF and many of the artists here awareness is not taking a back seat in the geocaching community. It is through your actions and support where dissabilities will be mainstreamed and not treated like in the past. Everyone supporting this by purchasing or having discussions should be proud of themselves.
  6. Has one complete set of these Canadian coins and is willing to take offers... Although the tempting offer of anything seems to surpass anyone elses posts here!
  7. Well it seems links are the thing to get people to bid so here ya goes, Thanks to SoCalGeocoins for posting them on the other site: Auction for TnT, Norman and Sk set These are being bid up on now...lets go folks be generous
  8. I have sent to Matt (solcal), one set of Norman and Sask geocoin for this auction purpaces. THe Norman coin is an LE, and there will be no more minted of these coins. Placing both coins together makes them like you see both provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchawan on a map. Both coins together accentuate each other. Best wishes and Good Luck
  9. Reserved two...regardless of the cost...very nice design.
  10. one really awhhhhsome Alaskian silver pin...
  11. Oh I just have to have the Blk, and the gold and the white one.... Knows these will make great gifts.
  12. Several Years ago when My son got sick, I lit a candle to light my thoughts and prayers and help all my thoughts be sent in the right direction. My son will never be the same as he was before being diagnosed with his affliction, but we have come to find he is who he is and we know whatever god has given us will be ok as he is my son and he will be the best he can be in whatever capasity he may have. I light a candle now every year and send all my wishes and prayers with it. I hope with your permission I can light another candle this season to include your thoughts and prayers with mine so we all can be comforted knowing our prayer will be heard. Good thoughts and prayers for your loved ones.
  13. All come on, Daniel. Of course we missed you That's because you are unique Very well stated, it's because you are special is the very reason why peps miss you, You kind of grow on peps here D. Welcome back dudes and have a safe and merry Xmas.
  14. Way Cool...congrats....what a wonderful bug family too
  15. Way Cool...congrats....what a wonderful bug family too
  16. 2 very complete sets of the canadian caching time zones...very nice...
  17. I had a few coins over there, this cache seems to be a muggle magnet;GCZM65 My support the troops coin has now been placed on the MIA list from this site. TB1AER1 Be safe
  18. I see there is a lot of interest in this endless game we love to call coin collection/ designing. I read the op and saw regardless of when you post, the request for names comes December 1. So if you want on the coin stay tuned as I see there is less than 9 hours till tommorrow comes. Well worth it and fun to send these coins out with specific tasks to go and have everyone who is on the coin take it and discover it. Have fun these coins are worth the collection but even more fun to release.
  19. I likely will go out on a limb here, but to date i have never had a trade ever go wrong or be burned by any other cacher who I made deals with. Quite the opposite, everyone has been so accomidating, including when things go wrong (which happens) and communication is open which seems to go a long way in trading with other cachers. If you let people know things are amiss, then my experience has been of the supportive nature.
  20. Although it does not meet the protocals for wearing a poppy on my uniform, this is one pin I will proudly wear on my honor guard uniform. And when my hero passes on I will proudly take this pin and place it on his lapel so he can wear it in his journies wherever they may take him knowing he will be in peace means even more to me. I cannot even begin to thank the makers of this and express my gratitude for allowing me to give something to someone who means so much to our family.
  21. Order placed, Many Many Many thanks!
  22. I am not able to find the pins if you have posted them, would it be possible to have 5 pins perhaps 8 if possible invoiced to me?
  23. As above I am waiting on this reminting and information. Even though I have to buy the coins all I really want is pins. Can't afford the coins and pins combined as quoted via PM. So I am asking in here if anyone wants to trade, sell me the pin/s...need about 6 pins for vets here in the almost, no I mean the Great White North.
  24. Two Lady Lucks, brunnette and Blonde, Diabetis and a brake controller for my camper
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