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  1. i have some dutch 10 years of geocaching coins minted in 2011 coins laying here doing nothing. perhaps someone interested?
  2. left over: 11 x silver with white enamel for 8 euro plus pp 4 bronze for 8,50 plus pp see above for details and images delta123
  3. I am selling some leftovers. Mail me if you are interested. Delta123
  4. I want to trade some of my 10 years geocaching in the Netherlands geocoins. It's the antique silver version. They were designed and produced by E&Cplus3. 50mm diameter I have the silver and bronze versions available wish list: creatures of nightcaching Lost in MV 2011 Mega Event 10 Commandments of Geocaching Migrations Event coin Idylwood Pirate spinner but other trades are also welcome ( i like original designed coins)
  5. Coins arrived safely in the Netherlands. Real beauty's!!
  6. A very inactive cacher. If you want me to send an e-mail in Dutch let me know.
  7. Hi Folk's Good to see there is interest for just a ordinary dutch geocoin The sample foto's are great and me and E&Cplus3 need to figure out which version we are gonna make. We'll let you know asap(couple of day's)and where you can order them. As Chuck said i would like him to sell some to save you guy's shipping cost. So some will be sold on his website. Now enough coinsstuff, a few hours till 2011 so i am gonna have a drink and a oliebol Everyone a happy new year!!
  8. fantastic design! i would buy both designs (can't choose)
  9. Ahh, this is where you spend all your (other) time on.
  10. Good tutorial! What software did you use?
  11. Yes i see now, the zones are gone. it works.
  12. Does this also work on a Colorado? I get the message but it does not shut down(the protection does not work)
  13. How do you put a oregon/colorado in demo mode? I never heard of it.
  14. You have to drag CompletitionCode from Objects and properties/Player. See the attachments. How do you add the text on both sides of the completion code in the concatenate box?
  15. For the same above cause i am selling a Red Phoenix - Four Spirit Geocoin. With Team van Stoffelen's permission i will also donate the mony to the Dutch Red Cross benefit FMradio serious request action. The coin is unactivated. Link to ebay site: Red Phoenix - Four Spirit Geocoin
  16. Is there a way to listen to this interview? i cant seem to open it.
  17. THANKS! I will be present there and then do mine in september.
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