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My avatar was created while sketching on a piece of paper while I was watching T.V.

I wanted something that would be simple to re-create but yet resembled me and playing on my caching name. The origional has a propeller beanine but I added the Sox hat when baseball season started and it has stuck ever since.


My regular avatar:



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Someone sent me a collection of silly cat pics, including this one. My username is a derivation of one of our four cats, who loves to get into boxes, and my family name is Busch. See Jamie-you'r not alone. B)

It just made sense. (at least to me..... B) )

It's been my avatar since I joined this forum, I guess I'm too lazy to change it. (I think I did use another pic for a few days when the Mars Explorer mission landed though, since I have one from that saved in my profile.)

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We cache as a fmily under my GC handle and collectively log as Team Semper Questio, hence the TSQ. I just found an Image of Texas, ripped the background, did a mod on the colors, added the Celtic text (due to my interest in our Celtic heritage and Celtic history in general) and the red star at the approximate area where we live. We've adopted this as our caching logo.

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Swamp Thing issue 9 cover

Lowrance iFinder Hunt photo

Photoshoped them together


I knew I wanted Swamp Thing. The trick was going over all my covers to find the one that would fit right. I had to do some work around the character's head. The title of the magazine ran by his head. I did some image cloning to replace the title with trees. I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

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... Four acres of sovereign U.S. territory anywhere you want it in the world!

Except, possibly, the middle of the Gobi Desert. :rolleyes:

Well, I did see a ship in the Gobi Desert, wait that was that Close Encounters movie. Nevermind



You change your avatar more often than some folks change their underwear (never mind who). What's this one?

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The Silver Surfer is my favorite comic book character. Yes, I know it doesn't have much to do with my caching name, but he explores the vastness of the universe in much the same way as Louis & Clark explored the vastness of our country. Caching allows me to do the same thing in my own limited way. The name is a whole other story..... :rolleyes:

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It's a little known fact about my avatar, but if you look at it long enough, you can actually see a weasel. It helps if you cover one eye.


This poor mustelid has been through Photoshop so many times, I have no idea what her origins are. Almost certainly a photograph that I STOLE off somebody. I keep a folder of weaselpics that I refresh periodically from images.google.com. For inspiration.


I saw a dusty, balding weasel taxidermy in a market once. She looked absolutely *furious* at being stuffed and mounted. One of my life's regrets is not buying it. I actually went back later, but it was gone. Somehow, the overPhotoshopped weasel made me think of it.

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Mine is an actual picture of Apollo Bob, an orangutan, found via Google. I have no idea how he got the name, but I just like the way it sounds. First heard about him in a book of travel stories - he had a reputation for being aggressive and boisterous. Doesn't match my personality, but I still like the name.

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Cobbled this one from some clip art I had; the hounds are usually arguing with each other over who gets the stuffed toy, but one of them likes to degut the toys-- hence, the look of abject terror in the bear's eyes. (Much easier to see in the original artwork.)

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i took a goalie clip art pic and gimped the colors to match my team's colors and added the geocaching public domain logo on the jersey and slapped that puppy on the classic geocaching four color squares.


if i had waited a year to sign up, my geocaching name would have been goaliegrl29, but i hadn't really started using that name much.

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My main hobbies are amateur astronomy and amateur radio. Geocaching is just a side job!


My avatar is inspired from a T-shirt I saw with a picture of the Milky Way galaxy on the front with the "You are here" locator. I also saw another variation of this with "You are here" on one side of the Milky Way and "The restrooms are here" on the other side so this one is just another vairation on that but with a caching theme.


The photo is of the Andromeda Galaxy, M31 that a friend of mine took and I photoshopped it to add text.


Oh well, I kinda like it.

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Back when Geocahing was about a year old I carved a piece of wood into the shape of a stump. Many caches were found in or aound stumps. I added a pin back and left it in a cache. The next finder made nice comments about it. So I carved a few more, then somebody suggested leaving something to indicate who made it. I then started leaving a business card proclaiming the finder had just found a "Byron's Famous Stump Pin". I've become known in the local area as the stump pin guy. Therefore it only seemed fitting that my avatar is a picture of a "Byron's Famous Stump Pin"


By the way. Byron is also my real name as is Anne is the real name of the other half of our geocaching team.


Edited to add:


At a recent event I did a bit of a demonstartion and showed some ideas for signature item pins. If you're interested in some ideas you're welcome to visit the web site I created for that purpose. http://home.earthlink.net/~geocachepin/

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My avatar is the Mighty Ike (USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, CVN-69). It was my first ship in the Navy. I spent just over five years on this moving city. Four acres of sovereign U.S. territory anywhere you want it in the world!

Interesting, when I first arrived on my ship, it was escorting the Ike. The Mighty Mississippi CGN-40.


As for my avatar, just found it somewhere...

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Oh well, this is complicated. Let me start with "the one with the attitude on the left is Slon".


I am for about 11 years a contributor and for 6 years a CORE developer of the PostgreSQL open source database project. The mascot of PostgreSQL is the elephant ... I think it is because Marc Fournier likes elephants.


About two years ago I started a new project related to PostgreSQL. A single master to multiple slave replication system called Slony. At that time I was a little fed up with cute looking mascots. This all is serious software and our mascots look like toys. Of course does a PostgreSQL related project need an elephant, but I wanted one that looked serious. So I grabbed a pencil and made my own.


Slon is the Russian word for elephant. Slony is plural, elephants (replication means multiple databases, so plural). Why Russian? No, I am not Russian, I am a German guy, dwelling in Pennsylvania, married to a Russian woman. The reason is that some of the algorithms, used in the Slony system, were inspired by prior work, done by Vadim Mikheev. Vadim was a PG CORE member who left the project not long ago for personal reasons.



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Saw it on the Internet shortly after Schwarzenegger was elected. I live in CA so when I wanted an avatar in a hurry I did a quick Google search for it. If I had done the artwork myself I'd be tempted to turn it into a Geocoin as a signature item. Since I didn't do the work it seems to me it wouldn't be a good idea to appropriate it for that purpose.


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one of my many hobbies is in 3D modelling and rendering (jack of all trades, master of none) and I happen to be a fan of LOTR (actually anything tolkien wrote seems good). So I was inspired by the filmography to make a rendering of the one ring. So in all honesty, my avatar is 100% copyright free, not a framegrab or anything (unless they can copyright the idea of an image of a ring in fire...)


Anyways, it's still been one of my best pieces of work, and has kinda stuck with me as my signature avatar. (not to mention orange is my favorite color, and orange and black seems to be the best combo, and I think the image blends the two pretty well)

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I have been doing pen & ink sketches for years. I took one of my favorites, scanned it, reduced it and created my avatar. The original is called 'Faithful' which is exactly what retrievers are. The detail was lost in the reduction but I like it just the same. The original is hangin on my bedroom wall.

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