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  1. My kids love trading cards, so they would certainly be a hit around here! I think they look really great.
  2. I renewed on the 14th. I received a Paypal receipt, and an email from Bot@GS.com. I think you are safe. If you got two paypal emails, you should be worried. Hope that helps.
  3. If you click on my profile, you will see my profile page. Click on my "stats" tab. From there, you will see that I have hidden 1 cache. If you click the link that says "Show all cache hides", you will see my hides. Works for everyone. Go to your account page, click on "Find another user" and type in the name. You will see his/her hides by following the same steps. Good luck! edit: forgot the stats tab part.
  4. As the official "Cookie Dad" for my town, I have to say "Good Luck!" I hope whatever you plan turns out to be awesome! My two Girl Scouts have asked if I will take their troops for a little geocaching. I hope to hear how your event goes!
  5. There are days when I wish I had known then, what I know now. There are days when I would say "Choose Geocaching." But, you can't go wrong choosing the girl. They are a whole lot more fun (most days) than ammo cans hidden in the woods.
  6. Bug Spray Camera - Great pictures to be had! Cell Phone (and make sure someone knows where you are going, if you are going far off the beaten path.) Bug Spray. Walkie Talkies if with a group. snacks and drinks. Bug Spray. Enjoy! My daughters LOVE to go geocaching. I only wish there were more nearby. They are really looking forward to our first Event Cache.
  7. Here's one. Apparently, Garmin "private labeled" some 76CS'.
  8. That "guideline" should be updated. We have all seen these posts and they are still here. I am sure some get deleted, but that implies they all get deleted and that is not the case. Plus, some sock puppets are "known" and allowed. But, I am not trying to cause trouble.
  9. a Gilsson antenna from gpsgeek's eBay store is all you need. Provided the yellow GPS60 has an MCX connector like the GPSMAP60 does. If not, please disregard.
  10. Welcome to Geocaching, Pam! If you are really stuck, I would recommend emailing each cache owner and see if you can get a hint from them. People here are usually reluctant to help anyone solve them.
  11. It isn't much, but it is my FIRST log, so it made my day. I enjoyed that the cacher liked the FTF. Here it is.
  12. Mmmmmm, Rattlesnake. It tastes like Eagle!
  13. If I posted that, my screen would be ruined within the hour. Good luck.
  14. Where I come from, we call it a Garter Snake.
  15. In one of those bitterly ironic situations that seem to crop up often in my life, my wife's Venture has absolutely NO problem with her I-Pass transponder, but cannot receive a GPS signal.
  16. Many have an external jack. You supply the Antenna.
  17. I would give up on that one and try another one. Post a DNF log and move on as far as this one goes. Then, after a few people find it, I might give it another try. I refuse to search around "trash". If I wanted to 'cache in a dump, I would. Good luck.
  18. My whole outlook on Muggles has just changed!!!! Some of my best friends are muggles. Including my wife!
  19. Sure, it's a nice unit, but it doesn't have an SD slot.... Figured I would say it before the Magellan / Lowrance users showed up.
  20. First off, I am not using gmail. I am using my ISP which requires SSL. That didn't work for me at all until the last maint. release. Anyway, I just launched GSAK. I have no "new" queries currently in email, but I ran my macro anyway. I can run it over and over with no problems. Tomorrow, I will have a new PQ in email. I will try running it a second time when there it is actually doing something the first time through. More to come...
  21. Same thing happens to me. The first time I run my getmail macro, no problems. After that, GSAK hangs. Basically, I can access my POP server once per GSAK session. I have to kill GSAK to get it to work again. I thought it was just me.
  22. Ummm, Archived caches don't show up in Pocket Queries. Lep hit the nail on the head above.
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