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  1. Whatcha doin in Texas? Bring some clear skies back with you along with the warm weather. It's the International Year of Astronomy now that it's 2009 (almost).
  2. I do that second thing too. By day I work for a large company. (Look at almost any electrical device in your home. On the back you will see a circle with two letter inside. That's the company)
  3. I still remember that day 7 years ago. I was on vacation at my favorite place in the world celebrating my 40th birthday. Today I'm 47 and at work. Maybe I'll go out and hit an unfound cache tonight to celebrate my getting old
  4. What's this geocaching thing all of you speak of. I seem to remember doing something like that many many moons ago.
  5. I've been a ham for 18 years and am almost exclusively, about 95%, a CW opeartor. I use CW for one reason only, because I enjoy it very much. That being said, I have no problem at all with dropping the code requirement if it will help bring more people into the hobby. I truly hope all the new hams that might take advantage of the elimination of the code end up actually on the air enjoying ham radio. And I hope all the old farts who have opposed this will welcome all the newcomers. My only real gripe with many of the comments I have read on this and some of the other ham radio discussion boards (eHam in particular) is the way CW is being portrayed as too archaic to be useful, an anachronism, no longer necessary, worthless, ect. The fact is code is still VERY popular on the ham bands, period. There are many thousands of hams worldwide that are using CW, and that is not going to change anytime soon. The CW requirement for getting a US ham licence is being eliminated. That's all. Code, however, IS NOT going away. Code will be around and will continue to be used as long as ham radio is around.
  6. It was snowing lightly about 1/2 hour ago here in South Bend, but it looks like the brunt of the big snowstorm has passed us by. It's been all rain so far. Even LaPorte County in the Lake Effect snow belt has not gotten anything. Maybe I can head over that way this weekend and grab some caches.
  7. I went caching in Michigan yesterday, should have cached in Indiana. I was looking for one particular cache in Fernwood Botanical Gardens for about 45 minutes with another cacher when I realized that not only could I not find the cache, but I couldn't find my car keys!!! I immediately went into a mild panic when I realized that my keys were probably under the fallen leaves somewhere along the nearly three miles of trails we had walked that day. Looked for about 45 minutes by backtracking then decided to head back to my car just in case they were dropped nearby. To my relief, I had left them in the ignition, but the van's doors were locked and the place was going to be closing in about an hour. The cacher I was with, who I had only met yesterday, was nice enough to stop caching and help me out. He drove me all the way back to my house to get my spare keys (I had to break into my own house to get in) then drove me back to Fernwood, about 30 miles round trip! You really do meet the nicest people who share this crazy hobby! Thanks PungoPaddler!
  8. I'll be raking leaves. I got to go caching in CA, NV, UT and AZ last week but I will need my Caching in Indiana fix before too much longer.
  9. So instead I end up in cold and snowy Utah!!
  10. Thanks for the info. I did have Bloomington Overlook bookmarked already as I will be in the St. George area for a day or so but I will certainly have to go after the other one too. Can't wait to get out of cold and snowy South Bend!
  11. {Look for an ugly dude with a beard. Hopefully there will be a good crowd attending so I won't stick out. Ask around for Mike the Executive Director. } Yeah, what he said I may be able to make it but I am getting ready for a big western geocaching trip to Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada so don't know if I will have time to come down for the day. Have fun.
  12. Started out in Potawatomi Wildlife Park getting eight within the park including a FTF on one. Then went caching with Gunpowder on an IGTQ quest and grabbed a total of 21 caches altogether with two DNFs. Saw lots of neat history and a few old covered bridges. Lots of nice fall colors. Some neat old cemeteries. Hit my 400-find milestone. Dropped my PDA and lost all my Cachemate logs . But had a good time Caching in Indiana.
  13. Check out eHam.net. There is currently an article and thread on how to restore scratched and fogged displays. Looks pretty helpful.
  14. Mike, Let me know if you want me to archive Potawatomi Wilderness now and free up the space for new caches. If these new ones are listed before this Sunday I may have to come down there to grab all of them.
  15. Just checked. The picture shows up OK when I use Firefox Have not tried any other browsers.
  16. Just wanted to jump in and say great job to all involved in the new Indiana Ghost Town Quest series. Looks like it's going to be alot of fun and many great history lessons.
  17. ASTRONOMY, Amateur Radio (KB9BIT), Bicycling, Geocaching, Gardening (yardwork included), Camping, Traveling, Meteorite Collecting, Notre Dame Football and Baseball (watching, that is), Watching Fox News, other stuff I haven't discovered yet.
  18. What is this "cache raid" macro? Essentially it's a program that runs within GSAK that will generate a route from cache to cache and helps you to plan a cache run. Here is a LINK that will explain it better than I can. Hope this helps.
  19. KB9BIT, South Bend, IN Extra Class -- love DXing and CW. I also cache with the guy posted above me. Mike, you need to get an avatar.
  20. I'll chose an area with a number of caches that I have not done, then upload a PQ for the area to GSAK, filter out those that I don't want to do, then use the CacheRaid macro to determine the order of searching for them.
  21. Here's one I've had on my watchlist for a while. If I ever get a chance to grab it I'm going to use it to make a few QSO's; hopefully one will be with the owner, then I'll send it on its way. KB9BIT
  22. I can highly recommend these: Funk's Grove Rest Area Travel Bug Resort (GCN16W) Rt.66 Turn Out (GCJCJX) And you can't pass by this without doing it: Mission 12: Blind Canal (GC1596)
  23. Very, very nice! I think some of the revenue from sale of this coin is going to help offset some of the huge expenses that this DXpedition ended up costing. I'm probably going to buy one. My one and only QSO w/3Y0X was on 17m CW last Thursday. I was just about to give up; called one last time and back came my call. What a thrill! Now I can get back to caching.
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