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  1. If I wasn't a bit too far North (Dallas area), I'd volunteer. However, if you'd like to get a quick taste of caching, there is a Virtual Cache (old style cache where there is no container, instead you go to the location and answer a question or send photo proof) in front of the Forbidden Gardens there in Katy. LINK No GPS needed for that one Hmmm, that reminds me, I still need to log my visit to there.....
  2. I have one of those at home that was stage one of a cache back in Las Vegas. I painted it the same color as a park bench, put a magnet in it, and wrote the coords for stage two inside the lid. Too bad stage two went missing I found one of these on a boad that is just sitting by the bayin my town. It was soaked...great micro hide but really needs to be in a place out of the elements. Good luck! Yeah, that's why with mine there was only the coords for the next stage printed on the inside with a Sharpie, those aren't exactly waterproof
  3. I have one of those at home that was stage one of a cache back in Las Vegas. I painted it the same color as a park bench, put a magnet in it, and wrote the coords for stage two inside the lid. Too bad stage two went missing
  4. I once did a cache that was meant as a drop point for donations for Toys-for-Tots, and it was quite well recieved, The haul of toys was great. However, due to the reason mentioned above, plus a few others, such as the fact that it was temporary and buried, there's no way it would be approved today LINK
  5. Why, I didn't even know Mrs. Saxy was expecting! Congrats!
  6. Here's my first two and change months: A few are still going, which is good considering that was over four years ago!
  7. Well, while I'd love to join in, as I haven't found any over in Fort Worth yet (I've still got plenty I haven't found in the Plano area), I'll actually be back in Vegas at that time.
  8. Eh, I've just started carrying a Sharpie, that way I don't even need to worry if the log is wet, full, or even there.
  9. Yes yes, please, let us all remember that every thread on the Geocaching forums is a serious matter, and no fun at all should be attempted to be had at anytime while having a serious discussion about a game.
  10. If your addendum was true, then there wouldn't be threads like the Cool Cache Container thread, or people buying pre-made cache containers on eBay. And as far as 'impinging upon the collective consciousness', as its been said plenty of times before, if you don't like the thread or info and don't want to read it, don't read it. Simple enough.
  11. Yeah, caching sounds like much more fun than sitting in the car waiting
  12. I've only met one cacher by chance while out caching, it was on a FTF run on a cache near my hotel in Schamburg Illinois. We both DNFed it, but I had an inspriation as I was logging my DNF, ran back out, found it, and got the FTF. The next afternoon I was out caching again, and ran into the same cacher, which was good, because one of the caches I DNFed earlier in the day was one of his, and he confirmed I was in the right spot, I just hadn't reached far enough into the hole in the rotten tree There was one other time in Albuquerue that I DNFed a cache (once again, on a FTF try), and as I was walking through the desert to my rental car a yellow jeep wnet bouncing by in the general direction of the cache. I did't think much of it until I went to log my DNF and say the DNF from the guy in the jeep Unfortionatly, that cache had bad info, and I left NM before it was corrected.
  13. BigMahma, you put together a very nice tutorial, it was sad that as I was looking through it I knew exactly what the responses would be Yes, there are a few issues with this cache type. Some of the responses pointed this out in a constructive way, and thats fine. Some were one step above full out bashing. What a great way to treat a fellow cacher who was just trying to be helpful. I think you've hit the right idea, go have fun caching and forget the negative folks here.
  14. Its less an issue of people knowing not to bring their kids to the cache, but more of an issue of kids finding the cache on accident. Happens all the time, it just so happens that many of the cool places we find to hide caches kids also find as cool spots to play, and a box of alcohol, tobacco and such would be quite the find for a group of kids
  15. I told Jeremy the Off Topic forum was leaking, they had to stop and install the duct tape. It'll take more than duct tape
  16. My two cents.... If you sign the log book on one of my caches, you can claim the Find. I dont care if you convinced someone to go get the cache and deliver it to your house for you to sign, you 'found' the cache through one method or another (of course, I'd be a bit peeved if they didn't put it back, or if someone DNFed it while it was gone). Now, this is just what I feel for my caches, and I don't expect others to feel the same for their caches, so if something is a bit out of the ordinary, I ask the cache owner. For instance, there is a 5/5 cache here in Plano that requires you to solve a puzzle, then use climbing gear to climb about 40' up tree at the final coords. I'd heard that there were some that had solved the puzzle, but lacked the gear, so when I solved the puzzle I posted a note to the cache page announcing when I planned on hitting the final. In the note, I stated that anyone who wanted to join me could meet me at the closest parking lot to the final coors to the East as to not give away anything to those that hadn't solved the puzzle. As it turned out, twelve cachers showed up, plus the cache hider. I climbed up and retreived the cache, but before I tossed it down I asked the owner if he required each individual to climb, and he said no, so down the cache went, all that were there got to claim a find, and those that wanted to climbed anyways. Do I feel that those that didn't climb cheated? No, expecially since the owner was cool with it.
  17. Wait, are you insinuating that my cache will be a park-and-grab filled with a bunch of McJunk?
  18. Sounds interesting, but I bet what yo'd find in hiding a cache where muggles would find it on accident would lead to an early death for the cache, as people seem to enjoy spoiling other's fun.
  19. I've got a very similar idea in the works, should be ready to go next week (finally), but it is only two stages, the box with a scrolling dislpay, two digits at a time, and the final. The battery will be inside already, with a simple switch to activate/deactivate the display on the side. Maybe I'll post a pic before I hide it
  20. Hey, I found a dollar with DRR marked on it, whats that mean?
  21. Well, dangj it, dont go and try to bring logic into this, thanthey will have a harder time being disappntned with you!
  22. Man, I'm surprised Snoogans hasn't chimed in with info about his Micro Spew One Degree of Snoogans Project caches
  23. oh c'mon!! this thread deserved a derailment. careful or i'll pay for another premium membership for the pig. i did it once and i'll do it again. A better threat is to threaten to withhold Premium Membership from The Pig, forcing him to hang out out here all day.
  24. Reminds me of the Ultimate Toolbox, Duct Tape and WD-40 If it doesn't move and its supposed to, use the WD-40. If it moves and its not supposed to, use the Duct Tape.
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