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  1. I too will be in Bermuda next week! It's all in how you try and plan things. I wouldn't bother wasting your time on a Geotour. There are over 200 caches on the island and chances are wherever you go, a cache will be close by. I have cached on Bermuda many times and I always have this grandiose plan to find tons of caches, but island time takes over and I end up settling for whatever I can sneak in away from the family. With that being said, if you start the tour, you can always come back and finish at another time! I would think your sister would love to see the sights that caching will bring you too.
  2. Anyone know how to delete geocaches from this GPS? I have no problem loading them from the site, but I have no idea how to delete the caches once found. No problems deleting waypoints, but there is no option to delete the geocaches. Is it me? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
  3. I just completed my Platinum requirements this past weekend and need to fill out the info for the pin. I have no idea where the other pins are that were earned. Is there a way to get replacements?
  4. I just got one for my Colorado 400t. I thought it was pretty cheap (sarcasm) that only one shield came in the package. I made the mistake of putting a fingerprint on the protector and now have to look at it all the time. A replacement protector would have helped. Other than that, it works just fine. I would recommend it.
  5. I just purchased a Colorado 400t for $350. Go with the upgrade to get the topo maps. Depending on where you live I have heard the touchscreen has issues in cold weather. My Colorado is rated to about 10 degrees and there are many days I am outside in subzero weather. Something to think about.
  6. Does anyone know of a protector that can go over my new Colorado screen? I still have the piece of plastic film that came with the unit, but it is pretty ratty. I have heard of of films you can purchase to replace it, but I have come up empty. I do not want to purchase the clunky Colorado case from Garmin. It does not seem very user friendly while caching.
  7. Try looking on Amazon.com. I am in the market for a new Colorado, and that is the best price I can find.
  8. Thanks. I forgot how I got into it last year.
  9. Thanks. I forgot how I got into it last year.
  10. Thanks. I forgot how I got into it last year.
  11. I remember at one time there was a Google Earth/Geocaching download that allowed you to seach caches in Google Earth. They showed up on the sat images just like the regular program. Is that still around?
  12. It sounds like you are making more of the FTF issue than the two cachers. Why don't you just declare them co-FTF and be done with it?
  13. My personal TB Porcupine Head which I have logged into every cache I have found since 2005, has almost 75,000 miles on it.
  14. I have a similar requirement on one of my Earthcaches in Vermont. It asks you to estimate the size (length) of a sand dune. I know the answer already, but it is more for the cacher to at least try and determine the length, more than arriving at a specific answer.
  15. It's questions like this that I can see the point of getting other cacher's opinions, but in reality, there isn't a question to ask. If you want to place an Earthcache, place it. If the the cacher in question has a problem with a virtual cache with educational aspects to it that bring cachers to not just your cache, but thiers too, then they have a serious problem. Place the cache wherever you want to.
  16. One of Vermont's state rocks are granite and I set up the first Earthcache for the granite quarries in my hometown of Barre, VT in 2005. I think it sounds like a great idea though. Vermont's state mineral is Talc, and there are a few old quarries that are still open for cachers to visit. The state rocks are granite, marble and slate.
  17. Rubbers may be common, but what about a used rubber!!! I found one in a cache in West Virginia. Sick pigs...and while searching for a cache at a rest stop in New York, I had to wade through piles of used toilet paper to find the cache. In Vermont, I ran across a used rubber stockpile that must have been there forever! Ah the joys of caching!
  18. I agree with Shearzone. If you dont really know what you have in front of you, it is not up to the earthcache finder to tell you, you should be the subject matter expert to confirm thier findings. My two cents is you should not have listed it in the first place until knowing what you have.
  19. Is there a quick HTML code that allows you to add the picture to the cache listing? I hate just adding the photo and having it as a link.
  20. Is there a quick HTML code that allows you to add the picture to the cache listing? I hate just adding the photo and having it as a link.
  21. I had just returned from a year in Iraq and had to debrief in FT Bliss, TX (El Paso) before going home to Vermont a few days later. I decided to head North into New Mexico to do some hiking/caching. I headed up to find a cache on top of a hilltop in the middle of nowhere, when off in the distance about a mile away, there was TORNADO bearing down full force across the valley. I looked to see where it was going and lucky for me it was going horizontal to my locaction. I took a few happy snaps and came back down the steep hillside twisting my ankel really, really bad before getting inundated with dime-sized hail before reaching the car.
  22. I have a few TB hotels and I have visited a bunch of them. There is no written rule. Just remember, unless the TBs are yours, you have no say in what happens to them and how long they should stay in your hotel. I remember I visited a TB hotel in Arkansas and the owner had a specific rule that there be "x" number of TBs in the cache at all times. I took more than I should have (many of them had goals that I could help along being when I went back home to Vermont). The cache owner wrote a scathing log about me and archived the cache soon after because of "Northeners coming down South and screwing everything up like they always have."
  23. I have noticed that my 4+ year old Etrex Vista just does not seem to cut it lately. Is it possible that over time, the receiver portion may deteriorate and the GPSr accuracy goes down? I remember when first starting out caching, I could find caches a lot easier. I have looked for 1/1 caches with no luck (I am a good cacher with 1007 finds) and 4/4 caches that were right on. I know that caching skill comes into play, but the original question still remains. Can the accuracy deteriorate over time? I know where you are is where you're at and that doesn't change, but you are dependent upon the GPSr itself to tell you where that is.
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