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  1. I have had a Garmin Nuvi 205 for several years and really enjoy using it. For Christmas I got a Garmin Nuvi 40LM which is very similar to the old unit with a few added features. The 40 has a larger screen, has free lifetime maps, speaks the street names and has lane assist. I was looking at all the features and was able to load caches on the unit but encountered two problems. I used GSAK to load the caches but when I go to the unit, they are listed in 'Favorite' which I expected but they show as the GC#### instead of the cache name. I know this is a configuration issue with GSAK but does somebody know what code I use to transfer the name rather than the number? The other issue is erasing the caches after I go on a caching run. On the 205 I could go to 'System' then 'Data' then 'Delete Favorites' and I could select none or all and specifically delete whatever caches I wanted to delete, usually all in my case. With this new unit, I can see no way to delete these items other than one at a time which would be far too tedious. Any suggestions on either issue?
  2. I am very confused with this coin. I have not been collecting coins for some time but since I started the AT coins, I would like to get the whole set. I was getting the regular and SE versions of all the coins but there was a huge gap where no coins were produced and that is about the time I quit buying coins. At that time, I was under the impression that after all the coins were released there would be one final 'commemorative' coin for the whole series minted. Has this happened? Have all coins been produced? Are they now making re-mints of the original coins in different finishes. A general chronological history of this coin set would be appreciated. Is it possible to still get the last couple of the original mintings? As you can see I am not well informed about this coin at all. In fact, I'm not totally sure what coins I do have but believe I have up to perhaps Pennsylvania.
  3. I'm looking forward to pics, I think it is going to be a great coin and as you know I want a couple. I hope you realize this will be the first coin I have purchased in almost a year after an unpleasant experience. Now you know how special this coin is to me.
  4. Looks like I am not going to be able to respond at all in the future on this subject. I tried a couple days ago and that post never saw the light of day. Once again, this speaks volumes about how things are done on this forum. I have never once been nasty, hateful or vindictive yet my opinion somehow is not important enough to make this forum. To be honest, I really don't care any more. My life goes on no matter what kind of inequity takes place on this forum.
  5. Just an update for anybody who cares (ya right). I was the one who voiced my opinion about the slow shipping for this coin and had my order cancelled and money returned, against my wishes. When I responded to this injustice and complained to Groundspeak, I was sanctioned and not allowed to post on the forums for 3 days. I guess that speaks volumes about what happens sometimes. I have such a bad taste in my mouth, I have paid little attention to these forums lately and am about ready to quit collecting coins, not that anybody cares, just wanted to vent a little. I guess I should be thankful that this happened, it will save me a lot of money in the future. My only hope is that if you have a gripe with someone on this forum, you have enough sense to wait until you have coins in hand before you post your opinion and that your response is not confrontational at all or you may experience a sanction as well. Be aware, there is no a democracy here.
  6. Just wanted to let everybody know what kind of people created this coin. I recently complained about it having been 6 weeks since I paid for 2 laptop coins. I still don't have my coins nor do I have any idea when I might get them. To me that is unacceptable behavior by a coin seller. Apparently Anthus did not like my comments so they refunded my money today. At the very least, this is unethical. At the most it is illegal. My money was good enough as long as I had no complaints but once they read a comment they don't llike, I get my money back. Where is the interest this money could have earned while they had it in their account rather than mine? Lots of questions here but I will complain to GC for this unethical treatment.
  7. I am interested in trading or purchasing a couple laptop coins. My trading list is in my signature so if you are interested, let me know by PM or e-mail. I complained about it having been 6 weeks from the time I paid for the coins and still no coins so these Jerks who made this coin refunded my money. Have no respect for them but would like to get a couple of the coins.
  8. I also paid on April 28, 2007 but have received no word as to when I might receive my coins. I love the coin but this delay is unacceptable. Money should not be taken that far in advance of the shipping of coins. I will not be buying coins from Anthus in the future!
  9. I would love to trade geocoins! I don't have a photo yet but the artwork is in the first batch of coins produced if you would like to check it out. Let me know if a trade would be possible. Thanks!
  10. A beautiful coin and a great cause! I bought two so I would have a trader, I'm sure this coin will be in demand from others wanting to trade. Thanks!
  11. How about the Schuylkill PA Geocachers coin? I looked on Oak Coins and they list this coin but when I went there, it showed not in the databas. I wrote Oak Coins and they said they did activation codes for another coin by this group but not this one. I just bought the coin and now can't activate it. I also checked coincodes.com Help!
  12. I'm not advertising, but just type "14eur in usd" as a Google search. Added in edit: just type what's between the quotes - not the quotes. Just what I was afraid of. Turns out to be over $18 US! I think I'll pass.
  13. I'm not into conversion from Euro. What is 8.5 euro for the coin + 5.5 euro s/h (14 euro) in American currency? I fear it is more money than I want to spend. Shame to because I not only like the coin, I like the concept.
  14. First off, let me say I would love to be at GW5 but I'm not so I made the best of it. Went to an event in Mountain View, Wyoming (2007 Summer Kickoff Event). We had a great time at the event (thanks Wyohunter & OldWyo). The plan was to stay the night, caching in the afternoon and evening. We had gotten invited to go to Wyohunters house for s'mores/marshmallow roast that night. Then we were going to cache all the next day (today) and come home to enjoy the rest of the weekend with our son, daughter, grand-daughter and son's girlfriend. Those were the plans! The facts were, after the event we went caching for a couple hours but our grand-daughter had not been feeling well most of the day and she got even worse so we went to the motel to let her rest. When we got there, it was obvious that she should be home so off we headed for the 174 mile drive back home. She ended up going to the ER with a sinus and ear infection which had given her the headache and high fever. We were glad we came home, for her comfort and recovery. So today, I have been busy working on my geocoins, cache logs and even a little yard work (mowed and trimmed and sprayed weeds). It is a kind of lazy day but gorgeous (70 degrees with no wind, just perfect). We are going for a drive into the mountains tomorrow to show our son's girlfriend what beauty we have only 50 miles away then a bbq tomorrow night. My wife made lazagna today so that will be dinner. Except for the sick grand-daughter who is much better today, weekends don't get much better than this one has and will continue to be. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect.
  15. I really like this coin! I won't be going to GW5 but have asked a friend to pick up a couple metals just in case they won't be available after the event. How do you artists come up with the concepts you do? I have no idea but I sure enjoy reaping the benefits of your talent.
  16. I am working on that and trying to figure out what to do. If you count the tags you received 2 extra of each metal so it sounds like you are only 1 short from the but I am not 100% from your comments. Will get back to you when I figure this out. Hey Mike, not a big deal! I wish I didn't have the dups but I am perfectly happy right where I am, no gripes at all, maybe it sounded more complaint than comment. I am just thrilled to have coins which are trackable at the price. I'm all fired up to do some trading, giving away and sending some out traveling.
  17. Great couple days: Monday: Good Karma/Bad Karma X 2 Tuesday: Schuylkill County Geocachers X 1 2 boxes of GeoTags (100 total) very cool!
  18. Like the coin, I'd be interested in a trade or purchase when the time is right!
  19. I got mine today too (both bunches) and I like all the coins but I have 4 coins with the same number in one bunch and 2 sets of coins with duplicates in the other bundle. That essentially allows me 5 less coins to trade or give away than if there were no duplicates. A little disappointing but not a huge concern. I will be trading and giving away my personal coins. The 2nd Annual Rawlins Brownbag coins will be door prizes, raffled, sold and auctioned to raise a little money for the event and WyoGeo.net Thanks for making this project happen, Mike!
  20. I see another Wyoming cacher on the list but we are located about 160 miles apart and I would be willing to release some coins alos. I live on an Interstate which has several thousand cars pass by each day and I have a TB stop that has quite a bit of traffic which I could place the coins in
  21. Rubiconlwb


    A couple of my favs are: Native American Fallen Heroes Symbology Wyoming 2007
  22. My guesses for today: 104 or 124
  23. Not only do I like this coin but I really like black nickel as a metal. I ordered two so I will have one for a trade later on. Thanks for making this coin!
  24. Just one today but 2 yesterday! Today: Nuttin' Better Nickel X 1 Yesterday: The Breath Of Life X 2 (Beautiful)
  25. I'll pass as well, for all the reasons mentioned. It looks like people selling geocoins are going the way of the e-place, pay for the item then get butchered by the shipping. I've said it before and I will say it again here. Unjustified high prices will be the demise of geocoin collecting and it is not if but when.
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