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    Membership Issue

    Thanks D3C. That was fast. Now I'm wondering if that one cache has a problem and not my membership. Roy
  2. roygpa

    Membership Issue

    I have a similar problem. I pay monthly via paypal and made the latest payment on 11/25/2007. Today I tried to view a cache and the page tells me it is only available to premium members. I go into my membership details and it tells me that I am a premiuim member. Can somebody help? While you are at at please also tell me how to unsubscribe... Not saying that I am going to, but we have only cached once in 14 months. I can't seem to figure out how to stop payment via Paypal. It says I have no subscriptions. Thanks RoyGPA.
  3. I wandered over to the Google Earth Communiity and searched... only to find out that DD MM.MMM is considered obsolete, and then I found a kmz placemark file here: Decimal minutes that places a bookmark in the center of the screen and you just mover the map to the place that you want. Then it gives the coords in DD MM.MMM format. Not perfect, but it works for me. Roy
  4. I guess I should have posed my question differently. What I meant was, is it possible to configure Google Earth so that when I put the pointer a certain place, it will return the latitude and Longitude in DD MM.MMM, so t hat I don't have to convert it before entering it into my GPS? In Tools, Options, Show Lat/Long I see options of Degrees, Minutes, seconds, or Degrees or UTM No biggie, it's not difficult to convert. Roy
  5. On 8/21/2004 I wrote this e-mail to Lowrance about POI's being off: Question:> I have Map Create 6.2 and quite a few of the Points of interest in my area are in the wrong positions, off by as much as a couple of miles. How can I edit them and put the in the correct place? On 8/24/2004 I received this response: Thank you for your inquiry. The data supplied is provided by Info USA and is licensed data. Unfortunately this data can not be altered under the license agreement. If you would like to supply the points that are not correct, we would be happy to forward this information to the vendor. Thank you for supporting Lowrance Electronics. Lowrance Customer Service 12000 E. Skelly Dr. Tulsa, OK 74128 I don't find the POI's on 6.3 to be any better, not that Iv'e noticed anyway... but then again I stopped using them. I still like my Lowrance Ifinder H20, wish I could say the same about mapcreate 6.2/6.3 Topo Roy
  6. I've had an Ifinder H2O black and white since October of 2004 and we have found about 160 geocaches with it. I've been using Lowrance/eagle products since 1992 and for me anyway, I see no reason to buy anything else. The H2O is plenty accurate for geocaching, the ols Eagle Expedition... well it was better for fishing wide open lakes. I sold it to a fellow geocacher who knew its drawbacks. Roy
  7. Deadeye: You might want to call their customer service 800 number, they take forever to answer e-mails... Just a friendly suggestion. RoyGPA
  8. Just great! Now with better protection against jamming and improved Ionic atmosphere interference compensation, I'm all out of excuses for my frequent DNF's. All kidding aside, thanks for the link. Roy
  9. I would say try these for nice walks and a great view: Nevermore and Top of the Rocks We did them on a cool, sunny spring day this past April. It was the best day from work that I've had in awhile. The best part is that cellphone service is spotty at best, and few people could find me. Roy
  10. Lep: Best food in Washington, PA is Angelo's. Everything on the menu is first class. The restaurant has been around for about 50 years. Their Spinach, Fontenalla cheese flat bread is a great appetizer. If you like veal, every dish is great. If you like hot pepper dishes, they have a couple that will bring tears to your eyes. I'm getting hungry for their food as I type this. Propers: Don't forget the YemonYimes caches in the Mayview/Boyce Park area or in on Arrowhead trail. They are only about 10 or 12 miles north of Washington. Profundities in Peterswoods One Clue over the Cuckoo's Nest and if you have time Lynch Pond Lemonade it can be tricky depending on which direction you decide to come from. The Holiday Inn in the Meadow Lands was remodeled in July and from what I hear, the rooms are nice. A better choice in Hotels about 7 miles north is The Hilton Sunken Gardens at Southpointe, and their Restaurant "Jacksons" has great food. Get off I-79 at the Southpointe exit. If you stay here you will be closer to the caches mentioned above. Roy
  11. Here's ours. My wife and son took the picture and submitted it when I was travelling on business. Team RoyGPa White Jeep Thanks Roy and Family.
  12. The voices inside my head are telling me to buy 2, please. RoyGPA
  13. Great article, good job. Anybody have a link to the article mentioned at the bottom of the Cover page, "Excuse me ma'am your bum is ringing?" What a way to start a conversation. Maybe that'll be the name of our first cache. Roy
  14. Lee: My wife bought me Mapcreate 6.3 Topo USA as a Christmas present last year and I spent two weeks trying to get it to work. I couldn't get my computer to recognize the LEI card reader and couldn't save the maps, but I was determined I would fix it myself. That was mistake number 1. Then I had the bright idea to e-mail Lowrance and ask for help. Mistake Number 2. They took 3 weeks to answer. Then I decided to call Lowrance Customer Service, which I usually avoid because most of the customer service numbers I call keep me on hold for hours. After about 5 minutes on hold, I was able to speak to a real human being and she kindly suggested that I download and install the newest firmware for the LEI card reader. I did that and it works fine as can be. The firmware is called "NEW! MMCI-USB Firmware Upgrade (LEI)" and is available here: Lowrance Softwate Updates THen I went out and bought a new notebook and it works better on it. I hope this helps Roy
  15. I've been using one for about a year. I like it alot. I will admit that the new Mapcreate 6.3 Topo software and card reader gave me fits at first but it works well now. The H2O works well under tree cover, and rarely loses signal. The SD card is located inside the battery compartment and if you want to load a bunch of different waypoints... a bunch of different times... you might get frustrated having to remove bateries it get at the card. Anymore I just load waypoints in manully, but I rarely find more than 4 to 6 caches at most per trip. Would I buy another if my wife or kids asked for a GPS'r? YEP. RoyGPa
  16. I've seen a bunch of brand new 110m's ebay for prices around that one. Perhaps Lowrance is getting ready to introduce a color version and is trying to get rid of as many of the B&W version... or they just aren't selling. Roy
  17. I'm in for 2. Did the Paypal thing. RoyGPA
  18. Mine arrived today. They sure are purty! My wife can quite understand why I've started collecting geocoins. Thanks Roy
  19. Thanks for the reply. I have disabled all other scripts and uninstalled and reinstalled yours and can't seem to get it to show up. It says it is installed and that I should refresh my screen which I've done. Hmmmm, I'll keep trying. Thanks again. P.S. I don't know much about scripts, but I opened the Script console with combinations of scripts running down to just yours running and I get an error when yours is running. It looks like this: Error: GM_getvalue is not defined Source File: "Then it show the source from the page I am viewing" Line 1115 Update: It seems to be line 1115 each time. Final Update: Success! I updated everything, newst version of Firefox and updated all of the extensions and it started working! Thanks again! Roy
  20. Forgive my ignorance, but I have installed other Grease monkey scripts and I have installed this one and I don't see it on the cache page. What am I looking for? Where does it show up. I installed one that shows up under the coordinates as "Google Map (inc Satellite) Google Earth", it works fine, but I do not see yours. Thanks Roy
  21. I'll take two. Is the order site up and running? RoyGPA
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