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  1. Get me a plane ticket and I'll be there I'll draw you a map If you can get here, we would love to have ya
  2. Texas has a state event "The Texas Challenge" that brings cachers from all over the state together for a weekend event. The first three years, Texas was split into three regions, North Texas, Southeast Texas, and Central Texas. Each team would hide the same number of "tokens" the day before, and then there was a set amount of time for the competition. Whichever team found the most tokens, won the event. At first the competition was light and fun, but as the sport/activity has grown in popularity and more and more people were participating in the event. The competition grew away from light and fun, and this past year really left a bad taste in many cachers’ mouths. The group hosting Texas Challenge '06, are "revamping" the activities, and have promised it will be a fun weekend again. TC 06 is scheduled for the weekend of March 18, 2006. If you are interested in checking it out, come on down. There will also be plenty of "Texans" at Geowoodstock this year that you could get ideas from too. Just food for thought :
  3. There used to be an "edit" option here. Did I just miss it? Any whoo.... The Event has been listed
  4. The yahoo group mentioned above is VERY active. That should be a geat place to start.
  5. Just an update..... The event has been sibmitted for listing. When it is approved, you can view it by using waypoint GCRK6G.
  6. That is a better deal than the Magellan ProDeal prices they make available for certain retail employees
  7. Everyone had so much fun last year, they asked for another one. Everyone is invited/encouraged to attend. You can follow and participate in the discussion, and get up to date info here This event is going to happen, we are just nailing down the final details. If you just received a GPS for Christmas, this would be a great way to learn what it is all about. The event will be all weekend, but you can come for just a day if that is all your schedule will allow. We will post a link to the GC.com event page once it has been approved for viewing.
  8. Cool, a Texas Lax fan...need more of those down here. OK JT & PJ Cole, if you can let us know what part of Texas, and about when, you will be here, we could arrange an event and do some quick group caching.
  9. Team Flashncache just gave you the best advice. Try to go out with a cacher that has a few hides/finds under their belt. This is a fune way to learn as well as meet some of the cachers in your area.
  10. You should post this in the regional forums at Texas Geocaching
  11. Houston Geocaching Society.You should post this on the Texas Geocaching website. Go to the Noth Texas forum and post it there. you should get plent of "hits" For Houston area stuff you can go to Just a note about 2 places for ya to check out.
  12. Short and boring explanation. Geoname- Cherokeecacher The Avatar says the rest.
  13. 1) yes. If you want/need more detail than the base maps that cam on the unit, you will need to buy them from Magellan. 2) There are a few programs that will allow you to do this. GSAK is one of them. 3) If I remember correctly....Yes you need an SD card to hold additional maps. Exactly how much "research" did you do before you bought such unit??? I will let others answer the rest of your Q's.
  14. Post this on Texas geocaching site or send an e-mail on the SATXgeocachers yahoo group. Either one will get you great results.
  15. Post this question on the forums at Texas Geocaching and you will probably get lots of ideas. Where in Houston will you be? We may be able to help you out when you get here.
  16. There are more coming down the pipe too. I heard that color Rhinos are due with in 6 months.
  17. I don't care for the SOT kayaks. I've tried a few. The back support is very poor, there really is no place to store your gear and keep it reasonably safe and dry. You really can't stop for a bit to relax either because there is nothing to lean your upper body or arms against. They also tend to be slow. They're ok for toying around the beach or your local pond, but that's about all. I agree with your instincts and and say go with a traditional kayak. have you checked out a Dimension Kayak? Not trying to change you mind about what you like, but for some people a SOT is better because they are a little more stable, most will not fill with water, and beginners feel a little safer in...on them. Dimension is now part of Old Town and their SOT, especialy the Voyageur, have great back support and offer some dry storage. Last week in Nebraska I paddled an older model that was size specific, not like the newer ones with multi foot wells, and I did not fit well. I was glad I hauled a Blackwater 12.5 on top of the car from Texas I think SOT's are great for cassual paddlers looking for a way to get on the water, but honestly feel that most that stay with it will move into a sit inside at some point for longer trips.
  18. LOL! We won't let REI handle it this time. Careful Snoogans. You know REI had nothing to do with the printing of the shirts, but others reading this thread will not. You and I know you are poking fun at me, and I can take it, but lets be fare here. The TRUTH is 3 Board Members of TXGA, Michelle and myself all looked at the proof and all 5 of us missed that one. The typesetter miss spelled it at the T-shirt Company, and we just missed it. Back on topic…..YIPI for Texas good job 9Key and the rest of you. Let’s see. I strongly suggest placing a portable AC unit on lay away now for when y’all come down and play with us.
  19. You should also post this on the Texas Geocaching forums in the Southeast Texas area. If I was off work, I would drive down and joing ya.
  20. Post this on the Texas Geocaching forums, and you will probably get a faster reply/answer
  21. you will probably get a faster reply at The Texas Geocaching website. Just post it under the North texas forum. Happy hunting
  22. On this same note......The REI website does not show the 600 available at this time, BUT that just means it is not available for website ordering. Many "brick and mortor" locations have the unit in stock. If this is the way you want to go, I suggest calling a location near you. You should be able to order it over the phone from an actaual store location, instead of the website. Just FYI for those folks chomping at the bit for one
  23. Sam's Club has MS S&T for about $24.00 NIB. It comes with pocketpc version.
  24. I would post this on The Texas Geocaching Website too. You will probably get a faster reply from a DFW area cacher. If you ever drop down to Houston, e-mail us, we will cache with ya
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