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  1. Being from Utah, if I let mormons bother me away from a cache, I'd never get any finds... I don't see why it matters if they were mormons or perceived by you to be mormons.
  2. thanks for the fixed link, i dont know what happened. anyway, i appreciate the response and the help offered. Thanks guys. and yes, if you're planning to go get it, it is 4.5/5 cache, so it might be a good one.....
  3. Hey colorado cachers, my TB is stuck, if anyone is up for a challenge, i'd love to see it moved along. here is the cache that it's in: tennys little brother(gcrv9k) watch this TB thanks, later
  4. hey, you guys should check out this site: google sightseeing check out the categories, there are manmade features and tons of nature-made as well. have fun
  5. since halloween is upon us once more, i'll drag this up for review and some incredible reading.
  6. Hey everyboday. I have a quick question for all of you web savvy people out there and in here. Is there a way to link a small self-updating location text and/or a mileage counter(kind of a mini-tb update) on a personal web page? I want to list where it is the cache name or in ___'s hands. and a ___ miles logged. Very much like what is on the TB page. is this possible? and how can we do this? Thank you and have a dandy thanksgiving.
  7. hey, our new cache is ready, but it's only a temporary halloween theme(till november) Check it out. Oak Lawn Multi
  8. Link broke, but I think I know which one you're talking about. Is it the Return of the Living Dead?
  9. There are very few halloween themed caches in my area. There are a few if you drive for a bit, but I want to place one and I need examples. Post your favorite halloween/spooky/nighttime caches here. Thanks.
  10. The TBXXXX number is only a reference number, not the actual tracking number. The reference number cannot be used to log, grab or post to a Travel Bug. oh yeah, sorry, i had a sleepy morning when i wrote that.
  11. you shouldnt put your tb number out in the world for all to see. I suggest an edit.
  12. I don't recall being asked if this was okay three years ago!
  13. Do you use your gc premium member features? Would you like to keep Groundspeak and geocaching around? One more, do you decide where all the money from your other purchases go? Do you think all the money from the big-macs you buy will go to improve only big-macs? 'nuff said. .....wait, I think I hear the Waaaah-mbulance.
  14. Could I request that an exception be made for Earthcaches? These are a well defined category in their own right, and it doesn't seem sensible to split them across two sites. I don't care which site they all end up on, but I think they should be removed from one or the other. I would like to be able to search from caches (or waymarks) and have come up with a list of waymarks nearby, kind of like the search nearby caches option, maybe some filter options. If this would be possible.
  15. Would that be a bad thing? My feelings are if people are willing to search for categories with this type of content they should be willing to submit to some type of age verification, be it credit card or DNA testing. Besides, that's the idea isn't it? To make it hard for children to stumble across adult material.
  16. May I suggest subsription to categories, like newsgroups or things? you could subscribe to the 'adult oriented' categories then you would be able to browse them. Plus you could choose certain categories, if you wanted just 'crime sites,' but not 'brothels' this would be effective. Just a quick ID check or something to verify age. I like the ignore idea too, this would be good for other categories as well so I could ignore McDonalds and walmart.
  17. Will there be other types of logs, such as DNF? What if you visited the site, but the landmark was removed so you can't take a picture for example. Also, what's with teh sprites? I found Jeremy, do I get a FTF, or is this possibly a type of waymark?
  18. I like it! I can do some waymarks from my computer(where I'm stuck most of the day). Besides this new 'Waymarking' was meant to replace locationless, well you can't get less of a location than the internet. Maybe you should have to find a certain word or something like that to log a website. I don't know and I won't say. But that's the beauty of it, the freedom to be creative. Similar to geocaching, the creativity and new ideas is what keeps the experience fresh. It's just another step in the evolution of the site.
  19. I have recently come across some ammo boxes, but I don't know what the going rate should be. It's a pretty large supply, so if I get a good enough deal watch for the sale of the year! So, my questions: How much do you usually pay(or would you pay) each? What do you generally pay for shipping? Mostly 30 cal, but price 'em all! Thanks.
  20. IMO, Groundspeak should be in charge of new categories, or at least a voting system as suggested. Then we won't get as many silly topics, we now have a McDonalds(which I wouldn't have voted for), what's next, Wendys, Burger King, Carls JR, Taco Bell, KFC, A&W, Panda Express? If the general public were in charge of categories themselves, there would really be a category for 'Trees' and another for 'Shrubberies' and another called 'Weeds,' and so forth. It would generate too many topics and posts, if there are 10 billion MickeyDees, I wouldn't wade thru that mess!
  21. If this were "real" haunted houses, meaning real houses, buildings, etc that are reputed by local legend to be haunted, I'd say . But if it includes Halloween carnival creations or roadside fabrications, then not. they already have a category for 'weird' i'd imagine this includes haunted sites.
  22. This is one thing we do have plenty of around here, ski/snowboard resorts. Either the lodge or the resort itself. Feedback?
  23. List all haunted houses/spook alleys(not real houses, the walkthru ones) in the seasonal/holiday directory o' course. Trick or treat anyone?
  24. now, there are no skyscrapers in utah, mostly sagebrush. but this would be a good idea, yes? no?
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