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  1. thanks a lot ryleyinstl! I can't want to get out and start caching again
  2. I'm an American living the Germany and I have an American ETrex Legend but I'm having a hard time navigating with it. I have looked on the internet but don't want to have to pay double for one from UK. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?
  3. I'm active duty Air Force. been in 7 years and just sewed on Staff Sergeant. I remove and replace components on the C-130H I'm authorized to work on Pave-low helicopters but there aren't any where I'm stationed. I am going to go to Germany in March for a few years.
  4. Thanks so much for all the helpfull posts. MickieD is my mom. I will be going to Ramstein with my daughter in March. I only looked at a couple of cache pages that were around Kaisurslautern(sp?) and they weren't in English thus my mom's inquiries after we were discussing it. I bought a German-English dictionary and a tour guide book the other day. I'm lookig forward to everything EXCEPT the cold weather. Growing up in Texas has me very acclimated to hot weather lol thanks again for all yall's help!
  5. when I was caching in Plano Tx, me and ironwoman went for a cache GCHJ8C in a neat wooded walking trail area. I we went off trail to retrieve the cache. before we could find it I stepped over a log and twisted me ankle really bad. I came close to passing out so we hobbled back to the car and back to the hotel. that was Friday evening, on our way back home to abilene we stopped by to search again, and success!
  6. I guess I'm not intelligent because all throughout school I never did understand all those rules. Try as I might I couldn't remember the parts of a sentence or the way it should be structured etc.. I think I do well enough to get the point across though. 6 years after high school and it still doesn't click. Look what I found doing a google search....grammar book
  7. I started out with a cheap little magellin and got fed up with inputing every waypoint in mannually that I eventually bought a Legend. I not only use it when caching. I use it when I am traveling out of town so i do get lost. And while I'm in a new town9out of state mostly) I will upload maps for the new area to the GPS and have the ability to navigate even the smallest streets.
  8. it really helps to go ahead and register the GSAK program otherwise that darn nag screen will be there for longer periods of time. I'm up to a wait time almost 2 minutes that darn thing to go away...
  9. I've had Okra. It's... gross. Okra is the basis of some really awesome gumbo recipes. Not to mention stewed okra and tomatos....MMMMmmmm..... eat it every chance I get...mostly when we go to Golden Corral.
  10. there should be an icon on the desktop called "hotsync manager" when I click it it syncs the palm. But Mine is a little weird, and probably on the blink so I would disregard what I said.
  11. On my palm I have to hot the hot sync button on the PDA then the one one the puter. then hit cancel on the PDA then hit hot sync again. Don't know why but you might want to try that.
  12. I can't see any forums either. I just came in straight from an outside web site and i only found this thread by going into the "view new posts" button.
  13. usually if I want to see which cache is closest I just set my GPS to view the nearest cache. And I have only used CacheMate for my Zire72. It takes me a while to get from dowmloading the GPX file into GSAK and then into the PDA but that is only because I haven't forked over the money to register GSAK.
  14. placing it in a cache that is rated 4 for difficulty and 4 for terrain
  15. I got an MP3 player, and a backpack. the other stuff isn't geo related
  16. update... the house wasn't burnt down but parts of it did catch fire.
  17. thats the size I use but then I use one of my miracle blade bread knives and cut it all up....lol
  18. All, A local geocaching family has recently suffered the loss of their house to a fire. I asked what they needed or if there is anything we can do. With typical West Texas pride, I didn't get much of an answer but I know that they could use some, any, help from our group. So far, Alpha said that they would like to know if anyone in GAGA has a metal detector that they could borrow to try and recover some of the tools from the residence. Also, in the near future, they will probably be in need of some living room furniture. I personally can't imagine... especially at this time of year. If anyone can, or would like to help out, please let me know. If you have a metal detector, some extra furniture, or can think of anything else to help transition into their new home please do not heistate to contact me. On behalf of the family, I thank you all in advance!
  19. I lost me GPS and was down for 2 weeks until I finally talked sweetie into buying me a new one. I looked EVERYWHERE for it. I know it came home with me after caching and I am 99% positive someone stole it out of my truck
  20. haha... isn't this suppose to be a family oriented site?? lol
  21. now, how do you change what is says? I am a premium member and I thought mine said "all hail the IPU" but it isn't.
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