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  1. I guess this is why I don't own any trackable! I no longer even have active caches.
  2. I had to pull out two caches from a county park, when the original owner who still lived on the property challenged me. She has since died and the whole property has now gone totally to the state and county. The caches are gone, archived. I no longer place caches.
  3. I have had to pass up a number of caches in my area that are impossible for me to access. One is on the side frame of a bridge with no floor. No way am I going try making my way on a bridge side frame! Some caches require walking more than a mile where cars cannot go! One is a 3 mile round trip! Who can do this one? Multis give you no more points that a single, so, I pass up a lot of these caches as well! I may even decide to quit geocaching.
  4. I don't own any travel bugs and never will. I don't want to trade swag, either. Finding the cache and signing the log is good enough for me.
  5. When I had caches, I would archive them if they were vandalized. I no longer have caches of my own now.
  6. If a cache goes unfound for a long time, then maybe it is time to quit the cache, archive it and pick it up. I had some in rural Lee county Iowa that would go a year or more with no one even looking for them. I would eventually just pick them up and archive them. When I planned to move from the county, I put the remaining caches up for adoption. I now live in Washington county. Caches that are not being regularly found are just useless to the hobby. Why maintain a cache that no one is interested in logging?
  7. Caches count for 1 point, regardless. So, I hunt for the easy ones to up my score, because difficult or multies just use up time, and still count for only 1 point. It is a challenge enough for me to get out at all, because of advancing age (75) and don't need the extra challenge!
  8. How about so much trash covering a cache, that you can't find the cache! I refused to wade through all the trash in Columbus Jct, Iowa to find GC12NYX , the first of a series of caches along a railroad trail. Trash, trash, trash! A trash trail!
  9. I found one in a small park, was a two parter, but park was so small, the sat footprint was larger than the park, so left it in car, hunted and found the final micro, and signed the log. Why a two parter in a park so small, I don't understand. Never did find the 1st micro, but didn't need to, got the one with the log, and signed it. I may try this again with multis in small parks, could get lucky, only counts for 1 point, anyway!
  10. Caching in Iraq? Watch out for IEDs!
  11. I have found the final cache in a multi without finding all the stages a couple of times, because they were placed in a park so small, that all were within the satellite footprint, plus or minus gps error. Signed the log and left.
  12. I still cache, but I no longer put out my own. I have also moved about 50 miles from where my caches are, which I adopted out. I like the line about hiding a micro where one could hide a 747. I have seen such sites. Gas prices ran up by speculators was another problem until recently. I hope someone goes to jail for it.
  13. Whew! I am glad that I no longer hide caches. I no longer have active caches. Lots of problems solved this way.
  14. I am wondering how much effect gas prices are having on the hobby? Cold weather has kept me inside for months, but high gas prices may stop me from resuming the hobby. I gave up my last 7 caches to other cachers, to relieve me of the work and mileage to maintain them, now I am wondering if I will ever get out there very much to find new ones? There are a bunch close to me, that I will probaly try to find, but further away, probaly never.
  15. Gas prices are a big reason for me to almost quit the hobby. I gave away my last 7 caches, archived a letterbox (Frozen in!) and probaly will not renew my premium membership. Enough is enough! They are talking 4 dollar gasoline this summer! I would still enjoy geocaching if I could afford it! Hard to afford anything now!
  16. I know the thread's a year old, but this post presents a new case. The bolt, not so much a problem. Drilling a hole is very much vandalism. Hopefully the hider either owns the trail or used an existing hole. This is a rough woods area behind a YMCA A motocross club has made trails using ladders covered with boards for bridges. All very rough and unpainted. No one is going to care.
  17. I found a fake bolt in a ladder bridge on a motorcross bike trail. A hole was drilled and the bolt was added, trouble was, it was too tight for me to separate the two halves of the bolt to get to the log book. In this case, the bolt was not holding anything, planks were laid over a wooden ladder to make a bridge for the motocross bikes. Where does one obtain such an item?
  18. K0BKL


    Ok, guess this is a "nano" John
  19. K0BKL


    Ok, what is a nano ?
  20. Not working for me, either. Server either down, or too busy
  21. Or some people who want to place caches on an island in the middle of a river where you need a boat to reach it?
  22. I didn't even get an error page, the site is just down. It answers pings, but that is all! I wanted to update my e-mail address, changing providers. My cable internet provider cannot keep me connected, so moving down to the next best thing, ADSL John
  23. I have been logging DNFs when everybody else was finding the things! I guess I am slipping in my old age! (73 on the 15th)
  24. I get packet messages in all caps from a ham using a dumb terminal. I used to have such a terminal, called a TTY terminal. It has no lower case! Maybe some people use an all caps machine on internet?
  25. I have in the past adopted a cache in a state park, with the permission of the owner in another state. The cache is now archived, but 3 approved caches are now in that same park. The archived cache had issues with wet conditions.
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