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Wyoming Geocoin


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This post has two puposes:

1) Cancel any previous post by me. My original post asking for 35 bronze coins and a dozen silver coins has been replaced by a more recent post by Redwing_dave in behalf of our COOL coin ordering group.


2) Put in my individual order for 1 silver coin (assuming the 2 coin maximum still applies to group orders, as well).

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All I found were three designs on the WGA website. I liked this idea the best:


There have been other suggestions involving deer and a bird too.

Is there an official design yet?


When is the order site coming up? <_<

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well *I* know what the design looks like :huh:


We are still waiting on the ordering site to be set up, and then we'll show off the design. End of summer has been busy for us here, and I suspect the same with the other people involved in working on this project.

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