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  1. I was stationed at Lakehurst, NJ, 1996 - 2000 when I retired. I taught inside Hangar 1, that was a cool experience, knowing the history of the Hindenburg, and learning other very cool things about the hanger and the base in general. The "Leatherman" symbol does look odd to me, but it is not mine to decide on the design. Personally I would have figured a way to obscure that section of the Zepplin. On a side note, it is only a Zepplin if it came from that German company, the blimps at games and such are NOT Zepplins..... I Do still like the pathtag though! I didn't know that type of design coould be done!! IC1 L.R Hale USN(Ret)
  2. IC1

    ISQ Finds

    IC1 253 + 23 = 276
  3. IC1

    ISQ Finds

    Hmmm Further checking revealed my numbers are off.... 244 Indiana Spirit Quests found 8 Ohio Spirit Quests found 1 Ontario Canada Spirit Quest found 253 Total Spirit Quests found as of Aug 10 2008
  4. IC1

    ISQ Finds

    I was talking to dougsmiley at Geobash and he mentioned that I should log how many I have found so far. It got me thinking that I had meant to figure that out, but put it off.... So After this weekend I have now found 243 ISQs, Not bad for only being here 1 year. I have also found relatives and men I served with, always a sobering remider that life is short. I am sure it has been said before, but, I enjoy this series for the solitude,reflection, and the occasional discovery of personal history. Mostly though it allows me to stop and visit with those who have gone before,,,, THX to those with the vision to set this up and help it to grow into an awsome series!!!
  5. Is the mail really this slow in Indiana!?!?!? "mailed the 4th of April", going halfway across the state, April 14th still not here!?!?!?!?
  6. I saw the postman walk by this afternoon, but I was buried in the dreaded tax paperwork, so I forgot about the mail for a while...When I did finally remember it I was surprised to see an envelope with me as the sender! Immediately I thought oh no my trade coin came back to me! ( This has happened once before ) Then I realized that the envelope was addressed to me as well! Hmm could this be! Yes a Leprechaun had snuck into my mailbox and left a gift! Now the dilemma do I wait till Saturday or open it right away... You got that right! I opened it right then! Lets see there is a Cache critters coin, Very cool! I wanted one of these but just never got around to buying one. Funny thing is the one problem I usually have when caching is I almost always find the spider webs!! A GOWT 2006 coin, Very nice! I went caching in that area in 2006, A NFA personal coin, unfortunately for me a cacher I have yet to meet, I will have to work extra hard now to remedy that. And if that wasn't enough to spoil even this part Irishman There is also a Southside Gang Challenge LE coin!! Very Very cool! I couldn't make it to that event but I wanted to go!! So now who could this secret Leprechaun be???? I think I know! He lives just a little ways north of my final duty station! ( NATTC Lakehurst ) Thanks so much!! After being down with a bad migraine for 4 days last week, and then touch of flu yesterday, this is a major spirit lifter!! Thanks also to Geosmurfz, for getting this round going!! 1. Participating 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Leprechaun Arrived !!!
  7. I finally got a chance to catch a leprechaun and get him to take a package for me So now I can report that my mission has been sent. Sorry for the late post! Things have been a bit off schedule around here.
  8. Mission received!! Now the fun part begins!!
  9. My 3 favorites would be 1. Silver pepper First coin I ever got, it was from a friend of mine who got it from her, then I met her at GW4. I found out that she hadn't seen the coin in a year or 2! 2. Dreamcatcher I couldn't really pick which metal though! I love the whole set!! 3. The Blue Star Military Geocoin This is a very special coin to me... Actually I have many other favorites depending on the category asked...
  10. If you are still looking for short names..... How about mine?!?!? IC1
  11. E-mail sent Participating! I will try to get my lists updated tonight! I just had a major coin influx! I think the PO was holding all of my incoming mail for a while!
  12. I would love to host one, but not real soon! We are at the beginning stages of moving 500 miles to a new state! So needless to say I am swamped right now! That said I do want to keep participating though...
  13. Made it here in MO!! They look real nice! Thanks for the little extra too!
  14. SC found my house today! I am glad I shoveled out all of that fresh snow!! Talk about getting spoiled! Not only did the package come on St. Valentines day, but what a package it is!!! Let's see Hoxie Scouts Groundhog Day German World Championship And there's more!! 3 coins I didn't know about! 2005 Kentucky A special We Will Not Forget September 11, 2001 coin A personal wooden nickel from my SC! Thanks Allie for getting this going! Hopefully our move will be completed in time for the next round!
  15. Not here in MO yet Hopefully soon as we are selling our house!!
  16. I am thinking maybe I should send cupid a map! I think he took a left at Albuquerque! Hope he finds his way here soon, we are selling our house!
  17. I just contacted the original designer of a coin that I currently have that fits this thread ( I won't say which coin ). If it weren't for this thread I would have just kept thinking that it was a mistake coin. I am thankful for this coming up! Now I know to discuss this issue when my coins are minted. Thanks Anthus for putting this in the light of day.
  18. PM sent with question... The coin looks good!
  19. As one who never received the coins ordered and paid for... I like this one, especially the square aspect!! I would be interested in a couple!! Basically I have let go of the previous coin issue, but still want a Wyoming coin! I really enjoyed my last caching trip through the state, and am looking forward to another sometime soon.
  20. Thank you hn25slc ("The Shipper") This is a very nicely designed coin and will be treasured forever, right along side my Gold OIFGA Coin! They are both examples of very generous people in this community!
  21. Mission received Research completed I figured I would try out something new.... I strung up a bow from a branch that came down in the latest ice storm, Rigged up the 3+ coins in a package and sent it flying north. Now we will just have to see if my aim was true Hey after all why should Cupid get to have all of the fun!
  22. Mission received Reasearch almost complete Should be in Cupid's bag tomorrow And I have finally made the leap and now have a public list...
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